Baubles made of rubber bands: weaving in different ways (photo and video)

Baubles made of rubber bands: weaving in different ways (photo and video)


Who would have thought that of the bright and colorful,Such simple-looking, gum can get absolutely incredible gizmos: bracelets, animal figurines, jewelry for clothes and even a cover for a mobile phone.
This kind of needlework appeared recently. Since 2014, baubles made of rubber bands began to unite families behind the wickerwork of bright accessories. Often they are called elastic bands-iris or rainbow loom. Often they are sold in sets that include the necessary equipment for making a product of any complexity: a weaving machine, rubber shoes of different colors (there are about 600 of them in a set), clips, a hook and an instruction.
You can weave on your fingers, crochet, forks,A slingshot and on the machine tool itself. Consider today how to make baubles in the most convenient ways. Video material is great to add step-by-step photos. Also for weaving you can use a variety of materials:
, Beads, beads, bugles and ribbons. For weaving, any elastic material that can be easily shaped is suitable.

This lesson focuses on the issue thatInterests many young men and girls, and also children of school age. We will teach you to weave braces of rubber bands on the example of several different in their structure and technique of carrying out bracelets. We start with the simplest example, which is presented on the corresponding video.

The simplest kind of weaving: on the fingers

For this handicraft, we need to prepare the following materials and tools:

  • Silicone rubber bands are multi-colored;
  • hook.

This is the simplest technique of weaving, for whichYou do not need a machine. His role will be played by your own fingers. The weaving is called "fish tail", and it is very easy and fast, in a few minutes. The colors of silicone rubber bands are chosen in accordance with personal taste and fantasy. Rubbers made of silicone for beautiful baubles have a diameter of about three centimeters. Their colors are very diverse, bright and very beautiful. To make a bright baubles, we start working with three rubber bands. We twist the first gum with a figure eight, and put this eight on two fingers of the left hand, the second and third. After that, we put on the next two bands that do not need to be twisted, and start making weaving with a pre-made plastic hook.
Twisted g-string is in our possessionBelow, and the other two on top. We must first pick up one half of the figure eight from the index, then the second, and alternately move them up, placing between the fingers. We continue the weaving, and put on the next elastic band. Then again, hook the rubber band alternately from each finger, and raise it up. We continue this weaving, and finish it, when the length of the product will be sufficient.
To complete the weaving of baubles of rubber bands,It is necessary to transfer all the elastic bands to one finger, and then to change their position. Those gums that were on the left, move to the right, and the other two will be tightened to get a knot. As a result of this needlework, we received a beautiful bracelet, which really looks like a fish tail. When we have finished weaving a bait and fixing the knot on the end, we need to attach a plastic hook to it, which will be a fresco clasp.

Video: Simple baubles

Foentichka «Double pigtail» with the help of a hook

In order to make such a bauble youNeed a hook and rubber bands of two colors. We decided to weave orange and pink. We begin our weaving with the fact that we wrap the first elastic band on the hook in the form of a figure eight.

We take the next, we pass it on the finger. Holding the one that is on the hook, we catch the rubber on the arm and pass it. We get the second loop.

We take the next one and pull it out in the same way, forming two loops. Thus we make a pigtail from eight tiers of the same color.

At the end of the work we return to the third tier. We introduce a hook into the loop and draw a rubber band of a different color through it.

Now it is necessary to weave a parallel pigtail from five tiers.

Now connect the braiding of the elastic band to the color of the last pigtail. For this we stretch it through four loops.

We continue to weave a pigtail from five elastic bands of orange color. We return to the first connecting part and enter into it a hook. Then we continue to weave a braid of five pink rubber bands.

Make a connecting loop followed by a pink rubber band.

Repeat these steps until the length of the baubles becomes the same as you need.

"Scale of the Dragon", woven with forks

First, connect the two plugs with an elastic band.

We take the blue rubber. You can start your wicker from any color you like. The first gum twists the eight.

To connect in this way it is necessary zubtsy: 1-2; 3-4; 5-6; 7-8.

