New Year's articles made of cones - a natural material for herringbone and a master class

New Year's articles made of cones - a natural material for herringbone and a master class

Each of us, once walking in the woods, found ina magical place gifts of coniferous trees - cones. Such a gift of nature is also suitable for making unusual ornaments with your own hands.

New Year's articles made of cones - a natural material for herringbone and a master class

Preparation of artifacts from fir-trees for cones - instructions. Photo №1 New Year is the best holiday to realizeinteresting ideas, come up with new ideas with your own imagination and spend time profitably in an attempt to realize interesting and original ideas. How to deform the lump? The cone has the ability to change in shape due to the fact that it decomposes at a warm temperature. Before you start handicrafts, you need to put a bump in a warm mixture of joinery glue, where the product dries. This will help the craft not to be deformed. Also, for the lump to change its shape, it can be soaked with water. Then, the product can easily be bandaged with a tape to give the desired appearance, and then dry the product. Also, with the help of cones you can make crafts with the baby, because such material is a pure product of nature, which has a pleasant smell and is not harmful to health. Fir-tree of cones In order to do this work independently, it is necessary to prepare an aerosol can, filled with shiny paint. Also, go to the forest and collect a hill of cones. You can also take those that were collected earlier.

  • Prepare cardboard
  • Whatman is required
  • Looking for gloves to process
  • Brush for processing
  • Super glue
  • Gloves (disposable)

It is desirable to prepare different sized cones,that the fir-tree was more similar to its living version. Before using the material, it must be well treated from dust and dirt. Go to any building store to buy the necessary paint. The colors of a golden and silvery hue are best. The next moment you have to process every bump. It must be cleaned of dirt and then decorated with aerosol. This procedure is best done in a special workshop, or on the street. You can also take advantage of the balcony. Work with an aerosol can only be against the wind. Staining of cones and their subsequent drying do not differ. Airing the room - the main point, which is worth paying attention to. The smell from cones will be difficult to call pleasant and therefore, it is best to choose a normal place for primary storage. Decoration with Aerosol In the event that you do not have an aerosol, it can be replaced with a traditional gold varnish. Also suitable is a silvery nail varnish for nails. Only now, you will have to spend a lot of this material. After you prepare a hand-made article, you need to make a framework for the tree as a cone. The height of the product you define yourself. We take a special sheet of dense type and wrap it, fix the product with glue, and also use adhesive tape. The lower part should be flat, and also stable. Therefore, work should be carried out on leveling. The cone should be glued together with dried bumps, using super-glue. So, the bump in the painted kind will be engaged in the place. Smaller knobs should cover open areas of empty places. Glue follows, starting with the bottom and using the largest knobs. Also, do not forget about the acorns, they can also be used in their work. We decorate the product also with the help of tinsel. We use garlands and foil, rain, as well as coins for additional decoration. Sonic lights Preparation of artifacts from fir-trees for cones - instructions. Photo # 2 The approach of the New Year makes usthink about how we will decorate the Christmas tree and what adaptations we have to use for this. If the question comes to the fact that you need to pick up the Christmas tree decorations - buy the players will be the easiest way. But, New Year holidays, we have special emotions and very often - inspiration, which can be applied in practice. We will use the material of cones in order to make beautiful and unique Christmas toys that will only adorn our Christmas tree! An artificial garland of cones - will be an excellent solution for this issue!

  • Prepare the pine cones
  • It will take small pom-poms in the set (goods like hand maid)
  • Sticky Gun
  • Thread, or narrow tape

Small small pompons will allow usslightly diversify the appearance of the usual cones. It is necessary to apply a drop of hot glue on one of the scales. Then, glue the miniature pompon blank to our bump. The same thing is repeated with each flake to form the appearance of the product. Do not forget that the pompons were colorful - like a garland! There will be an impression that the bump is a miniature Christmas tree, on which small toys in the form of pompoms hang. Then, we cut a 0.25 meter cord for the decor, or a narrow strip of satin. At the ends of the ribbon, it is necessary to glue the upper part of the cone to form a loop. Such a toy can also be created with the kids! Beautiful wreath Preparation of artifacts from fir-trees for cones - instructions. Picture №3 A fun and interesting process of creatingNew Year's decor can also be transformed using cone material. A clear and simple instruction for work will prove to be an advantageous ally in an attempt to make a nice and unique version of the craft for your home! But, what do we need to work?

  • Prepare a piece of cardboard
  • Spruce branches are required in an artificial form
  • Pine cones in dried form
  • Red balls of plastic, different sizes
  • Decorative beads
  • Acorns
  • Shells of nuts, walnuts
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Foil
  • Threads for knitting in red
  • Figures from orange (peel) or mandarin
  • Ribbon, fabric
  • Leska
  • Decorative sparkles

Initially, it is necessary to decide what size will bewith our crafts. With the help of cardboard, we cut out a round shape. In order to make a strong version of the workpiece, it is necessary to form it from two particles and then, with the help of glue - to fix. Also, some masters make a base using wire or twigs. They can be connected by means of twine, and then twisted into the shape of a ring. Preparation of artifacts from fir-trees for cones - instructions. Photo №4 With the help of foil, we form the balls that we needwill wind on the thread for knitting. Fix the thread with glue. We use the glue gun to gently glue the fir branches, as well as the bumps one by one. We lay the whole craft in one direction. Initially, you need to fix the largest elements, distribute and produce alternation in regular steps. Initially glue pine cones, then - the shell of Greek nuts. Preparation of artifacts from fir-trees for cones - instructions. Photo №5 After the main space is full,it is necessary to fill the voids with the help of smaller details: balls, figurines from the peel, balls of thread, decorative beads and other elements. Then, we glue the bow. We decorate with the help of sparkles. Also, you need to apply varnish glitter, or sprinkle with glitter product. We use a fishing line to make a loop. Thus, the wreath will be ready and can already decorate a certain door of your apartment, or maybe at home! Preparation of artifacts from fir-trees for cones - instructions. Photo №6