5 ideas on how to make Christmas decorations from buttons

5 ideas on how to make Christmas decorations from buttons

Buttons of all sizes, shapes and colors -Universal material for different crafts with your own hands. Today we offer you some interesting ideas how to make Christmas decorations from buttons. Creating toys from buttons is a simple and fascinating process, so you can easily attract children to such a creative activity. Content:

  • Christmas toys and balls of buttons
  • Wreaths on the door of buttons
  • Decorative Christmas tree of buttons
  • Garlands of buttons
  • Postcards and pictures with buttons
  • New Year's decorations from buttons: fur-tree toys and balls

    From the buttons you can make a variety of Christmas trees.Toys in the form of Santa Claus figurines, snowman, fir-tree, snowflakes, wreaths, as well as balls that can be used for decorating a Christmas tree, as well as for a festive decor of an interior. New Year's ball from the buttons master class 00 To make a ball of buttons, you will need:

    • Ball of foam, polystyrene, mounting foam or floral sponge;
    • Pins with a head in the form of a bead (optional - glue);
    • Conventional buttons with holes;
    • ribbon

    New Year's ball from buttons master class 01 The ball of polystyrene or polystyrene can beBuy in online stores, from a floral sponge - in flower shops, and from the mounting foam you can even make a ball yourself, though, the process is not easy, so it will be easier to buy. Alternatively, you can use a ball of cloth, densely filled with sintepon. If you are planning to use glue for the safety of children, and not pins, then you can take a ball - plastic, rubber, tennis, to which you can glue buttons. Depending on which buttons you use, the ball must be pre-painted or leave its original color. For example, if you want to make a New Year's toy of white and beige buttons, leave the ball white, if you want to make a bright red with green ornaments - then polystyrene is better to paint from a can. New Year's ball from the buttons master class 02 Attach with pins or glue a loopFrom tape or rope, for which the ball can be hung on the Christmas tree. Then pugovichku for pugovichchika gently pin with pins to the ball. You can combine the colors and sizes of the buttons, fasten the buttons one on top of the other. The space between the buttons you can fill with pins. New-year ball of buttons master class 03 More options for Christmas balls of buttons: Buttons can be threaded on a string or wireIn a certain order, to get the figures of snowmen, little men or little fir-trees. Here is a small master class how to assemble a small snowman on a string. How to make a snowman out of buttons You can also paste buttons on some base, for example, sticks for making snowflakes, a cardboard circle for a wreath and the like. More examples of Christmas toys from buttons:

    Decorative Christmas wreaths of buttons

    Christmas wreath at the door - popularFestive decoration in Western countries. Most often, wreaths hang from the outside of the door of the house. Nothing prevents us to inherit the tradition of decorating the interior of wreaths for the holidays. A wreath of buttons can be made in several ways. The buttons can be glued on a cardboard circle, like this: Christmas wreath of buttons with their own hands 00 Christmas wreath from buttons with own hands To make a three-dimensional wreath from buttons, you can sew a cover, fill it with a sintepon, and sew buttons on top. Decorative wreath at the door of the buttons Wreaths at the door of the buttons Decorative wreath of buttons

    Small Christmas trees of buttons

    Small cone-shaped fir-trees look great in the interior. In order to make such a Christmas tree, you will need:

    • Cone of foam, polystyrene or cardboard;
    • Buttons;
    • Fabric or colored paper (optional);
    • Pins (or glue, wire, thread with a needle).

    Christmas tree of buttons MK 00 The course of work is identical to the creation of Christmas balls withButtons. If you use a cone of foam or other foam material, then the buttons to the base can be fastened with pins. If you have a cardboard cone, then you can sew on the buttons with thread or wire. Also in both cases, you can use glue. The basis is tentatively better painted in green or covered with a green cloth or paper. Herringbone from buttons MK 01 Christmas tree of buttons MK 02

    Garlands of buttons

    It's very easy to make a long garland of buttons. It will take a while, but such an unusual decoration on the tree or in the room will look very interesting. New Year garland of buttons Garland - flags of buttons

    Pictures and postcards with buttons

    With the buttons you get cute Christmas picturesAnd postcards. The plot is very simple - a smart Christmas tree, a snowman, Christmas balls, snowflakes. The buttons can be sewn to the canvas or glued to the paper. A small frame or passepartout for the picture will nicely highlight the image. Also use ribbons, beads, braids and cords for postcards. A small master class how to make a card with herringbone from ribbons and buttons with your own hands: Card from satin ribbons and buttons And in the gallery below you will find different pictures and cards for inspiration: