Baubles of floss: video tutorials for beginners

Baubles of floss: video tutorials for beginners


It is believed that Baubles of thread came to us fromIndian tribes - they gave to friends handcrafted bracelets, decorated with straw, thin twigs, feathers as a sign of respect and love. When Fenichka torn or lost, it was necessary to make a wish, which will certainly come true. But voluntarily removed the bracelet is perhaps the sign of the beginning of the war. Later baubles weaving of threads became a symbol of the hippie, and in time became a complete view of needlework and acquired extraordinary popularity.
In order to make their own threadbracelet do not have a lot of experience in needlework - unlike woven mandala or Japanese ball of thread to handle even a child. Numerous lessons and tips to help you understand all the intricacies of weaving baubles of floss and quickly become a skillful craftsman.

A bit of theory

There are two kinds of baubles weaving floss. Oblique Weaving (it is also a mosaic) is considered to be easier and more interesting, as it allows to weave beautiful bracelets with geometric patterns. Direct weaving requires more skill, but it can be used not only to weave patterned Fenichka, but also something more massive.
To create Baubles of thread floss neededbig pin, which imposed stretches the skin, after which the pin pinned on jeans. It is possible to fix the thread and other means, such as adhesive tape to stick to the table, but you run the risk to pull the floss, weaving will be uneven or bracelet breaks.

Choice of color floss

Since Baubles of floss for a long timeconsidered talismans, their colors are important. If you are going to do with their own hands bracelet as a gift to man, it is necessary to consider not only his favorite color, but also the emotions and wishes that you want to refer to it - the weaving of baubles like the creation of the mandala, which is also important palette is used. All colors except black, are extremely positive emotions. Values ​​have even some color combinations, so experienced fenkoplety sometimes shoot video tutorials to make it easier for beginners to colleagues choice of thread color.

Types of knots

Fenechki consist of a plurality of double noduleswhich can be fastened in four ways. Two options - direct nodes (right and left) and is similar to the two corner. Home arrow indicates which thread to do assembly and tip indicates its position after the assembly. You can call the main unit straight left - it is most often used in baubles. Take the left strand over the right place and make a knot, keeping the right thread constantly stretched; tie a second knot. Similarly, tied and direct the right node. To make a corner piece, you need to tie a knot under the scheme forward, the second - missed by the main thread taut. If the explanation of the task seems overwhelming to you - try to watch a video on this topic.

Decorative buckles

The traditional way of fixing baubles on a hand -tying two knots (not to lose). If desired, the base woven bracelet clasp can be attached, and the "tail" cut. Advanced fenkoplety often make clever clasps his hands, and, although they are often impractical for the sake of interest see the thematic lessons and try again.
Very simple and convenient clasp can be doneat the beginning of a weaving loops and sew a button (or bead) at the end of weaving. Consider the principle of creating such a fastener on a simple scheme by 12 threads. You must not cut the floss 12 to 80 cm pieces and about 6 to 160 centimeters. Fold them in half and make a small loop, pull out one segment of the floss colored outer strands on the scheme and tie in the middle of the other threads. Now one end of the thread tidy tie knots around the rest of the threads; second tip to do the same thing, but in the opposite direction. When the loop will seem wide enough, it is time to start the bracelet floss.

Video: how to make loops on the Baubles

training Baubles

Viewed lessons on weaving certainlyhelp you, but before you take on complex designs and broad bracelets, you need to work out at tying knots. Cut several pieces of thread of about 80-100 cm (depending on the circumference of the wrist), secure them in a row on a pin and pin to jeans. Take the leftmost piece of floss and make direct left node. Now hold the thread, which you have just been working, tie a knot and on the next thread. After a number of thread, which was at the left most extreme would be the right. This is the easiest option to create baubles of floss for beginners handy people. A little patience, and you have made with your own hands first Fenichka! By the way, this method of weaving - a great opportunity to get rid of the scraps of colored threads.
Similarly create bracelets flosswith "arrows". Half the number of weave is necessary as described above, and the second half will be a reflection of her. It is important not to miss the middle, which is a node of the same color the floss. To decorate, try to weave these nodules are small round beads.

Video: the basics of weaving baubles

Mosaic (oblique) weaving

If you understand how to weave Baubles of thread andsatisfied with a sample copy, time to start more interesting processes. On our site there are many explanatory diagrams and videos, in addition, they can draw on their own with the help of software. Consider braiding unpretentious scheme by 12 thread without angular nodes. It should be in this order to impose the pin stretches the floss and conditionally breaking them in pairs, to weave the first row. In the creation of the second row on the edges of the two strands are not involved - nodules form a semblance of a mosaic. Propletite until the end of the circuit, start it from the top and repeat so long as the web length of the floss reaches the circumference of your hand.
You will not be difficult to weave a bracelet? Then try your hand at a more sophisticated scheme using angular units. It is important to make sure that all the knots were made with the same tension and the bracelet was flat. For beginners, it is not recommended to take on broader schemes - not only that the circuit itself can be easy to get lost, so even a large number of threads and tries to get confused.

