10 Birthday Room Decorations - Economical do-it-yourself!

10 Birthday Room Decorations - Economical do-it-yourself!

To make your birthday feelreally festive spirit, not enough tasty cake and gifts. A very important role is also played by the appearance of the room where the celebration will take place. Therefore, in order to make this day truly unforgettable, we offer you several ways to decorate the room for your birthday with your own hands. These economy decorating options will help save money and make your birthday memorable. The content of the article:

    Corrugated Wall Decoration

    This is quite a fast, simple and original way to birthday. Materials you will need:

    • rolls of colored paper
    • Whatman paper sheets (preferably thick),
    • office knife, scissors and ribbons.

    Now let's take a look at the manufacturing steps.

    • You must decide on the color scheme. Draw a sketch of the design you want to make.
    • Of course, then you can fix something, change, but the presence of a sketch will give an idea of ​​how it will look at the end - and it will significantly speed up your work.

  • Spread the drawing paper - this is the base on which youwill work. Depending on what size of embroidery you have planned to do, you can take one sheet of drawing paper, or glue together several (with edges to increase the area). It will be much easier to work with thick paper, as it will remain durable when you cut it and weave ribbons.
  • Place the base of the paper sheets so that youIt was convenient to work with both sides of the paper. You can put two chairs at a distance from each other so that you put the ends of the paper on the chairs, crushing them with books or something heavy, so that the paperman does not fall.
  • You can also hang a drawing paper in the doorway. But do not lay it on the floor or table, as in this case, you can comfortably reach only to the front side.
  • Using a clerical knife, make two cuts.in paper, thread the tape into each of them so that a strip of tape remains on the front side and both ends are on the wrong side: leave one end small and attach it to the paper (with glue or double-sided tape), the other is longer if you want to continue this weaving, or also fasten, if this pattern is complete.
  • Repeat the previous steps until you completethe whole drawing paper embroidery patterns of paper. In this case, the cuts do not necessarily have to be strictly opposite each other, and the lines are even. Take tapes of different widths and make your own design.
  • Hang your creation on the wall and enjoy the work done and the festive mood!
  • We make a big room for a little money

    If you need to quickly decorate a large spacious room, while using a minimum of funds and effort - this method is for you. You will need only colored corrugated paper in rolls. Then it all depends on the room that youwill decorate. Tapes of paper can be pulled from the eaves, pipes, chandeliers, cabinets or racks, in general, everything that will be there. And you can pull the paper with different force, so that the sag was somewhere big, somewhere less. TIP: You can also twist the tape. Hang the colors in a chaotic manner. You will definitely be able to create a joyful and festive atmosphere! Do not forget - the link is a bunch of ideas

    The idea: the walls in balls!

    Both children and adults are all crazy about balloons. So, choosing this way to decorate a room, you will definitely cheer up everyone present! For this you need the following materials:

    • 160Q latex balls (use a mix of various colors: orange, yellow, pink, purple, green, light green, blue and white),
    • hand pump for balloon inflation,
    • scissors, scotch tape, double sided tape.

    Follow the steps below and soon you will see colored ball powder on the walls:

  • Divide the ball into 6 equal parts, tied knots on it.
  • Using the pump, inflate the first part of the ball,until you have a puffed up sausage, tie a knot at the end. Then cut the inflated part of the ball as close as possible to the knot. Then do the same with the next part of the ball, and so until you get six small balls.
  • Tape the knots with tape so that they do not stick out.
  • Repeat the first three steps until you have hundreds of colored balloons.
  • Attach the balls to the wall with small pieces of double-sided tape.
  • Such a decoration is wonderful forthe original party - photo shoots. And do not forget to stock up with enough sweet, because the look of the room will definitely have to eat something tasty. Here are some great ideas for decorating with balls.

    Decorating the walls with large home-made "candy"

    Beautiful colored candies are not inferior balls inability to create a superb mood. With their help, you can decorate a party or birthday party and provide an original photo - a zone for those present. To create a festive atmosphere with your own hands, you will need:

    • wooden dowels of 12 "x 1/2 ″ (30 cm x 1.25 cm),
    • acrylic paint (should be a wide range of colors: white, purple, dark blue, light blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink, etc.),
    • brush, stand for dowels (suitable cup or cup),
    • palette, 4 sheets of A4 paper, scissors, pencil, foam discs 10 ″ x 1 ″ in size,
    • glue gun, scotch tape (plain or double faced).

