Beaded Fancy Beads: Weaving Options and Schemes for Beginners

Beaded Fancy Beads: Weaving Options and Schemes for Beginners


The movement of the hippies gave us such an ornament asBracelets of beads. These are bracelets collected on a string, elastic vein or simple line. In addition to round small beads, different colors, various additions are also used: bugles, large decorative beads made of different materials. The decoration can be flat or bulky, the color range is limited only by the imagination of the needlewoman. Very popular are the baubles of beads with names - this is a nice gift for a sister or girlfriend. You can use different materials for weaving bracelets of friendship: ribbons, rubber bands and
, Even skin pruning can be useful. So do not rush to get rid of unused materials.
Learning to do them is not difficult, skillful needlewomen often share their experience in the form of photos of finished works, or a small video on the topic "How to weave bracelets from beads."
Weaving of baubles from beads, in most cases, is performed in two techniques:

  • Weaving "in a cross";
  • Weaving on the machine.

In the first case, the seeds of the beads are placed inStaggered order, in the edge of the finished baubles will be serrated. In the second case, the beads are laid in even parallel rows. The advantage of weaving in a cross - bracelet can be increased in width, simply by adding one more row. How to perform the process of expansion, you can see on the photo or in the training video.

Simple beaded bracelet

It will take:

  • Clasp and two clock rings;
  • 3 veins of a line 60 cm long;
  • Beads (plain or color).

Fold the veins in half and fasten the loop toClockwork ring. For each type of seed beads, for a length of 25-30 cm. The veins must be divided into three strands and weave the usual pigtail from them. The ends are fixed and carefully fixed on the second winding ring. The last thing is that the fastening rings are joined by fasteners.

Weaving bracelets from beads in the way "in a cross"

This method is suitable for beginners. To weave a simple bauber from the beads you will need:

  • beads;
  • Line or lavsan yarn for weaving;
  • Two needles for beads;
  • Set of ready-made fasteners for jewelry;
  • scheme.

To begin with, we measure the circumference of the wrist, it will beBasic measure. We measure the piece of fishing line, 100 cm long, we put the ends into needles, with their help we will weave a bead of beads. On the needle thread a half of the fastener. Needles with a fishing line, we pass through one bead or a beautiful bead. Next, for each needle string on one grain of beads. To form the first cross, in one bead we enter the first needle from right to left, and the second from left to right, and tightly draw to the beginning of the baubles. Again, we dial by bead on both needles, and third we fix the cross. Repeat these two steps until the length of the product is equal to our measurement plus a couple of centimeters - to freedom of clinging. The bracelet on the arm should lie loosely, not at all.

The width of one finished chain, depends on the size of the beads, and will be approximately 5 mm. If you want to add a product width, then you need to weave a few such chains and connect them.

A wide bead of bead can be twisted in turning rows, but you will have to work with long lengths of threads. It will be necessary to see diagrams or videos showing how to do this.
If you use an elastic thread for a bracelet, you can do without a fastener.
The amount of beads strung each time can beincrease. If you type in 5-6 pieces, and fix 3-4, then you get a chain of "rings". For the formation of triangular apertures, you need to weave a bouquet, combining beads and bugles:

Twisted bead of beads

To the canvas of the bracelet was not straight, but curved,As a snake, you should type on one needle more beads. You need to do this alternately - once to the left, right to the right. A volumetric snake will be obtained if the weaving is performed in a circle, in the form of a round cord. This work requires a certain skill, therefore, first look through the step-by-step photos of the execution scheme. For beginners, you can try a simpler option - to sew a straw in a tube from a bead.

Baubles with names and names of cities

To make such an original decoration is a little more difficult, because you will have to follow the circuit closely.
Baubles with names or names of cities orMemorable places can be weaved with crosses, but for beginners, it will be more convenient on the machine. What if there is no device, and it is expensive to buy in the store? You can do it yourself or ask your husband, after having armed him with a training video. To begin with, the simplest replacement can be made from a flat box or a book and a piece of scotch, as in the photo. On the book we wind the number of threads, equal to the number of beads in the cross-section of the bouquet, the ends of the threads are fixed with adhesive tape. To make it easier to weave, you can put something under the windings.

In the needle thread the thread and tie it toThe first coil of the basis. String a few beads and distribute them under the warp threads, so that each is between the coils. Then again, the needle is passed through the beads, but above the warp threads. Before you begin to form the letters of the name, you need to go through several rows of beads of the background color, to create a rim. The word, on a bouquet, should be placed in the center.
When weaving on the machine, each new row of beads,It is necessary to push tightly to the previous ones, so that no gaps appear. Well, if you can weave a quality material, with a smooth grain. In packages of inexpensive beads, there are often different in size or deformed grains. Uneven beads can cause distortion, during the weaving of baubles. You should pay attention to the width of the holes - the needle with the thread must pass freely.

After the letters are fully laid out, you need toMake a border on the other side of the bracelet. The finished work is removed from the machine so that it is possible to decorate the ends of the threads nicely. A simple option - to tie the thread with an ordinary double knot, and then braid into a pigtail. You can also add a few strands, type beads on them, and put the tips in a special clamp or a clip for jewelry.

When weaving, you need to carefully monitor the arrangement of colors on the finished scheme.
For weaving on a machine, a bead of bead withNames, you can make the circuit yourself. It will not be difficult, even for beginners. It will take only a pen or pencil and a sheet from a notebook to the cage. Every cell is a bead. Paint the cells and make a pattern.

Video: Beadwork with a name

A little trick If you do not want to do schemesManually, try to draw a diagram of the baubles from the beads in the program for creating embroideries. It is free to download, in addition, there are many instructions for its installation and use. With its help, even intricate letters, it will be easy to embody on a woven baubles of beads. The advantage of a self-created scheme is that you can draw an unusual author font (italics, etc.). Interesting ideas can be found in the photo of the finished works.
The space near the letters can be decorated with additional patterns, colors or symbols.
On the machine you can weave not only bracelets with names, but also with complex geometric or floral ornaments. As a pattern, patterns are often used for cross-stitch embroidery.

Video: Fleece bead shaving