5 do-it-yourself gift ideas for February 14th: give love to loved ones!

5 do-it-yourself gift ideas for February 14th: give love to loved ones!

Every year on February 14th comes the mostthe romantic day of the year is Valentine's Day, when lovers try to express their feelings by actions, gentle words, confessions and gifts. It is especially nice when they are made with their own hands, because a piece of soul, love and warmth is embedded in their manufacture. Such gifts are the most expensive and unforgettable, and in addition, they carry an immense charge of positive and tenderness. Surprises can be made completely different, decorate thematically the interior or present something completely personal. Choosing you, we will only give you a few tips. Hearts - the best gift for February 14 for lovers!Hearts - the best gift for February 14 for lovers! Content

    1. Volume letters of the name of a loved one

    You can make them from hard cardboard orplywood of any size. It can be not only a name, but also any words of recognition. To decorate the letters, yarn of any color is taken, but better than delicate shades. Glue is applied to the base, and the yarn is wound in even rows. Do not rush to cut the ends of the threads, you must wait until the glue is completely dry. Do-it-yourself 3D letter for February 14DIY do-it-yourself volume letter on February 14th. Whenthe letters are completely ready, you can do their decoration. For this, any jewelry is suitable - flowers that can be made from felt or taken ready, bows, rhinestones and more. Making a letter blank Wrap with scarlet yarn Decorate with flowers

    2. DIY garlands of hearts

    A gift from hearts for February 14A gift from hearts on February 14 Heart isan integral part of this wonderful holiday and the time has come to exhibit items with his image from the storerooms. If there are none, do not despair. Do it yourself garland made of hearts will help to solve this question. To prepare such a gift is not at all difficult, but first you need to decide what they will be made of. It can be paper, fabric or other material. Garland of multi-colored hearts on February 14Garland of multi-colored hearts on February 14It is necessary to make a number of blanks and connect them together, stitching on a typewriter. On hearts, you can put words of recognition, wishes or the name of a dear person. Where to hang it, you choose. It will look cool above the bed, it is perfectly complemented by pillows with the image of hearts, doors or a festive table. February 14th gift for husbandFebruary 14th gift for husband Valentine's Day HeartsValentine's Day Hearts

    3. Balloon Confessions

    Heart shaped balloons are best. No need to take a lot of different colors, 2-3 shades will look more harmonious. Inflate them with a light gas - helium, it is able to lift and hold the ball at the top. A note with recognition can be put inside or tied with a long ribbon to a ball that will hang beautifully. It is best to place them over a bed or other suitable place. We decorate the house with balloons on February 14We decorate the house with balloons on February 14 Gift recognition ballsGift recognition balls DIY declarations of love in the photoDIY declarations of love in the photo

    4. Candy Heart

    Coffee heart - a gift for February 14 for those who do not like sweetsCoffee heart - a gift for February 14 for thosewho does not like sweets An original gift will be a heart decorated with your favorite sweets. As a basis, you can take a box made of cardboard and covered with a beautiful fabric or paper or cut out of polystyrene foam. Inside, lay beautiful sweets and decorate with flowers, ribbons or other various decor. To do this, sweets in bright wrappers or voluminous are most suitable. Master class: a heart of sweets as a gift for February 14Master class: a heart of sweets as a gift for February 14 Draw a heart Cut the workpiece Candy recess Papered with paper

    5. Tea with a surprise

    Probably not a single person who doesn’twould love to drink tea. On such a wonderful holiday, you can embellish this ceremony and add some kind of romance to it. For this, tea bags with pyramids are more suitable, they look better. You can stick multicolored pieces of paper on the labels of bags, in the shape of hearts, with confessions, for example: love, miss, kiss, want to be with you and so on. Tea as a gift for February 14Tea as a gift on February 14 Put all this ina beautiful box decorated with appropriate decor. It can be romantic figures, inscriptions or flowers, it all depends on whether the gift is intended for a guy or a girl. Each time, during a tea party, a loved one will feel your love, warmth and know what they think about him. We write confessions and pleasant words on every tea bagWe write recognition and pleasant words at every teahouse.In any case, no matter what the gift, he will speak better than any words about feelings that fill a loving heart and boundless joy from the presence of a dear person nearby. We also recommend viewing:

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