31 crochet hook with patterns and description of knitting

31 crochet hook with patterns and description of knitting

crochet hook If you are just starting to knit, then pothakingcrochet will go very well in order to practice knitting of even loops, square or round linen. After all, before tackling a complex thing, you need to develop the skills of uniform thread tension and keeping the same knitting density in length and width. But knitting stitches is not just for needlewomen. Crochet hooks will decorate your kitchen, create coziness in the house, it can be an excellent gift for March 8 or just a pleasant souvenir. The content of the article

Crochet hooks are knitted as the simplest: 2 squares or a circle of the same color stitched around the perimeter, and more difficult. Beautiful crochet hooks are obtained if you sew a three-dimensional flower to the center or use unusual techniques. For example, the technique of burgello crochet. A special place among the crochet hooks is the mittens - mittens. If you do not want to buy ready-made potholders, then you can knit it from thick knitted yarn. The tack will be thick, spectacular. Using it you just will not burn your hands. Scheme hooks very much, we found on the Internet:

  • potholder
  • gloves mittens
  • potholders in the form of dresses
  • straps from ribbons
  • potholders in the form of a square, circle, hexagon and any other motive crocheted.
  • If you have a lot of hooks, but you do not know how to adapt them in the house, here's an idea, with tackles you can decorate the walls: Also we decided to give links to video on knittingcrochet hook if you prefer video master classes. Knit yourself for joy, we hope that our selection will help you choose a nice crochet hook.

    Crochet hook, models from our site

    Crochet hook with a three-dimensional rose Crochet hook with a three-dimensional rose Pothaking is very beautiful, tie this anduse it for hot will be a real blasphemy. So, most likely, such a nice tack, crocheted will serve as a decoration in your kitchen. To knit the potholders you will need: a yarn of three colors (red, Pothook Flower Crochet. Work of Katerina Petyanina Pothold Flower Crochet. The work of Katerina Petyanina Yarn of the infantry "Children's novelty". Hook 2.0. Crochet hook, description 1p - Color (Violet, yellow, blue) thread, dial 8 in, and close in the ring. 2p - In a circle to connect 18 columns with a crochet 3p - At the 1 st st. s / n of the previous row * Pile of sheep - the work of Alexandra Povarova The sheep's stitch is the work of Alexandra Povarova My name is Alexander Povarov. I submit for competition in the nomination "Professional Look" a tack - a lamb. To make a tack - sheep, you need 2 hours of time and a little cotton thread. If to connect only a muzzle, to adjust a magnet, Knitted stitches - works of Julia Klyukina Knitted potholders - the work of Julia Klyukina The description is given in the order in whichtucked in a tack. Torso knit in red in the form of a circle. To steam off through a damp cheesecloth an iron from a wrong side. How to knit in a circle read in the article "Knitting in a circle" part 1 and Knitted potholders for cups Knitted cup potholes You will need the remains of colored threads,hooks number 4 and number 5. 2 buttons for the eyes. Diameter of potholders: 23 cm. Dial 24 bp. knit in rows without a crochet in a circle. Each row ends with a join. column. 1st row: tie in 24 tbsp. b / n. 2nd 3rd row: Pothole with pattern "giraffe" Pothole with pattern "giraffe" This motif is especially suitable for those who wishtry a variety of options. Experiment with both the color and the shape of the spots. To knit potholders you will need: 50 g of brown yarn and 50 g of red-brown yarn, a hook of suitable Podarok Podarok potholes Two crocheted hooks: strawberry and sunflower - excellent gift ideas by March 8. The author of the descriptions is Natalia (Podarok). Pothail "Strawberry", description of work Pothook in the form of strawberries knits in a circle according to the detailed scheme. In the front row knit 8 Knit stickers Knitting stickers Pothold mitten crocheted. A model from a Japanese magazine. According to this scheme of knitting you can make not only stitches, but also ordinary mitten. Pothook - crochet hook description Dial 44 air loops + 1 air loop for lifting. Knit crocheted crochet hook "chicken". Master Class! Knitted crochet hook For knitting crochet hooks you will needa little dense yarn of two colors; hook number 3,5-4; eyes-beads. Description of work: at the beginning of each row, knit 3 air loops for lifting. Orange thread, type 6 air loops, close them in a circle. Spray