    Assembly Technique:

  • Apply white acrylic paint on wooddowel It is better to first apply the paint on one half and allow to dry (in the container, putting the painted side up), and then paint and dry the other side. While the dowels are dry, start making the candy directly.
  • Cut 8 identical curls-stencils out of paper and lay them on a foam disc, as shown in the figure. Then lightly circle the stencils with a pencil.
  • Select the color of the paint and use a brush to paint the curls over one. First, tracing the contours, so as not to get out of the edges. You can make several layers so that the color looks more saturated.
  • By this time, your dowels should already be dry. Use a gun to apply glue to the end of the dowel and quickly press it against the foam disc, hold it a little for fixation.
  • Do the same with other discs, using different colors for coloring.
  • Glue the finished candy to the wall. You can glue tape for the leg, or double-sided tape for the candy itself.
  • That's all ready, enjoy the beautiful background!

    Make a big figure

    The big number will not only be remembered, but will also become the central photozone of the party. Detailed workshops

    Garland-fan to the birthday

    On hot days, you want so much coolness, and in cold weather -reminders of warm days. This garland, which consists of many fans, will wonderfully help you to cope with both these desires! Making such - you are transported into a fairy tale! And surprise everyone! Materials:

    • color paper for scrapbooking,
    • scissors, scotch,
    • colored cardboard, glue stick,
    • ruler, stationery knife.

    Garland manufacturing steps:

  • If you immediately bought decorative accordion paper, you can skip this step. If not, fold the paper with smooth harmonicas.
  • Form semicircles from accordions.
  • Cut strips, circles, triangles or some other colored cardboard figures - they will be useful for you to decorate the fans.
  • Cut out half circles from cardboard (size should beless than fans). Attach them to some fans with a glue stick. They will perform two functions at once - decorative and fortifying, that is, they will not allow the fan to fold.
  • Stick cardboard shapes on the fans, combining colors and creating your own designs of patterns. As an example, you can take a picture.
  • Connect the fans together to form a garland. To do this, stick them all on tape. You can pre-fasten fan joints with a stapler to strengthen the structure.
  • Hang the garland and lift your spirits!
  • Making big paper martenitsas

    These decorations are made very quickly and easily.do it yourself You will need two A4 sheets - red and white, scissors and glue stick. If you want to make a lot of jewelry, then take more paper, as long as both colors are in the same quantity. The products have the same color range, sinceMartenitsa is from Bulgaria and there is a rite to celebrate spring with such products of precisely such colors, as it is a talisman for the good health of the whole family. But if you do not go deep into this folklore, you can take paper of such colors that you like. Let's now consider the manufacturing steps:

  • Fold each sheet of paper in half (longitudinally).
  • On each sheet, draw 10-12 smooth lines, as shown in the figure.
  • Make scissors cuts along the marked lines.
  • Expand the leaves and glue their ends, the glue should be on both ends.
  • Form circles, securing them with glue.
  • In the middle of the circles, you can still attach strips of paper that differ in color from the circles themselves.
  • Hang items around the room.
  • Garlands without glue

    Even a child can make such a decorationwho knows how to handle scissors, as the scheme is very simple. You will need: A4 paper (one sheet of paper for 4 elements of the garland), scissors, a pencil. Garland assembly procedure:

  • Cut a piece of paper into 4 even pieces.
  • Take one piece, fold it in half (across), and then again in half (also across).
  • Draw a pencil shape, which you will cut.
  • Cut out the shape and gently unfold it.
  • Bind together the individual elements of the garland (as shown in the figure), alternating colors.
  • Hang the garland.
  • We offer you several alternative variants of sketches for this garland.

    Little holiday in a box

    On cold autumn and winter days, such a boxPositive will be just a great gift and just create a sunny mood! You will need: a box, small helium balloons, and also paints (or ribbons, colored paper) to decorate the box. How to make your own hands:

  • Paint or paste the box with rainbow stripes, flowers or any other joyful patterns that come to your mind.
  • Place small helium balloons in the box.(the quantity depends on the size of the box. The ends of the ribbons tied to the balls can be attached to the bottom of the box if you want the balls to jump out to the length of the ribbon when the box is opened, or not to attach if you want them to effectively fly to the ceiling or into the sky.
  • Close the box.
  • Give a gift and carefully watch the surprise recipient's amazement!
  • IMPORTANT: It is important to remember that small helium balloons lose their ability to fly for about three hours. Consider this when preparing a gift.