6 ideas for crafts from old soft toys: what to make from soft toys

6 ideas for crafts from old soft toys: what to make from soft toys


    Soft toys - second life 6 ideas

    All children love to play toys and parents have thesetoys are stocked. Especially children love soft toys, which they sometimes never part with. But the children grow up, and the parents face a difficult question about what to do with these toys? You can offer several ways to use old toys in the interior. DIY crafts ideas from old soft toys do-it-yourself photosDIY crafts ideas from old soft toys do-it-yourself photos

    1. Soft toy pajamas

    Every family member has pajamas and always beforethe mistress raises the question of where to store them. Take a look around, is there a big soft toy nearby that no one has been playing with for a long time? Surely there is. If there is, then make her a pajamas. It is enough to take the toy, carefully cutting, remove the filler. After that, sew on the edges of the clasp or buttons. And now the pretty pajamas from the old teddy bear are ready. She will ideally fit into an interior of any room, especially in a nursery. Pajamas can be made personally for your child from his beloved, but old toy. Making DIY pajamas from toysMaking DIY pajamas from toys Pajamnitsa hare Toy pajamas Pajamas bear Pajamas mouse

    2. Decor Christmas tree made of soft toys

    Each family has old New Year's toys, withwhich are much connected. Sometimes you don’t want to buy new toys. And take small soft toys and decorate the Christmas tree with them. Small and medium soft toys from the pantry, where they lie for a long time, are ideal here. The Christmas tree will not only delight the eye and beckon with cosiness, but will also give pleasant memories of those days when they played with these toys. Christmas tree decoration with soft toys photoChristmas tree decoration with soft toys photo Soft toys on the Christmas tree Homemade soft Christmas tree toys Christmas tree made of soft toys Decorate the Christmas tree with soft toys

    3. Bedspread for children from soft toys

    This original idea is simple enough to realize. For this you will need:

    • - baby bedspread or plaid;
    • - old soft toys.

    Do-it-yourself bedspread for children from soft toysBedspread for children from soft toyswith your hands, it’s enough for you to sew different parts of the toys onto the finished fabric, but first remove the internal filler. In the same way, you can make a pillowcase for a baby pillow. A more difficult option is to remove the filler from the toys and sew them together. This is a time consuming process and you may need a lot of soft toys. Toy lion - decorative bedspread Bedspread from soft toys to the nursery Soft toy - plaid holder A bedspread and a cover for it from a lion’s toy. In this case, the choice of the method of making bedding from toys is the choice of parents. But they will see that their child will be simply amazed!

    4. Photo frame made of soft toys

    Every day we are accumulating a large numberphotos. Although now they are stored in electronic form, still sometimes you want to put your favorite one next to you in a beautiful frame. Here a soft toy will come to your aid. Especially such a photo frame is ideal for a children's room. DIY photo frame from a soft toy - gift ideaDIY photo frame from a soft toy - an ideaFor a gift you need to take any toy, carefully cut the abdomen, bend the edges inward and decorate them with a ribbon. Insert the photo into the file, attach it to the cardboard and make a frame from the pieces of the toy. Then put the photo frame to it. She will delight and surprise your child! Toy photo frame: frog Frame for a photo from a toy: a sheep Teddy Bear Photo Frame Photo frame from the toy: tiger cub

    5. Decor of curtains from soft toys

    Curtains are an integral part of the interior formost families, and they are in every room, including in the nursery. It is in the children's room that you can decorate the curtains with soft toys. It is enough to attach colored ribbons or pins to them, so that it is convenient to fasten to curtains. Thus, you can decorate and curtain rods. DIY curtain holder for soft toys photoDIY curtain holder for soft toys photo We make holders for curtains from toys Bear toy curtain holder Decor curtains from toys with their own hands Holder for curtains from old soft toys

    6. A bouquet of soft toys

    It will not only be a pleasant gift forsome holiday, but it will also be a wonderful decoration of the interior. Now this type of interior decoration is gaining popularity and will be a wonderful gift for both an adult and a child. Make it easy. On the Internet there are now a lot of master classes in the manufacture of such bouquets. The main thing that you will need is small toys of 10-15 centimeters, you can different or the same. The volume of your bouquet will depend on their quantity. Bouquet as a gift from soft toys with your own hands photoBouquet as a gift from soft toys with your own hands photo DIY bouquet of soft toys Making a bouquet of soft toys Bunch of Teddy Bears Bouquet as a gift from toy hares Like ussee, from old or new children's soft toys you can make a lot of interesting and useful things. The main thing is for parents to show imagination and not be afraid to experiment. And these favorite toys will live a new life and will delight for a long time, and give warm memories. Do not be afraid to fantasize! Saddle the jewelry with the child, let him tell you an interesting idea. And it will turn into an interesting game for you and your child. We also recommend viewing:

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