New Year's articles from beads: toys and jewelry by own hands

New Year's articles from beads: toys and jewelry by own hands


On the eve of New Year's holidays, the soul demandsBeautiful and elegant decorations for a festive table and interior. You can make such knick-knacks with your own hands, or you can buy them in the store. Crafts are good that you can make them to your liking. Today we will consider several options for New Year's Eve
. Such products are simple enough in execution, therefore you can involve your children and household members for their manufacture.

Christmas tree of beads

Such a lovely Christmas tree canDecorate any workplace, so everyone will be happy to receive it as a gift. This master class is designed for beginners, so making such a Christmas decoration from beads will not be difficult.
The beading of the Christmas tree will require:

  • Wire - thin, but stiff;
  • Green large beads;
  • Different color and size of the bead, for the top of the head necessarily three red;
  • pliers;
  • cone.

If you do this for the first time with your ownHands, then make a workpiece in the form of a cone of thick paper or cardboard. On it you can form a spiral from a wire on which already then you will string beads. Over time, you will fill your hand and be able to do without the workpiece.
The end of the wire must be folded with the help of pliers, so that it turns out a small ring, as in the photo.

For the top, string three red beads of different sizes, starting with the smallest.

Then begins the weaving of the main thread, whichAnd will become the basis of the Christmas tree. In a random order string the rows of green beads alternately with colored beads. As you can see in the photo, the beads can be of different size and color. You can make a selection of beads of two colors, as on the sample - red and white, and you can use the remains of beads from other crafts.
If you did not use a cone to shape the spruce outline, you can twist the spiral by hand. First, it is twisted in the plane, then pulled out behind the crown, adjusting the resulting shape.

This concludes our master class. Christmas spruce is ready. The end of the wire is fixed in the previous row, passing it through several beads. Correct the shape of the last ring so that the herringbone stood evenly. Such a cute New Year's work of beads or beads you can perform in any color that you like. The main thing is to apply imagination, because she can replace gifts for dear people.
Very beautiful and gentle are the New Year's EveCompositions and figurines from beads. You can make a Christmas wreath at the door or a symbol of the coming year. Any New Year's crafts and gifts from beads are surprisingly beautiful and touching. We offer you one more master class on making figures of Christmas angels. These New Year toys of beads you can also weave together with the guys, since they are very simple to manufacture for beginners.

Christmas angels from beads own hands

No Christmas can not do without figurinesAngels, made from various improvised materials by their own hands. Instead of sewing or gluing already beloved angelic creatures, make them from beads, bugles and beads. You can rummage in your stocks and discover the different types of beads left from other handicrafts and from old beads.
To create Christmas-tree toys of beads in the form of angels, the master class will require the availability of such materials:

  • Rigid wire;
  • Large white beads for the head;
  • Golden large beads;
  • Beads of different caliber and color;
  • Bugles;
  • pliers.

The photo clearly shows that the figure of the Christmas angel consists of several main parts.

  • First, the top part is executed. On a piece of wire that has a ringlet on the end, a large white bead is threaded, which will be the head of an angel. The ring must be tightly clamped with pliers, so that the beads do not fall off the wire;
  • Following the large white bead, a second large bead of oval shape is threaded. It can be any color, the main thing is to fit the size to the first, because it's an angel corset;
  • Now the beads for the figurine's hands are threaded. On each hand there are 2 elongated white beads and 3 golden beads. The weaving of the hand is carried out according to the scheme: gold-white-gold-white-gold. Between the two gold beads in the middle of the chain, leave the bead-free place to hold hands with the trunk. The ends of the wire on each side are refilled inside a white bead;
  • Now is the time for weaving the skirt. You can make it according to the scheme that you see in the photo, or you can create your own. You should have a cone of vertically arranged chains;
  • From the gold bead plaid 2 chains for wings;
  • It's time to put all the elements together and collect the Christmas angel figurine. With the help of pliers, the wire in the joints is tightly clamped. The ends are hidden inside the skirt.
  • Such a small figure can both be put on the table and hung on the Christmas tree.

    Video: We make a voluminous angel

    Christmas wreath of beads

    This wreath can be hung on the door and window,Decorate them with a Christmas tree. This New Year's toy of beads is more complicated. But it is better to weave it from a large bead and beads of medium size, so that the diameter of the composition is sufficient.

    • Strong nylon thread or fishing line;
    • Large red matte beads;
    • Golden large beads;
    • Corrugated green beads;
    • Two needles for beadwork;
    • Bell for decoration;
    • Schemes of weaving.

    For weaving elements of the wreath, which need to weave just ten, you can use one of the three schemes presented in this master class.

    In these schemes, the order of weaving and twoColors indicate the first and second working thread. As it is already clear from the diagrams, the weaving is carried out by two needles. If the material is selected correctly, then you will get the same round elements that make up a wreath, as seen in the photo.
    After manufacturing all the elements, we collect the product in the order shown in the diagram.
    At the end of the work, the ready wreath is braidedGolden chain of beads. Each turn is schematically shown on the assembly diagram of the product. From the same chain, only red, a loop is made on which a wreath is hung.
    If desired, attach a bell at the top of the wreath. And if the wreath will hang on the door, then every one who comes in will announce his arrival with a melodious ringing.

