33 owls crocheted with schemes and description of the process of knitting

33 owls crocheted with schemes and description of the process of knitting

From time to time, some animals or objectsbecome super-popular among needlewomen. Masters of completely different directions create images of such a popular animal. At one time, everyone was knitting / sewing Teddy bears, and there was also a craze for amigurumi. For several years now the image of an owl is so topical that the owl's performance can be found in almost any work, whether it's sewing, embroidery, ornaments, beadwork, woodwork and so on. The owl is an unusual bird, many tales and legends have been written about it from different peoples. People like to endow an owl with mystical properties. Owl can become a kind of amulet, a symbol of wisdom. Small objects in the form of owls crochet: keychain, toy, rattle, decoration for the children's room. Owl crochet can be connected and a large size: a pillow in the form of an owl, a panel on the wall or a carpet for the children's room. And the owl theme is popular in clothes. Even adults knit their hats with an owl or in the shape of an owl, mittens, gloves, mittens adorn ornamentation in the form of an owl. Owl crochet in the form of an applique can be sewn on clothes. Children's handbags in the form of an owl crochet are also popular among needlewomen. If you have a daughter or niece, she will certainly appreciate such a handbag or a mobile phone case. On the Internet there are very, very many different knitted owls, we collected only a small part of them. According to the presented master classes, you can easily connect the owl with a crochet. The content of the article

Owl crochet, models from the Internet

Owl-keychain Owl crochet simple (howeverrequire basic crochet skills) and quickly enough. The keychain is small, and the rest of the yarn is suitable for its manufacture. By the same description, but changing the design, you can associate a variety of different sheep. I hope you will like the master class and you will connect both yourself and the gift of these lovely birds. For knitting key rings we will need:

  • Main color yarn for head and wings. It is better to take a thin yarn (wool, wool or acrylic) "natural" shades - gray, brown, beige. I knitted from Pecherk yarn Beaded gray. Also suitable for children's novelty, children's whim, or other yarn of similar thickness.
  • Color yarn for body-sweaters, hats,clearance. There are also no strict requirements. But try not to make the yarn for the sweater body much different in thickness from the yarn for the head. I knitted a sweater, also from Peskorka beaded.
  • Gray (or white, beige, black) yarn for boots. It is better to take fluffy yarn. I used Alize real 40 Angora
  • Yellow yarn for feet. I have Alize fine.
  • White (or light gray, beige, etc.) yarn for the edge of the eyes. I have a Pecorka beaded.
  • Fine yarn for the iris of the eyes is yellow or orange. I knitted from yarn Iris.
  • Yellow mulberry for embroidery of the beak.
  • Two beads (or polusbushiny, pugovki) for pupils. You can take ready eyes.
  • Monofilament or thin thread in the tone of yarn for sewing details.
  • Hollofiber or other filler.
  • Hook.
  • Sewing needle.
  • Scissors.

White Owl crochet Names have no Owl, just WhiteOwl. For some reason it seems that by nature she is a lover of stories and fairy tales. Although somewhere read that the owl is a symbol of protection :) So, while guarding, can write and tell something dyuzhe interesting. When I decided to make an owl, I wanted it white and fluffy. Here such White Owl has left from under a hook. The whole owl only knits together without the crochet. He was knitting his crochet №1,25. She came out about 9 cm tall. She knits easily and quickly. I will share the description and tell you how to make such a Coward, who cares. Crocheted owl - spittle. Master Class! The growth of birds is 14-16 cm in hats, the Owl in the blue is tied up from a child's novelty (petechka), the Parrot (or Golubka, the shape of the beak does not allow it to be an owl) in pink from a seed souffle, both toys are tied with bamboo hook No. 3. We need:

  • 30-50 gr. thread of two colors for pajamas and trunk
  • 20 gr. thread of another color for the cap
  • hook №3
  • quite a bit of white for the peephole (as well as felt for eyelids, who can not do with a knitted eyelid)
  • a little thread for the beak and the legs
  • 2 buttons on the foot for the peephole (I have 1.2 mm in diameter)
  • two flat buttons for fixing the wings (again you can without them, just sew on the wings)
  • about 15 cm.
  • Glue (I have Moment Gel)

Master class of the owl - amigurumi This master class is dedicated to knitting a wonderful little owl. For knitting I use the "Iris" thread and hook №1,5. Legend:

  • VP - water loop;
  • SBN - a column without a crochet;
  • P - increase (2 sb in one loop);
  • Y - reduction (tie 2 loops together).

