Christmas cookies for Santa Claus - pastry cookies with your own hands

Christmas cookies for Santa Claus - pastry cookies with your own hands

New Year mood can be provided thanks tomany, the most diverse and unique ways of raising the New Year's spirit. But, for this, it is necessary to try and, if possible, to involve our possibilities in order to solve this issue.

Christmas cookies for Santa Claus - pastry cookies with your own hands

Christmas cookies for Santa Claus - pastry cookies with your own hands. Photo №1 What do all children like, do not mind trying manyadults and undoubtedly, what can increase the Christmas mood? Of course, New Year's cookies. In Europe, there is a very popular tradition to leave Santa Claus a small present in the form of milk and cookies on the table, the moment he comes home. This tradition has been transmitted to some of our families and, therefore, cooking cookies for New Year and Christmas holidays is a special tradition. Cookie cooking can include a number of subtleties, which an ordinary person can know. But, for the master of cooking such problems seem petty. Nevertheless, the knowledge of the cooking technique of real, tasty, lush and unique cookies will help decorate any table during New Year's holidays and improve it in an independent way! Try to implement it in your family! It is not difficult to do this, it is enough to only have the necessary recipe and clearly understand what needs to be done. If the first task copes much easier, because the recipes in the network is enough, then the instruction for cooking - it's not a simple matter. After all, it would seem that the usual list of products can become a real obstacle on the way to cooking a real culinary dish. Our recipe will be divided into two parts - on the one hand we prepare the body of the cookie itself, on the other hand - decorations for this very confectionery product. Ingredients for cooking

  • We need two-thirds of a measuring glass per 250 milliliters of butter
  • Also 125 milliliters of sugar
  • 2 small eggs
  • 500 milliliters of flour.
  • Also, a teaspoon of cinnamon, or spices for winter confectionery sweets
  • A small whipped egg white to cover pastry

Next, you need these ingredients in order to decorate our cookies:

  • Take jam cream or jelly, preferably from red berries
  • Also, you need a powder of sugar
  • Take the sweet glaze in special tubes, preferably in different colors.
  • Also, you will need a variant of decorative sugar for the product
  • Also, we'll take a fondant with different color solutions, as well as a special syringe that will help us squeeze the product.
  • Also, special tools will be required. You need a baking sheet, preferably two. Also, you need a small spatula with a thin tree, as well as special sets of nozzles for cutting a confectionery product. Also, without a set, you can dispense cups, various other molds.

Christmas cookies for Santa Claus - pastry cookies with your own hands. Photo # 2 To begin with, we take sugar and oil in order tobeat them. It is necessary to whip until the sugar dissolves. Next, you need to add the egg yolk, then - the flour that you sift through the sieve. Also, it is better to change the whorl for the mixer during the time you add flour. It is necessary to put the nozzle, which is suitable for dough. The dough will look more dense. Going for a biscuit Next, you need to take and separate from the dough a piece equal to one-fourth of the piece. It must be wrapped in a special fabric, and then put in the refrigerator to cool the material. After doing this, you need to turn on our cooking agent (oven), and then heat it to a temperature of 180 degrees. Trays covered with our paper, or foil. Also, the table is sprinkled with flour so that the procedure for rolling out the dough is easier. The dough should be rolled out in an altitude variation of 3 millimeters. Also, it will be easier to work with the test if flour is sprinkled on top of it. Thus, nothing will stick to the rolling pin. Then, we cut out our figures with the help of special sets for creating beautiful confectionery products. You can make a variant of a sandwich cookie using jam and two halves. A flat circle is made for the lower sandwich variant, and for the upper one we form biscuits in the form of undulating edges. The upper circle is complemented by a cut in the middle. Then, the shapes that we cut out should be immediately put on the baking tray in such a way that the cookies for the new year do not touch each other. In doing so, try to make sure that the shape of the cookie does not deteriorate. This is especially important at the moment when you are shifting your cookies on a baking tray. End cooking After you prepare the first tray, you need to put it in the oven. Watch how the baking goes, especially for the first batch. Then, depending on the results, leave the cookies at the right time. Cookies should have light tones and be soft. To decorate a batch of New Year cookies, you can use an element of mastic or fondant. Sweet should be mixed with an element of food color, for this we use different bowls. Mastic can also be stored inside the refrigerator. Also, the mastic is placed in a special bag-dispenser, with which it is much easier to decorate such an element. Then, wait for the mastic to dry out and start eating your delicious cookies! And most importantly - do not forget to leave your grandfather frosty