Christmas balls from beads: options for decoration by own hands (diagram)

Christmas balls from beads: options for decoration by own hands (diagram)


Any needlewoman, for certain will wish to decorateHis New Year tree with toys of his own making. And it's not a secret for anyone that the most bright and sparkling will surely be toys, woven from beads. After all, such a variety of shades and luster can not have any other material. A ball of beads will not only become a wonderful and unusual decoration for your Christmas tree, but it can also serve as a delicious and unique gift for your family and friends on New Year's Eve. Such New Year's balls, as a rule, are created with the help of weaving techniques, using various schemes for this.

The most magical and charming Christmas treeNew Year's ball will be obtained from you, if you can make a ball made of glass. After all, this ball has a mysterious sheen and is painted, usually in colors more tender than plastic toys. However, this is not so easy. After all, these Christmas toys are fragile enough and you can easily make a bunch of New Year shards. It is much easier to reproduce a master class explaining the braiding of a plastic ball. Such a New Year's souvenir will be more practical and durable. To repeat, our master class of braiding the ball and make a beautiful decoration for the New Year tree, pick up the beads of bright color. It is better if it shines and overflows. Also you will need beads, pebbles and ribbons. In general, all that can be used to make our ball even more attractive.

Master-class simple braiding New Year's ball

New Year's ball, braided with low beadsA simple way of weaving Christmas-tree balls, this is to use for this purpose a few low beads collected from beads and beads. To make such a toy, get a ball equal in circumference of 21 centimeters, beads having a size of 7/0 and different shapes, but not exceeding a 5 mm bead size. Do not forget about the line, which will be attached to all your materials to create a New Year's miracle. To make your balloon the most beautiful, use beads and beads of such colors that will fit well with the shades of your ball. Busin on the ball should be a lot, so do not use their glass version. After all, then your New Year's gift will be too heavy.
First you need to make a set on the lineBeads and beads and, by joining the ends of the line, make two rings to the size of a diameter of 3 cm, with the number of beads multiples of twelve. After all, later you should get twelve low, connecting both "poles" of the Christmas tree ball. These rings will grab our New Year's ball from above and below. Attach these rings and lightly mark their place with a marker or scratch the ball surface with a needle. Take a centimeter and measure the distance between the points. This must be done in order to determine the length of the weave is low.
You can have the beads in the low, as you want. Experiment to then make the best option. Weaving is low according to the following scheme.

Fix the thread on the bead of one of the rings. Put on the beads and beads on the thread in the order you like. After this, pass the needle through the corresponding bead of the second ring and back through the entire low. Here, you must make a tight tightening of the thread and hold it again in the bead with which you started. And then go to the second ring bead, repeating the whole process. So you must make the twelve low. After the ninth is woven, you can insert your New Year's ball and continue the work. At the end of the weaving, fix the thread, disguise the knot. Tie an interesting loop to your ball, using ribbon and small Christmas decor. All this must necessarily match the color.

Braiding the Christmas tree with a parallel weave

Buy a plastic Christmas ball, diameter7cm and beads measuring 10/0 in two bright and contrasting colors. Let it be blue and white in our example. Still you will need the same blue colored beads, but the size is 5/0 and the bead wire.

Pattern pattern by parallel braiding for braidingNew Year's ball Start our master class. To begin with, take the beads of size 10/0 and weave on the wire a star consisting of nine parts. To create each part, we use a diamond pattern.

Cut 60 cm of wire, put blue on itBead, and then two more and pass through them in the opposite direction another wire edge. Now you need to make a good tightening of your weaving. It's ready in two rows. For the next one, type blue, white and again blue beads and again draw through them the other end of your wire segment. Continue to weave further according to the scheme of weaving a rhombus. At the very end of the wire "tails" twist and cut, leaving 1 cm, which must be folded on the inside.

The next rhombus should also be made exactly, butWhen you reach the weaving of the widest place, draw the wire through the wire loop of the diamond made earlier. And then successively connect all the rows. So you should collect all nine diamonds among themselves. The last diamond will be combined with neighbors from two sides. All your tails should be bent in one direction. Now you've got a star and you need to make another one like that. This will be the longest part of your New Year's work.
After both stars are ready, they will need to be connected. For connecting plaiting, it is better to use a fishing line. With the help of loops we connect the stars together, working with both ends of the line.

New Year ball, braided with helpParallel weaving on the wire Fold the stars together so that the sides with tails are turned inwards. Type on the fishing line one blue bead measuring 5/0, then four white 10/0, one blue and again four white on each edge of the line. Swipe the edges of the line through the beads of any rhombus pair and repeat the same set. At the end, draw both edges of the line through one bead and pull off. You get a loop that connects your stars to each other. Instead of beads, size 5/0, you can use beads of the appropriate diameter or pebbles, or even create in the location of these beads crosses small beads.
When you finish the weaving of the closing loop,Stretch it and insert the Christmas ball. Then again, tighten the weave. The eye of the Christmas tree should fall into one of the loops. When all work is completed, fasten the fishing line and hide its edge so that it can not be seen.
You can also braid the whole ball with a solid beaded cloth, depicting on it some New Year pattern or pattern. In this you will help properly chosen scheme for weaving of beads.
Now decorate your New Year tree with a beautiful tandem beaded balls. It will be nice to make a beaded herringbone and place it next to this beauty.

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