25 fishnet cardigans with patterns and description

25 fishnet cardigans with patterns and description

With the help of a hook and yarn, amazinglace and skilful patterns. An openwork fabric makes knitted products stylish and elegant. From it are obtained exquisite knitted things. But, the most fashionable piece of clothing is delicate. It serves as a universal complement to the main along, perfectly emphasizes the dignity of the figure and softly conceals shortcomings. The popular classical style, the free style of "boho" and the youth "over saiz" suggest a great variety of models. The most popular models of cardigans:

  • laconic model, contiguous silhouette, with a small fan pattern, with or without fasteners, with a strap or belt;
  • an elongated model of a large cardigan cardigan with a half-browed armhole or a "bat" sleeve;
  • bright cardigans with two - three-color openwork print, in the form of mesh strips and undulating patterns;
  • cardigans with different length of the front shelves and an understated or shortened openwork back.

Openwork cardigan is appropriate at any time of the year. In cold seasons, a patterned soft cardigan will warm and allow you to look refined and at ease. It is made of fine wool yarn or mohair. Maybe completely laced, or partially - on the back or parts of the gear. Expressive patterns for the cardigan are successfully combined with warm dresses, trousers and boots. Thin, air cardigans are universal. The light structure of the hand-knitted openwork, the arachnoid net and the gentle gradation of color make them indispensable in summer sets. These models are knitted from cotton, viscose yarn and silk threads. In combination with elegant clothes create a festive and festive ensemble. Cardigans with openwork inserts at the breast level emphasize female sexuality and sensuality. If you already know how to crochet voluminous things, then creating an openwork cardigan according to the available schemes will be a pleasant leisure. Beginning needlewomen are offered detailed descriptions of patterns, techniques and assembly of finished products. Photos, drawings and diagrams will help you to understand correctly and the sequence of actions. A little effort and you will please yourself with a new thing!

Openwork cardigan, models from the Internet

The pink fishnet cardigan Straight silhouette, beautifulopenwork patterns, spectacular three-button closure - this cardigan is useful on weekdays, and on holidays in any season. Dimensions: 38/40 (42/44) 46/48. You will need: yarn (55% wool, 33% acrylic, 12% cashmere, 125 m / 50 g) - 550 (600) 650 g pink; hook number 4; 3 buttons. White fishnet cardigan Author Tatyana Hladysh (Leveret). The size is 42-44. Alize Bella yarn, hooks from 2 to 3.5, consumption is about 700 gr, maybe less, there was a small glomerulus). Openwork cardigan with elongated shelves Author Wladeko. Summer fishnet cardigan openwork cardigan pattern: Openwork cardigan of color of a sea wave Elegant fishnet cardigan Sizes: 36/38 (40/42). You will need:

  • 250 (300) g creamy (color 14) yarn Doppio Lana Grossa (60% cotton, 40% polyamide, 130 m / 50 g).
  • 300 (350) g ​​beige (color 53) Divino Lana Grossa yarn (75% cotton, 25% viscose, 110 m / 50 g).
  • Needles number 4, hook number 3.5.
  • Knit with double thread: 1 thread of each yarn.

Openwork cardigan with a pattern "fan" Openwork cardigan free silhouette Openworkthe cardigan is tied in kimono style. It can be worn with both a wide belt and without it. The length of the cardigan is from 64 to 74 centimeters, depending on your size. The length of the sleeves of the cardigan reaches the elbow bend. For this cardigan, select a hook of medium thickness. Such a cardigan, successfully masks the flaws of the figure, so it is suitable for figures of any type. For knitting you will need: DROPS MERINO EXTRA FINE yarn (composition: 100% wool, 50 g / 105 m) 11-13-14-15-16-18 skeins, hook 5 mm. Knitting density: 14 tbsp. s / 2n = a square of 10 cm. Bright curly cardigan cardigan Sizes: 36/38 (40/42) 44/46. You will need: yarn (100% merino wool, 102 m / 50 g) - 600 (650) 700 g. curry; hook number 5. Openwork cardigan with a hood

  • Design by Natalia Smirnova.
  • The size is 38-42.
  • You will need: yarn (100% cotton, 280 m / 50 g) 750 milk color, hook number 2.
  • Before starting work, make a full-size artwork.
  • Carry out all adjustments in accordance with the pattern.

Pistachio fishnet cardigan Bind ElizaBeautiful from Starna Mam. The cardigan took out 13 skeins of YarnArt Jeans yarn. The harness is made with a relief rubber band. Openwork cardigan - coat Model Olesya Danilyuk. The pattern for a cardigan is connected from long loops on the ruler. It quickly knits and allows you to use a three-dimensional thread, while retaining the thin plastic structure of the fabric. The relief vertical of the pattern visually lengthens the figure. Open-work cardigan of square motifs For knitting cardigan you will need: cotton yarn or viscose 750 gr., Hook No. 1.5, decorative buttons 3 pcs and 26 beads. Whole-carded fishnet cardigan patterns for a cardigan Red cardigan cardigan Cardigan crocheted № 2,5-3 cm, made of mohair (72% mohair yarn composition, 28% polyamide fiber - nylon). The size 42. Vintage cardigan cardigan openwork cardigan pattern:

Openwork cardigan, the work of our readers

Crochet cardigan crocheted. The work of Maria Daineko Crochet cardigan crocheted. The work of Maria Daineko Cardigan from which I'm delighted! This thing became one of my favorite things) Tied it up very quickly, because. the scheme is not difficult and it's very nice to knit for yourself a favorite)) The cardigan is knitted from Slonim yarn 50/202. Hook Openwork set Mint flowers. Work of Svetlana Chaika Openwork set Mint flowers. Work of Svetlana Chaika The set consists of a sarafan and an openwork cardigan. The set is made of crocheted mercerized cotton-100%. footage: 50 gr. 330 mt. The length of the sarafan is 80 cm. The length of the cardigan is 85 cm. The dressing-gown and cardigan under the breast have a string-string. Fishnet cardigan crochet. The work of Flanden Tatiana Fishnet cardigan crochet. The work of Flanden Tatiana Cardigan is delicate. Simple and beautiful. The cardigan is crocheted from Semyonov yarn. Yarn composition: 47% cotton, 53% viscose. Thread length 400 m, weight 100 g. Size 60. Consumption of 6 yarn yarns (green yarn) and 2 skeins (beige Summer openwork cardigan.Roxana's work Summer fishnet cardigan. The work of Roxanne Summer openwork cardigan rn 40-42. I knitted it when I still did not know how to choose the yarn for a particular thing. Therefore, she was knitting it from the Children's novelty from "Pekhorka". It took 8.5 points. Cardigan knitted by hooks Cardigan from woolen threads. The work of Galina Korzhunova Cardigan made of woolen threads. The work of Galina Korzhunova The cardigan is tied from a half woolen thread,wound in 4 threads. Color - wet asphalt. It took 500 grams to 44 size. Length 110 cm. For the backrest used the scheme 2. Only it corrected. On the photo of the backrest it is an openwork cardigan - the work of Eugenia Rudenko Openwork cardigan - the work of Eugenia Rudenko Openwork cardigan of square motifs. The yarn was used by Jarnart Sophist (polyamide 56%, 26% viscose, 18% dralon), consumption at 44-46 r. 550 gr. The thread is very pleasant to the body, soft and elastic with beautiful overflows. Scheme Openwork cardigan - the work of Olga Osadchenko Openwork cardigan - the work of Olga Osadchenko My embodiment of the works of Asian masters,which I always admire - simply and beautifully. The cardigan is knitted from IRIS by hook No. 2, for 46 sizes 85 cm long it took about 400 gr. Of course, in the black color knit cardigan cardigan Fishnet cardigan Hello, dear readers. I first decided to post my work. My name is Cleopatra. Currently I'm not working, a "young" pensioner. I have long been fond of different kinds of needlework, including crochet. This cardigan is knitted c / w Openwork cardigan, video lesson