3 bohemian style apartments: photo tour and interior review (20 photos)

3 bohemian style apartments: photo tour and interior review (20 photos)

3 bohemian style apartments

Bohemian style not only in clothes, but also inThe interior of recent years is again at the peak of popularity. This style is suitable for people who like to bring various souvenirs and bright interior items from travel, for those who prefer a large number of comfortable corners in the house, where you can sit in the warmth and comfort, who do not need the boundaries of conventionality. The second name of this style is boho. It is based on a combination of decorative elements of disparate stylistic trends. The main features of the bohemian style can be considered on the example of the interiors of three apartments.

Bohemian apartment for real life

Moscow apartment of designer Varvara Zelenetskayamade in a bohemian eclectic style. At first glance, the apartment looks quite simple, but it looks advantageous due to the subject line. If you look closely at the interior, you will notice that every, even the smallest, decor item in the apartment is endowed with a semantic load. The interior harmoniously combines minimalist wall decoration, abstract paintings and various objects with an oriental design. In the living room, white walls became the best backdrop for interesting things with an intricate pattern or print. The center of the whole composition is held by a kilim carpet with bright ornament. The paintings on the walls only complement the look of the room. A painted table lamp and designer coffee tables give the room an unusual look. I want to look at such a living room, which makes up the correct concept of the bohemian style. The main task of the curtains on the windows is not to distract attention, so they are matched to the walls. But on the pillows and upholstery of the sofa, various eclectic prints are used. The kitchen in this apartment is very concise and simple. A small number of decor elements have been used here. Since the room is quite spacious, there are completely no hanging cabinets. The layout of the kitchen is quite logical. So, the sink is located opposite the window - this is perhaps the dream of any housewife. In the dining room, the avant-garde carpet, oriental-style semi-chairs, designer chairs and a retro table from the 60s era harmoniously look together. This combination of home furnishings only emphasizes plain dark walls. The same principle of formulation is present in the bedroom. The headboard is made of dark panels. The color of the headboard and curtains are selected. The interior of the bedroom is complemented by an authentic wooden bench and a cloak on the bed. Bohemian style apartment interiorBohemian style apartment interior

Bohemian style apartment with botanical motifs

The apartment is in one of the old houses withrather high ceilings, large wooden windows, vintage wallpaper in the kitchen and a real work of art - a fireplace. This apartment combines classic and modern, old and modern. The main palette of the apartment consists of warm colors, including white and gray. This color scheme allows you to fill the house with natural sunlight. The bohemian style in this apartment can be caught in a large number of characteristic ornaments and ruffles. In the kitchen, a brilliant kitchen goes well with snow-white tiles, stainless steel panels and floral print wallpapers. The dark wallpaper ornament is repeated in the wooden elements of the hinged kitchen shelves. Bohemian style kitchenBohemian style apartment kitchen with botanical motifs There are beautiful islands throughout the apartmentnature created not only with the help of wallpaper, but also with home plants arranged throughout the apartment. Additional comfort is given by various elements of antiquity: a ragged chest of drawers, antique candlesticks, a stepladder that just stands against the wall. Bohemian style apartment with botanical motifsBohemian style apartment with botanical motifs

Bohemian style studio apartment on the technical floor

A distinctive feature of modern housingis the functionality. Many of the apartments make a real study, many choose functional furniture, which, if necessary, can be hidden in a wall or closet. Studio apartment in the bohemian style of designer Nikos Parites is located in the attic. It combines geometric patterns, various styles and unusual textures. Throughout the apartment you can observe a contradictory combination of things that make it even more stylish. Simple lines of furniture, neutral shades make the apartment more elegant. Unusual and fresh apartment make blotches of bright colors. Screens and grilles on windows in oriental style look unusual. A feature of this studio apartment is an unusual terrace, the floor of which is laid out in black tiles with a map of the city. Bright wall compositions of flowers and fashionable furniture only complement the entire ensemble of the room. Studio apartment in bohemian styleStudio apartment in bohemian style Do you like the article? Share on social networks!