The basics of knitting women's knitting needles in a detailed master class

The basics of knitting women's knitting needles in a detailed master class


A women's knitted hat is not only a necessity, butAnd a fashionable wardrobe item that allows you to bring variety and a twist to everyday images. Today you can find and buy a headwear model for women for every taste and color, but such a thing as knitted hats is pretty easy to make yourself even an inexperienced knitter. A product made by yourself will be exclusive, and it is much more pleasant to wear than a thing made on the conveyor.
Video master class on knitting will help the beginning master to create its first exclusive knitted model. Below in the article will be presented lessons on knitting.

Choose the materials

The first thing to do is to decide on theThe time of the year when the hat will be worn, and choose the yarn appropriate for the season. A yarn made of 100% cotton is suitable for a summer openwork model, and for winter ones it is necessary to choose a woolen thread so that they are warm. If it is an autumn hat with knitting needles, then it is better to choose a mixed yarn, for example acrylic with wool, so that it does not turn out to be too warm. In spring, too, is to choose a yarn of this type.
Yarn manufacturers always point to the labelThe recommended size of the knitting needles, but the knitting of the hats has certain nuances, so the needles should be bought for half the size smaller. This is done in order to make knitting more dense. And in order to fit the head well and tightly to the head, you need to take the second pair of spokes less than the recommended size of one and a half - for knitting gum.

To sew the final product, you need a special wide needle with a large eyelet and a rounded end.
A woman's hat can be tied in herselfA variety of colors. These can be trendy colors of the current season or a color suitable for overcoats, shoes or a bag. But it is best to choose a color, depending on the pattern, which will be associated with the headdress for women. If the drawing is voluminous with interlacing, such as braids, then it should be stopped in light tones, so that the texture of the picture is more clearly visible. But a cap with a small pattern can be knit with dark yarn.
Another nuance in choosing yarns - for beginner needlewomen, it is better to choose thick yarn, since with fine it will be difficult to immediately achieve a beautiful and smooth fabric.

Types of knitted hats

The main difference between knitted hats is the degree of theirDensity. The denser the product - the more naturally it is warmer. Depending on this criterion, the caps are divided according to the season into: winter, spring, summer, autumn:

  • Winter knitted hat. They knit from natural yarn (wool, angora, merino) and the most popular models are connected on the basis of different volume longitudinal or transverse braids. The braid's interlacing looks very beautiful and is not difficult to untie;
  • Autumn knitted hat. To knit the autumn model, choose non-removable patterns (rice, honeycomb,
    ), So that the canvas of the cap was dense and kept warm and beautifully surrounded by the circumference of the head;
  • Spring knitted cap. For spring pores, berets, knitted with knitting needles, are perfect. For berets are selected light lace patterns or combined several, because the canvas will be more than a cap;
  • Summer knitted hat. Such products most often crochet, because it is an easy openwork product that must perform two functions: be stylish and protect from sunstroke. But for spokes too there are many different models with a description.

Calculation of loops

Before you tie the hat with knitting needlesCalculate the initial number of loops. We measure the circumference of the head and the height of the cap. Height is measured from the line of the bridge of the nose to the top of the head. Then a sample pattern is knit. Based on the sample, it is calculated how many loops are per 1 cm of the canvas. This video details how to do this calculation. Let's take into account that knitted products always stretch slightly during mating and further socks. So we subtract 2 cm from the volume of the head. For the resulting length and calculate the number of loops + 2 edges. After the calculation, check the resulting amount with the rapport of the pattern. They must be multiples of one another.
Video: Learning to make loop calculations
Knitting hats can be round in a fewKnitting needles or a flat blade. If you knit in a circle, then you do not need to sew the product, and if the canvas, one imperceptible mattress suture is used to collect the product. Most often, knitted hats for women are made with a seam, because knitting around such a small product is inconvenient.

Main canvas

Begin to knit a cap for women, men orChildren should always be with gum. With her help, a knitted headdress will fit nicely and tightly around her head. The elastic should be a height of 3 cm. By connecting the elastic, you can begin to knit the main pattern. The main fabric is knitted to the individual height, depending on the model chosen. Usually the height of the standard cap is 12-14 cm. After doing this basic work, it is possible to start decreasing the loops.

Loop reduction

Reducing the loops, or rather, loosening the bottom - this is the final stage of knitting hats. You can make a reduction in two ways:

  • Reduction in 6 places. We divide all loops on spokes into 6 parts. If the number of loops is not a multiple of 6, then the most uniformly distribute the loops in each part with more or less. The decrease occurs at the beginning of each part. After the first row with a decrease in loops, we sew four rows and then make a second decrease. And then in every second row. If the model has an elongated bottom, then the 3rd reduction is also done through 4 rows, and then in every second. We finish the reduction when there will be 1 or 2 loops on each of the spokes. We break off the thread and use the needle to thread it into the remaining loops, tighten it tightly;
  • Reduction in 8 places. In this case, divide the work surface into 8 parts. Decrease is done first in each 4th row, and then in each 8th row.

Choose the method of reduction, depending on the chosen pattern, so that it decreases symmetrically, and it looked nice and neat. For beginners, we suggest watching the video.
Video: Doing the right adjustments


After the canvas is connected by its own hands, itsIt remains only to sew. Knitted hats are stitched with a special needle with a mattress suture, which will be invisible on the front side of the knitted hat. The video, which will be at the end of the article, shows a master class on sewing knitted details with this seam.
After the hat is sewn - work completelyFinished. Knitting hats is a quick and easy process that does not require special knowledge and skills. In order to create a beautiful hat with your own hands, you need aspiration, desire and a little perseverance.
Video: How to sew a hat
Headgear with knitting needles can be connected by hundredsDifferent patterns from simple English gum to intricate complex patterns. For beginner needlewomen, it is best to choose simple patterns that are easy to master. Free lessons on knitting are easy to find on the Internet and visually read. For example, this video shows in great detail how to tie a headgear for women with an English rubber band.

Video: We knit a cap with an English rubber band

It will be easy to master patterns with braids. They are quite simple, and the winter hat with them will turn out dense, warm and beautiful. Master class on knitting.

Video: Headpiece with braid pattern