We need:

  • Yarn cotton: purple, blue, white and black.
  • Felt thin woolly wool - yellow.
  • Brads are pink, 2-4 mm in size.
  • Synthesis for packing.

How to tie an owl crochet To knit an owl you will need the remains of a string of 6 colors, a hook, eye beads, glue-moment, a needle, buttons and beads for decoration. Knitted owl crochet in sneakers So, the necessary materials and tools used by the author:

  • The Areola yarn 50g / 235m pink color (girls, do not take thick yarn, take a thickness close to mine if you can not find exactly that, otherwise your sneaker's shoes will be incredibly huge)
  • YarnArt JEANS yarn, color 07 (beige) polnotka approximately
  • YarnArt JEANS yarn, color 01 (white) quite a bit
  • Yarn children's novelty buffoon color yolk. Straight for the beak
  • White felt
  • Safe eyes in blue 18mm
  • Overhead cilia
  • A little pink tulle for a bow
  • Filler
  • Hook 1.5 and 2.0 and knitting needles 2,0
  • Glue, scissors
  • A marker for knitting (the toy is knitted along a spiral)
  • Pastel, shadow or pencil. Something than you can brighten the eyes around a circle of felt.
  • Bright owl crochet Difficulty: medium. Work time: 2 hours. For work you will need:

    • hook;
    • yarn;
    • 2 black buttons;
    • filler;
    • buttons / pendants for decoration.
    • For the beak, I used a ribbon with pompons, but you can take a small piece of fleece.

    For knitting I took children's yarn, for stuffing - holofayber. The owl is connected by motives of the owls of VENDULKA MADERSKA. Toys based on the products of needlewomen Vendulka Maderska and Herriet Description of the author: Julia Shumilova. Owl crocheted by Vendulka Maderska Described by Julia Shumilova. Owl crochet (key chain or toy) To knit an owl you will need:

  • Remains of yarn any, I have the remains of yarn zhdins yarnarta: yellow, blue, milk, pistachio, orange, black.
  • Hook for your yarn, I have the number 2
  • Threads and needle sewing
  • Needle with a big eye
  • Filler.
  • Owl crochet (a family of owls) A sweet family of owls settled in the nursery. The scheme of knitting an owl crocheted. Mini - owl crochet (pendant, keychain ora toy) Knitting them is a pleasure - quickly, simply, and these kinds of mila are obtained. The heads can be just a suspension, a key fob, a toy on a tree (already on the next one). The description is elementary. Its author seems to be the A Morning Cup of Jo Creations. Owl Crochet Case for PhoneCatch for the phone crochet pick up the remnants of the yarn of the brightest colors. The stones are yellow, green or black for the eyes, as well as a long button for the beak. Started by: Linda Cyr. Size: 11 * 15 cm. You will need: a yarn of different colors of medium thickness, a hook of 6 mm., 2 round pebbles for a voice, a button for a beak. Color A - the main color of the thread Colors B - the color of the head and the wings and the color C - contrasting colors Knitting density: 14 p. * 14 p. = 10 * 10 cm. Owl crochet on the basis of an African flower Rainbow owls crocheted by moji-moji design Authorthese wonderful cousins, crocheted, - Janine Holmes. It's very easy to tie an owl with a crochet. And look at the result! It's just a feast for the eyes! So, let's start knitting. Materials:

    • For knitting owls and leaves: light furry wool. Council for selecting flowers for owls: take white wool to knit the eyes, for an owl you will need a coat of two shades - dark and light, that is, light red and dark red, light green and dark green, etc.
    • For the nest: thick dark and light green wool.
    • Eyes with a diameter of 12 mm.
    • Filler (sintepon or cotton wool).
    • Instruments:
    • For knitting an owl: hook No. 3.25 mm (Foreign designation D).
    • To knit the nest: hook number 8 (foreign designation L).
    • The big needle.
    • Marker for knitting.

    Application owl crochet Materials required for knitting owl appliques:

    • yarn Alize Baby Wool (40% wool, 20% bamboo, 40% acrylic) colors are gray and white;
    • hook number 2.5;
    • semi beads black for the peephole - 2 pcs;
    • bead - heart - for the beak - 1 pc .;
    • the needle is a tapestry;
    • strings of orange mulina for embroidery of paws;
    • a marker for knitting;
    • scissors;
    • inspiration and good mood.

    Application owl crochet, 2 more options with the scheme: Plaid with hood owl crocheter Idea authorcreative designer and founder of MJ's Off the Hook designs Michelle Moore, she coined and tied for her daughters funny blankets with a hood in the form of an owl head. Of course, I went in search of descriptions on the Internet, but found only a diagram of the main picture and discussion. Therefore, I want to share with you the process of creating my version of such a rug. The author of this work is DashDasha from Motherland. Owl hooks or kitchen decorationsI liked these owls, crocheted. They are perfect for your kitchen as a tack or as a decoration in the interior of the kitchen. Looking at them - this is the first thing that occurred to me: potholders or decoration for the kitchen. But you can place them anywhere else. How your fantasy works, it's up to you. Just knit if you know how to crochet. The description is long, but it is described in detail. I think everything will be clear here. So, we get acquainted: Pile of an owl or just decoration for the kitchen in details. Owl - Amigurumi crochet Mini amigurumi in the form ofthe suven can be used to create trinkets, decorate bags, small crafts for children, as a knitting toy for the New Year tree, etc., as fantasy tells. In addition, it is a great way to recycle leftover yarn. It will take:

    • cotton yarn of different colors
    • hook number 5
    • black beads or buttons
    • synthetic filler
    • marker loops.

    Knitted owl. By irka Mittens - owls crocheted MK: Julia Babushkina. Yarn "Children's novelty" "Pehor Textile", consists of 100% high-volume acrylic (50gr / 200m). Hook 3,5 and 2 (for tying at the end).

    Owl crochet, models from our site

    Soviata amigurumi crocheted. The work of Katerina Petyanina Soviata amigurumi crocheted. The work of Katerina Petyanina For knitting amigurumi you will need: Yarn "Children's novelty" Pechorka, (100% high-capacity acrylic 200 m / 50 g) green, yellow, white, black and pink. hook 2.0 Filler Soviata amigurumi description Torso and head Two basic colors are used (green and yellow) 12p (green) Row 1: Owl from motifs African flower crochet Owl from motifs African flower crochet Owl from motifs African flower crochet -the work of Xenia. For a long time already all the favorite motif of the African flower became known to me. This motif is truly magnificent in its universality - depending on the number of faces from it Amigurumi puppy Sovenok. The work of Marina Stoyakina Amigurumi Pupsy Sowenok. The work of Marina Stoyakina All welcome! Recently, I was very keen on creating interior toys and now I want to present you with such a cute little pugdik-sovyanka! Pupsik is connected from a wool, crochet №2, handles movable - on a threaded fastener. Clothes - a hat and a dress Pillow - an owl crocheted. The work of Xenia Pillow - an owl crocheted. The work of Xenia Pillow is an owl. The idea is not mine. It was seen on the vastness of the omnipotent Internet, a certain lady from Norway knits such sheep. I liked the idea, but the scheme was nowhere to be found. Then, peering at the pictures, I repeated what I had seen and it happened at the Hood - an owl crocheted. Evgenia's work The cap is an owl hook. Evgenia's work The "Owl" cap is a very simple model. Beginning knitting from the top of the pillars with a single crochet (see the diagram). You can knit and monophonic, this is optional. The size depends on the thickness of the thread and the size of the child's head. When cap - cap Cap - an owl crocheted. The work of Olga Arikainen Hat - an owl crocheted. The work of Olga Arikainen Cap - an owl tied from a mohair ANGORA yarnGOLD (10% mohair, 10% wool, 80% acrylic), 550 m, 100 g. Knitting in two strings, hook 3 mm. Eyes - an incomplete circle of concave and convex posts with a Crochet Beanie - an owl Crochet Beanie - Owl My name is Natalia Trusova. I present to your attention the Owl Hat with a detailed description. Yarn acrylic in 2 pieces, hook №4. To determine the diameter I need, I use the formula of the circumference = 2Pi R, or PiD, where the length of the Owl Keychain Owl Crochet Keychain My name is Marina. Owl is crocheted № 2. A good option for keychain keys! Description of the owl: 1 - We collect 2 bp, we sew in the second loop from the hook 6 RLS. 2 - an increase in each loop (12) 3- 1

    Owl crochet, video tutorials

    Owl crochet on the basis of an African flower tied with a hook No. 2, its height is 10 cm: An owl crochet application: