10 ideas: a bedside table with your own hands for the living room and bedroom

10 ideas: a bedside table with your own hands for the living room and bedroom

Bedside table in the bedroom or bedside table next toan armchair in the living room - an integral attribute of the interior of many apartments. Of course, now you can buy any curb in the shops, but will it be unique? We bring to your attention 10 unusual ideas how to make an original bedside table with your own hands from different items and materials.

1. A nightstand with your own hands from boxes

Wooden box from vegetables, fruits or postalPut the parcel on the feet or wheels. Inside the box, attach the shelf. The box can be placed both horizontally and vertically, as well as making a high cabinet of two or more boxes. bedside table Drawer The box can be decorated, for example, with slices of branches. How to make a nightstand with your own hands, read here. bedside table

2. A bedside table with own hands with rope shelves

From an ordinary wooden box or a box, andAlso, ropes can be made a bedside table with a flexible design. You will be able to customize the shelves and different holders of ropes, depending on the items and things that will be stored in the cabinet. For this, it is necessary to drill a series of holes in the side walls of the cabinet and even from above. A strong natural or synthetic rope stretch into the holes and make different shelves and compartments for things. bedside table with your own hands with wrestling shelves cabinet with his hands with shelves of ropes nightstand

3. A nightstand with your own hands from books

Unusual and original project of bedside table inbedroom or living room. Stack the books with straps, couplers or bandages with dense ribbons. In this case, place wooden modules, square or rectangular boxes between the stacks. It can even be a tight cardboard box from shoes or small household appliances. Old books, vintage leather belts and wooden elements will give the bedside a unique charm and style. bedside table

4. A nightstand from a chest

The chest has long been the main piece of furniture inhuts and huts. Now ancient or modern chests - a rare phenomenon in the interior. Nevertheless, if you are the owner of an old grandmother's trunk, then you can make a vintage nightstand out of him with your own hands. Spacious space under the cover of the chest will store many things, including bed linen or toys in the children's room. In addition, designers offer exclusive versions of thumbs in the form of expensive leather chests. These ideas can be taken as a basis and inspiration. Transformation of the chest in the nightstand is only in the decor of the chest itself. It can both be updated, or aged, left in a natural form or painted. bedside table with your own hands from the chest bedside table - chest in the nursery bedside table

5. Chest of drawers

Unlike antique chests, to find oldsuitcases are much easier. A nightstand with its own hands from a vintage suitcase will decorate the interior of the room, and also provide an additional closed place for storing things. On the nightstand from the suitcase, you can even hang a small code lock and store there intimate things. To make a casket, you can stack several suitcases together, and put one suitcase on the legs, for example, on a stool or a table. nightstand with your own hands from suitcases bedside table with your own hands from a suitcase nightstands from the trunk and suitcases drawer with my own hands from a suitcase

6. Bollard with his hands from the barrel

It will be very unusual to look in the bedroom orthe living room side table with his hands from the barrel. A round wooden barrel is a ready-made curbstone. The main condition - the barrel should be clean and do not have extraneous smells, for example, wine. You can also cut out the door in the barrel, put it on the hinges, and fix the shelf inside. Another option - from one barrel you can make two bedside tables with your own hands, just sawing the barrel into two equal parts. bedside table bedside tables by hand from barrels As a pedestal, a metal barrel can be useful, especially if it is old. bedside table made of metal barrel

7. A bedside table by own hands from a chair

Very often as a bedside tablethere is a chair. We propose to improve it, turning it into a real bedside table with a drawer. To do this, it is desirable to choose a wooden chair without soft upholstery. Buy in the store a special fittings for drawers and the box itself according to the size of the chair. Attach the entire system under the seat. Also under the box, you can nail down another shelf from a square sheet of chipboard. bedside table bedside table

8. A bedside table made of a mirror and a stool

If you are in the role of bedside table standsstool, suggest it to improve and decorate. In the same way, as in the case with a chair, you can attach a drawer or shelf between the legs of the stool, and as a table top you can use a mirror in the frame. bedside table with your hands from a stool and a mirror

9. A bedside table from a ladder

A small ladder - a ladder or a ladder for the closets - is an excellent solution for a bedside table. In addition, you do not need to do anything, if you want, paint or age the stairs. bedside table with own hands from a ladder bedside table with your hands from the stairs nightstand

10. Hanging drawer with own hands

A bedside table, or rather, a bedside table, can soar in the air! How to make such an unusual project for a bedroom - read here. Hanging table with own hands