    Video: Lesson of Weaving a New Year's Wreath from Beads

    Christmas Star

    We present you the next master class, whichSuitable for the youngest masters of beading. Every child, under the guidance of a teacher or parent, will be able to weave such a miracle. In our case, a minimum of materials is required, and the choice of glass beads and beads depends on your taste.

    So, to make a Christmas star you need to cook:

    • Thin wire;
    • Thick wire;
    • glass beads;
    • Beads of different colors and sizes;
    • Ribbon for the loop.

    This star can serve not only the Christmas treeToy, hanging on the branches, but also to head the top of the forest beauty. Then, instead of the ribbon, make a wire from the wire for the star, so that it snugly seated on the top of the head.
    We begin our master class:

  • From the thick wire create the outline of the star. The size and number of vertices depends on your desire;
  • With fine wire start winding the base in different directions;
  • In between the turns of wire string beads and beads in random order;
  • If you want to make a real burning star, then put inside a few LED lights or a light from a garland;
  • Do turns until the desired shape of the star is reached.
  • Candlestick made of beads in New Year's style

    You can make such a beautiful New Year composition from improvised materials. As you can see in the photo, it's not difficult to make it. And in order to start a master class, you will need:

    • Thick wire for the arch;
    • Gold wire for curls;
    • Compact disc for base;
    • satin ribbon;
    • Beads, beads;
    • thin wire;
    • Salt shaker;
    • Small candle.
  • First cut off a piece of wire. We string 20 beads, twist the wire under a loop of beads. Retreating 1 cm we form the same loop. In total, one piece of wire produces 9 pieces;
  • We form a branch by folding the wire in half. We twist the leaves in pairs, leaving the middle loop at the top;

  • To decorate the base of the candlestick of such branches, we make 7 pieces. Still need to weave for the wreath 7 branches a little shorter - from 7 leaves;
  • To decorate the branches we use pink beads of geometric shape. They string them on the wire at a distance of 1 cm, under each bead wire twist;
  • For the arch we prepare two legs for the base. We tighten them with pliers;
  • We make an arch of wire, and twist the ends in the same way. We wind the arch itself with a satin ribbon;
  • We glue the feet and the arch to the disc;
  • Now, on the basis of fixing the salt shaker and a candle;
  • From the golden wire with the help of pliers we make curls to decorate the arch;
  • We decorate the arch with curls on both sides. You can arrange them arbitrarily;
  • To decorate the top of the arch of 7 long branches (9Leaves) make two triple, and one leave unchanged. Short twigs weave with a chain of beads as shown in the photo to make a wreath;
  • Now it remains to fix the branches on the arch and around the salt shaker. If you do not want to engage in weaving handbells, then hang a decorative small size. For the manufacture of
    Use a special master class, which is on our website. Now, on the top of the arch, fasten the red satin bow. Candlestick in the New Year style is ready.
  • This New Year's candlestick made of beads will be an ornament of any holiday. His warm light plays in the beads and the base and flashes all the colors.

    Ideas for New Year's gifts from beads

    If you are lost in the abundance of New Year's souvenirsin shops. You can not choose a gift for Christmas for close people, then we will help you with this. Stock up with beads and time, that's all you need. For the sister or mother make cute holiday earrings in the form of a star or snowflakes. Such a gift will certainly be the most original and unique. And the fact that he made his own hands, will make it priceless.

    For friends and acquaintances you can think ofOriginal decorations for the house. Everyone will find for themselves in such a gift a little childhood and mischief. For example, here are such lace cute horses. In the year of the horse they will come in handy. And if you make them in a pair, the lovers who received them by the New Year see them as their strong couple.
    For pupils and teenagers perfectly suitedA keychain with a symbol of New Year's holidays. Thanks to the solid technique of weaving, it is easy to depict any drawing: snowmen, Santa Claus with Snow Maiden, snowflakes, deer, herringbone and everything you want.

    Using your skills and skill, you will create exclusive souvenirs for all your loved ones. They will store the warmth of your hands and help you say what words can not convey.
    Creating a New Year's interior in your home, youWill face the fact that it is very difficult to pick up decorations of one color scale and one style. Beads will come to the rescue. You can make not only Christmas tree toys from beads, but also any New Year compositions and figurines of animals, snowmen, Santa Claus, Snow Maiden. You can create decorative elements from any color of beads that will suit you. Moreover, your design products will be unique and unique.
    Spend a few winter evenings overBeadwork, your relatives, such an occupation, too, will like. Creating something with your own hands, talking in a warm company, you will not only create a lot of useful and beautiful things, but also find in your home an atmosphere of coziness and good. And this is priceless.

    Video: Beading of earrings in the form of snowflakes