    Crochet hook, ideas from the internet

    For a crochet you will need:

    • yarn 4 colors, one of them sectional dyeing
    • hook number 7
    • knitting needle

    photo of knitted potholders Crochet hooks sugar bowl and a jug That's suchpot-bellied jugs - double, knit in a circle. As a child, my friend's grandmother knitted, they then subdued me. Has issued a description, can someone come in handy. photo of knitted potholders photo of knitted potholders Crochet Crochet Rose Adapted by HazelCooper is a stitching-connecting string-air loop. SBN-column without a cap. PSN-half-collar with a crochet. SAL-solic with a crochet. Stitch Hook No. 7 and crochet thread No. 10 of white and pink or ecru and pink flowers. crochet New crochet hook on the eve of theapproaching New Year's holidays, I propose to decorate the interior of the kitchen with smart stitches in the form of Christmas balls. Potholders will not only fulfill their functional purpose, but also create a festive atmosphere in your home. The size of potholders is 17 x 19 cm. Materials:

    • 16 g of thick cotton yarn of red color, 12 g of green, 6 g of white and a little gray yarn;
    • hook number 2.

    Crochet hooks with crossed posts Jacquard potholders: a cow and a tiger cub Knit crochet hooks This way you canto connect not only potholders, but also a rug in the bathroom or in the room. To begin with, a mesh net is knit: * 1 pile with a crochet, 2 bp *, repeat from * to * the size you need. Then take 2 yarns of contrasting color and bind from them a chain of air loops. Using a knitting needle, chain the mesh in two different directions. The fabric should turn out thick, suitable for pothaking crochet and rug. crochet hook crochet hook Pothook with flowers crochet Very beautifulpotholder, this will be a pity to use. Most likely it is knitted for beauty. We did not find the master class in Russian, but we can understand the numerous photographs. pothook with flowers photo Plaid or crochet hook If there is one such motive in the tie, then you will get a tack, if a lot - a rug. Knitting density: 6 pet. x 14p. = 10 x 10 cm. For knitting you will need:

    • yarn of two colors at least 75m / 50g
    • hook number 8

    plaid Crochet hook a photo of an opryhvatki on a crochet Crochet Crochet Tea Rose photo potholders crochet Peacock potholder crochet From the author of Le-fox: The master class is designed for needlewomen who have already mastered the basics of crocheting. Therefore, I will talk about the stages of work and I will not give an exact scheme and calculation of the columns: in all the stitches of these columns I obtained a different amount. photo of peacock potholders Crochet hook - frog Author Olga Tsepeleva from the Fair of Masters. photo frog potholders Crocheted crochet with imitation of Russianembroidery I suggest you to experiment and to untie this wonderful ornament on a tack. Preparation of materials. For our creative process it will be necessary:

    • Yarn 50g / 160m, 1 hank white and 1 hank red, I use Yarnart Jeans (Turkey).
    • Hook No. 2.
    • Scissors.
    • Schematic drawing.

    And do not forget the good mood, time and patience crocheted crochet Crochet hook "Petals" The hook is connected from acrylic (180 m / 100 g.), Hook number 3,5. Strapping - Kirov's iris, hook № 1,3. The diameter is 21 cm. photo potholder petals Crochet hooks with ethnic pattern Verycolorful potholders. By the way, they are not bound by dogs, but by llamas. This pattern comes from Peru. It can also be used when knitting clothes. Further the scheme and the description of work. photo of knitted tack

    Crochet hooks, video lessons

    Volumetric crochet hook It is crocheted with hook # 3. You will need thick threads of several colors: black, yellow, white, red and green. Crochet hook for beginners Very simple model of tack, consists of two parts. Suitable for those who just begin to crochet. Mitten - crochet hook for kitchen Pothaking is knitted from knitted yarn.