Video: Learning to weave Baubles oblique weave

Scottish Fenichka

These bracelets are popular because of theirsimplicity - do plaid can be watching a movie or talking with friends. The easiest tartan created from two colors sewing for more complex may take several shades of one color. To make a simple plaid, you need 6 pieces of floss two colors. For they are fixed through a pin (red, white, red again). The first row needs to be done right straight nodes, the second - straight left. And so to the end Baubles odd rows are performed right segments in pairs, even - left.

Video: plaid weave Baubles

Direct weaving

Baubles made straight weave similar totraining because nodules are arranged in rows above each other. Well understood how to weave Baubles of thread woven mosaic, straight weave you will not create any trouble.

To create these bracelets can be usedscheme for cross-stitch or paint your own paper into the cage. Starting directly from the weaving baubles floss better with two thin colored bracelets. After selecting a scheme, look at the amount of the width of the cell - the same pieces of floss you will need to cut. Remember that the floss should be the color what you want to see the picture. For example, a red heart on a white background to cut the red string length of 60-80 centimeters. The usual way to fix all the pieces of the pin and take the floss desired color for the background. Many fenkoplety tie the tip the entire skein, but for beginners it will be easier to cut off a piece of a meter and a half - it must be the extreme left. Weave is similar to the training begins Baubles - background thread strapped everyone else. The second row needs to be done right straight nodes, so that on completion of a long thread was the initial position (far left). When he reached the drawing, you need to weave relevant nodules attached a different color threads. Do not forget that the angular units are not used here.
Direct weaving technique may seemrather complicated for beginners, but after the first two or three bracelets everything goes like clockwork. With this technique you can make baubles of floss with names difficult ornaments, or even a thumbnail image.

Video: Master classes of weaving baubles direct

Lengthening thread

One of the most unpleasant moments in weavingBaubles of floss comes when a thread is not enough until the end of the article. Nothing complicated in the extension of the thread there, but do not always get to do this carefully and quietly. To extend the length of floss, it is necessary on the inside of the bracelet firmly tie it with a new slice. Make sure the knot tightly to Baubles, otherwise it will crush wear. This principle is used when adding color to direct braiding - floss is tied from the inside at the right time, and runs parallel to the bracelet to the next track.

Supplement baubles

To learn how to weave Baubles of floss sayslot, but in fact they can also complement! By themselves friendship bracelets belong to ethnic jewelry, some consider them also to the style of boho-chic. By using materials that exist in each store accessories, easy to make women's or men's bracelet for any style of clothing.
Braided Fenichka not too bright colorinteresting decorate rhinestones. For this purpose, it is best suited rhinestones sew-on or chain. Carefully mark the location for the crystals, the distance between them was the same. It is advisable to sew rhinestones thread the same color as in the Baubles to mount is not conspicuous. Similarly, you can do Fenichka for the rocker - with the help of screw-spikes or sewing. Particularly impressive shiny spikes look on the dark floss. Be careful with fixing screw-spikes, since they can damage your weaving thread. Furthermore, as an additional decoration baubles used for small shells, artificial flowers, ribbons, lace, small pendants, connecting rings, beads, sequins and even a small pin!

Add decorations and can be in the process of weaving. The most common way - weaving beads in the middle or on the edges of the bracelet. It is better to choose small and round beads, especially for jewelry mid Baubles - square beads tend to fall ill, and biokonusy will press in the hand when you put the bracelet. Interesting Fenichka succeed and if podpletat to one side of the chain in the process - it will create a kind of frame for the bracelet and it will look more jewelry.

Weave a square knot

Interesting and quite a simple baubles you canweave a square knot. Fenkoplety often wonder about the origin of the name, as a result of a round ornament. However, not much difference, the main thing that these baubles of floss is also very beautiful and weaved quickly. To work you need to cut pieces of floss in multiples of four. Consider the weaving of the four segments. Secure them, the first thread left swipe over the following two and a fourth. Now a fourth rope slide under the third and second, and pull in the loop created by the first; tighten the knot. All components are made the same, only the string are swapped. As you can see, work is carried out first and the fourth segment of the floss, so you can cut a little longer. If you want to decorate the weave Baubles of floss square knot - nanizhite beads on the middle two strands.
Psychologists believe weaving baubles of flosswonderful hobby that helps you relax and clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts. Often it is recommended to learn to weave Baubles young children - this is a great exercise for the motor and the ability to sit still. For beginners, masters and the biggest problem may be the lack of patience, but it is necessary to make a small effort on yourself and everything will turn out.

Video: how to weave a square knot