10 ideas on how to make a mat yourself

10 ideas on how to make a mat yourself

Bright, interesting and useful interior detailcan become a small rug, which will find a place in any room of the house. On a soft knitted or braided rug it is nice to be barefoot in the morning, the mat in the bathroom will absorb excess water and will not let slip on the damp floor, on the mat you can wipe the dirty shoes and leave it to dry. Of course, you can buy any rug in the store, but we offer to see 10 simple ideas how to make an original mat with your own hands from different materials! Content

  • Carpet from belts
  • Carpet of cork
  • Mat of pebbles
  • Carpet of moss
  • Carpet of pom-poms
  • Rug knotted
  • Rug on the hula hoop hoop
  • Rug mat
  • Carpet with illumination
  • Rug from labels from jeans
  • Carpet with our own hands from belts

    Old leather or textile belts will becomeA great material for creating a door or room mat with your own hands. This mat perfectly fits into the interior with retro elements, vintage, loft or industrial. a mat of leather straps a mat from your own leather belts Masterclass with photos you can see here.

    Rug from the hands of cork from wine

    The material itself is a screw plug - thanks to its natural properties it is perfectly suitable for use in wet rooms, for example in the bathroom.

    carpet of cork yourself

    mat in the bathroom from the cork Detailed information and a master class on creating a look at the link.

    Mat of pebbles

    Tactile properties of the pebble mat and benefitfor health it is difficult to overestimate. It's no secret that on the human foot there are active points responsible for the health of a certain organ. Standing and walking on a rug of small stones is not only pleasant, but also very useful. For young children, orthopedists are recommended to walk barefoot on similar covers for the proper development of the foot. carpet carpet Variants of design and a master class how to make a rug from pebbles with their own hands, look here.

    Carpet of moss

    Residents of cities with their rabid pace of life are deprivedthe possibility of plenty and every day to run barefoot on the grass. Is that someone specially visits the nearest park to drop shoes and feel the soft grass lawn. Mats made of moss are designed to return the inhabitants of city apartments a sense of closeness to nature. mat of moss More details - here

    Carpet of pom-poms

    For a bedroom or a children's room is better to choosesoft, fluffy carpets. Look at how bright and interesting mats look from pompoms in the interior. And to make such - it is easy. We offer a step-by-step instruction on how to make a rug with your own hands from pompoms. mat of pompons MYK white and blue pompom rug

    Rug knotted

    A wonderful way to use old clothes and things. From strips of fabric you can make such a mat knot. What you need to cook and how to weave - read in the article. Bright mat of knots with your own handsCarpet

    Rug on the hula hoop hoop

    If you have a children's hoop for classesrhythmic gymnastics or hula-hoop for an aspen waist, as well as old t-shirts and knitwear, we recommend making a round mat for a bedroom or a nursery, details - right here! a mat with your hands on a hoop of T-shirts

    Rug mat

    Multicolored ropes and yarn of different thickness, cardboard and scissors - that's all you need to weave such a round rug with your own hands. A detailed step-by-step instruction is here.

    Carpet with illumination

    An interesting idea is to combine a bedside mat and a night light, A useful improvement for a children's room. A little more information - right here. LED floor light in the carpet

    Rug from labels from jeans

    A very laborious, but completely unusual and original project - a rug of labels from old jeans. The main task will be to find such a number of labels. Read more here. a carpet with your own hands from labels from jeans Some photos from http://postroy-sam.com/