Chinese painting of nails "blue flowers" - photo and master-class

Chinese painting of nails "blue flowers" - photo and master-class

To make a beautiful manicure, not necessarilyHave a specialized education, or have incredible skills in working with this craft. It is enough just to obey the instructions to follow the rules, which are the same for everyone. With such success, any hand-made work is performed, and the technology of painting allows you to decorate even such a thin object in the design, like nails. Chinese painting is a vivid example.

Painting of nails

Chinese nail painting

  • We will need a base of varnish in the form of smart enamel
  • White color varnish (mat)
  • Finishing coating
  • Paints in white, blue
  • Brush for work with Chinese painting
  • Brush "nail art"
  • Template "Smile" for nails (optional)

Chinese style

Chinese nail painting To begin with, you need to prepare your nails forIn order to apply the future painting. For this, it is necessary to carry out the procedure in the bath for your hands. It is necessary to remove the cornea of ​​the skin, as well as cuticles on the fingers. Next, you need to nail the nails, so they are the same shape, have the same length. Further, it is necessary to cover them with a special lacquer base. Work with nail decoration Chinese nail painting After that, we perform the decoration operation. For this, it is necessary to apply a white lacquer. The smile line is ideal for this job. As a simplified version of the work, it is suggested to buy a "smile" template in advance. Next, you need to paint. Using a flat brush, we collect the necessary colors: white, as well as blue. We use arcs to represent half the shape of the forget-me-not flower. Next, using a thin brush, which comes to the nail art, draw special contours with the help of blue. With the help of dotz create pointlets. They should decrease in size from the flower product. Further, we supplement with the help of the dotted flower of the cores. Next, give the picture a little time to dry out. Then, apply a coating on our product to fix and preserve the brightness!