In the second row, these pairs are joined: 2-3; 4-5; 6-7. In this case, the elastic band is thrown straight, and the underneath from the first row is stretched through the top, as in the photo. If not quite clear, before you start watch the video material, it will help to make the work without errors and it is easier to understand the photo instructions.

Next we alternate the series, connecting pairs: 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, then pairs: 2-3; 4-5; 6-7. Every time, put on an elastic band, we put the lower elastic band through the fork of the fork.

As a result, weaving should be lowered from the forks.

After a certain number of rows, change the colorRubber bands. Depending on what pattern you want to make. You can make smooth transitions, if you take a different color in each row, but it should differ from the previous one by just a tone or even a half tone.
The work continues according to the same scheme. In the photo it is clearly visible how a row of one color descends, due to the lowering of the lower gum through the upper one. And now on the forks working loops lilac. Pink replaces it, switching to orange and yellow.

We finish the weave, when the bracelet reaches the length we need. The last row should be made from a rubber band, thrown over by eight to four denticles, with the same color as the initial row.

We lift all the loops of the bottom row through the last elastic band. The second fork should be done similarly.

You toss the loop I of the denticle 1 to 2 and from 4 to 3. 5-6 and 8 to 7.

We put on the fasteners. We remove from the plugs and get such a beautiful bright product. Before a sock it is necessary to make a hook for the second edge of a bouquet.

Fleece shoe from rubber bands on the machine

The most complex weaving is done on the machine. They simply can not be made on a slingshot or fork, and even a hook can not help, although it too is often used in complex designs of baubles. Therefore, if the skill level allows you to make complex patterns, then read this master class on. Different techniques will help to make the same weaving, just choose the most convenient for yourself.
In order to make such a bauble youAt least two colors of material are required. The principle of weaving consists in the correct order of passing the rubber bands on the columns of the machine, repeating the action the required number of times. Then simply remove your creation from the machine and attach the fasteners. A detailed master class on video will help to avoid mistakes.
Fenechka "fish tail". This kind of weaving can be woven with any device: fingers, slingshot, machine. Depending on the instrument, a more complicated form of such a weave or a simpler one will be obtained. This kind of baubles can be: two, three, four-layer, and Quadrafish. The ability to use the machine will make a lot of beautiful baubles: the heart of an angel, a French braid, baubles with flowers.

Video: Angel's Heart

Video: French spit

Unusual bracelet bauble from rubber bands

The second video will teach you how to braid the already produced "fishtail" bracelet, which results in a completely different original bracelet with a bracelet. For work we will need:

  • Already ready bracelet from rubber bands "fish tail" for which it is necessary to make braiding;
  • A special plastic machine with protruding cylinders;
  • Silicone rubber bands in white;
  • Plastic hook;
  • Special plastic fasteners.

To weave our new braided bauble,We must start with a ready-made "fish tail" bracelet, which has a second name, "spikelet". This finished sample will form the basis of the new bracelet. Starting to weave a bauble, remove one end from the plastic clasp, releasing it. Then we take a white silicone rubber band, and we put it inside the end of the bracelet, forming a figure eight, as in the video. Now put the two ends of the eight on the cylinders of our machine. At the same time, one end of the bracelet is connected to a white rubber band, and the second one is free. We continue to weave, and we will put on a ready bauble a single white silicone rubber band, carrying it to the very bottom, and also putting it on the cylinders from the machine. The second rubber band will be the top, and the bottom one. We must pick up the lower elastic band, and throw it up, taking it off the cylinders. The end of the finished baubles is best fixed with a small hook so that it does not slip. We continue to do the weaving, and put on the next white elastic band. At the same time, remove the lower elastic band from the cylinders, and transfer it upwards, as in the first case. We continue to weave in this technique until we are able to make the necessary length. Finishing braid, we will insert one elastic band for fastening, and fasten our plastic clasp.
Any man-made weaving of bright rubberWill help not just spend time in the family circle, but also charge positive energy. All the videos of the best weaving can be found in our master class. Pleasant learning and unforgettable impressions from the baubles.

Video: Baubles with own hands