3 ways to make a convenient ottoman with your own hands

3 ways to make a convenient ottoman with your own hands

DIY padded stool

Perhaps one of the most functional itemsin the interior is an ottoman. The ottoman is able to complement any type of interior and at the same time takes up very little space. A do-it-yourself padded stool can perfectly refresh the interior. There are several advantages of a do-it-yourself ottoman over an ottoman that can be purchased at a store. Firstly, a ottoman, which you can do yourself, will save money. Secondly, it is not always possible to find an ottoman in the store that perfectly emphasizes the interior of the room. Thirdly, in order for your ottoman to harmoniously fit the atmosphere of the room, you can pick up any necessary shade, which is not always possible in the store.

Ottoman from plastic bottles

In order to make interesting and practicaldo-it-yourself ottoman can use ordinary empty plastic bottles. For such a ottoman, you need to pick up bottles of the same size. . For ottoman you will need: • Plastic bottles; • Thick cardboard; • Sintepon; • Wide adhesive tape; • Decorative fabric; • needle; • Threads. First you need to collect enough empty bottles. All bottles must be with caps. For a medium-sized ottoman, you will need approximately 40 plastic bottles. First, all the bottles must be combined in one design with a wide adhesive tape. It is easier to connect the bottles in small sections of approximately 5 pieces. Then with tape you need to fix the bottles on a cardboard basis. The resulting workpiece must be wrapped with a synthetic winterizing lining. To do this, you will need two circles, the same size as the cardboard base, and a rectangle, the length of which should be enough to wrap the bottle structure. Now it remains only to sew a cover for the resulting ottoman. Since all ottomans will turn out to be of different sizes, the patterns for the cover will be different. It remains only to make them and sew the cover. Making ottoman from plastic bottles Making ottoman from plastic bottles

Plastic bucket ottoman

The ottoman can be made from ordinary plasticbuckets. To do this you will need: • A plastic bucket; • jute rope; • glue gun; • scissors; • Construction trailer; • Large round button; • The cloth; • Ribbon Velcro; • Microfiber rags. The first step is to remove the handle from the bucket. Then, using a glue gun, carefully glue the surface of the bucket with a jute rope. In order to make it easier for you, it is better to turn the bucket upside down. While the bucket will dry, you can use a soft seat for the ottoman. To do this, cut out a circle of the same size from cardboard as the bottom of the bucket. Then you also need to cut a circle of dense fabric. The diameter of the fabric circle should be 10 cm larger than the diameter of the cardboard circle. Connect 2 circles with a button. Roll up the microfiber cloth with a tube and wrap the button base around it. Fasten a cloth to the base with a glue gun. Do the same with other prepared rags. Then cover the rags with a cloth. Fix the edges of the fabric with the trailer to the back of the cardboard circle. Use the Velcro tape to secure the seat to the bucket. Plastic bucket ottomanPlastic bucket ottoman

Padded stool from a sweater

If your closet is littered with old, unnecessarysweater do not rush to throw it away, because from it you can also make an original, bright ottoman. For work you need: • An old sweater; • Fabric for a cover; • Expanded polystyrene granules; • A piece of felt; • Fabric for a cover; • scissors; • Threads; • The needle. From a piece of felt, you need to cut a circle that will serve as the basis for the future ottoman. The sleeves of the sweater need to be turned inside and the holes are carefully sewn. The sweater itself must be sewn to the base of felt. Thus, you should get a kind of bag. Then make a cover for expanded polystyrene granules. To do this, cut a 50cm by 70 cm rectangle from the prepared fabric. Make a cover from the fabric with a lapel for the lace. Put the resulting cover inside the sweater and fill the polystyrene granules. Tighten the lace and tie it tightly. It remains only to straighten the sweater and your ottoman is ready. Padded stool from a sweaterPadded stool from a sweater We also recommend viewing:

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