New Year felting of toys on the Christmas tree with their own hands: felting technique and a master class

New Year felting of toys on the Christmas tree with their own hands: felting technique and a master class

Theme of New Year's crafts for each of ushas a special relationship and therefore, we are trying to prepare for the holiday, using all the opportunities provided and solutions that can help in solving our problems. A set of the most diverse techniques reveals to us previously unavailable opportunities that will help improve the home atmosphere. It's no secret that for many of our people the real family tradition is the celebration of the New Year in the company of their family. And therefore, the assembly of the New Year tree, as well as its subsequent decoration - excites every member of a large family.

New Year felting of toys on the Christmas tree with their own hands: felting technique and a master class

New yarn is a special kind of needlework,which includes the techniques of wet and dry felting. We will consider the technique of wet felting, which implies a complete deformation of the threads and the creation of certain shapes from them. It should be considered two bright examples of wet felting on the background of technology for the New Year. Such an article will help decorate the apartment, and a simple form of the circle will make it possible to take the first step in learning the felting technique as a whole. Throughout the lesson you will be introduced to different versions of the same decoration for felting. The principles of interaction and work on wool may be slightly different. We have to try the method of standard felting without the use of fillers, as well as the second - an alternative felting with a lot of toys and opportunities. Each toy can be decorated individually and used for Christmas trees for many more years! The first method of felting

We make a New Year's toy felting technique. Photo №1

There are a variety of options for jewelry,which we can use in the course of our work. For example, the option of decorating in the form of toys made of yarn - can become very successful experiments for the whole family. Our task is to consider the best felting solutions that will help the master to decide what toys he should make with his own hands. Master classes of eminent and legendary needlework teachers will tell you about the ways of preparing a unique and interesting decoration. We make a New Year's toy felting technique. Photo # 2 It is necessary to master the technique of wet felting, whichwill allow us to create toys of various shapes and objects. With the help of the technique of wet felting, various crafts are often created, but it's also time for the New Year holiday, when there is a full-fledged opportunity to create toys. Consider a popular example, which allows craftsmen to make their toys according to one of the techniques. It should be noted that crafts made of yarn are the most convenient in its kind. They are easy to do and at the same time, they do not require too much attention during work. The main thing is to create a form in time. The main part of the craft is prepared using the technique of wet yarn: its essence is to soak our future craft and, accordingly, "wash the product." Thus, the future craftsman gets its new shape and can be used for a variety of purposes. Many craftsmen try themselves in this method of work and make some progress! So, a simple technique of felting out of wool or giving your craftwork the necessary form involves the creation of rounded forms that can serve as a New Year's toy. To make it extremely easy and for this you may need a normal set of wool, which must be diluted with various tools and materials:

  • We take the remainder of the thread of wool, which we may need
  • Also take the combed wool in order to wag it in the future
  • Need felt in the form of a thin sheet
  • Take the beads for decoration
  • A string for embroidery should also be prepared
  • It will take a silk pendant band
  • Take also pins and a needle
  • Washing machine for wet felting
  • Golf, or stocking (can be replaced with a sock)

Preparing the ball for processing We make a New Year's toy felting technique. Picture №3 Using the remnants of woolen threads, we mustto coil the tangle. Using our material, tear off a small piece of wool combed species and overlay our club. Next, you need to tear off the next piece to also put it on the tangle, but already using another direction. Further, it is necessary to cover the whole club with several "sheets" of wool, which will be stacked in different directions. Next, gently thrust this ball into the golf or sock, then to - tie it on both sides. Golf can accommodate several options for future balls, but they need to be divided with a knot. We make a New Year's toy felting technique. Photo №4 Golf and tangles are laid out in the washingmachine, then to be washed with heat. Also use detergent. Thus, we will prepare a variant of the ball. It will need to be dried using a battery. This process can take up to several days, depending on the volume of the ball. We make a New Year's toy felting technique. Photo №5 Your yarn and its dye may not be tooquality to the processing. In this case, you need to check the yarn for quality by prewashing a separate batch. Check if your yarn possibly wilts or spoils during hot washing. Depending on the characteristics of your yarn, it is necessary to adjust the temperature of our product and determine in advance whether the material is suitable for work. See how well the balls fall off during washing. Perhaps a low temperature is suitable for your type of yarn. For those who do not have enough washing for one cycle, do not be afraid, run the second, raising the temperature. "Hairy" glomeruli should be rolled in the hands in order to return them a soft and light surface. We make a New Year's toy felting technique. Photo №6 Next, embroider any version of the motive for ourcrafts on a piece of our felt. Then, cut out a special circle with our embroidery and with the help of pins, pin it to the hand-made. Then, you need to sew it. A conventional seam stitch for a blanket is suitable for this job. It is necessary to add a small amount of beads and then sew the ribbon to the hand-made. That's all! The second variant of felting We make a New Year's toy felting technique. Photo №7 So, we have already got acquainted with the basic principlesfelting wool ball with the technique of wet felting in a washing machine. But, even such an interesting technique can be changed for the better. The most qualitative difference from method number one is that we will use either a sintepon or a holofiber. The main advantage of this method over others lies in the fact that the toy can be made much more lightweight and weightless in space. In addition, the shape of the toy does not suffer and as before, you can create a variety of shapes. Of course, this will also save material for felting. The usual skein of yarn can be enough for 4-5 balls. We make a New Year's toy felting technique. Photo №8 Let's start our work! In total, toys will be prepared in the number of two variants. One toy will be round, the other in the shape of a heart. Here you can experiment and think out your own options in the form of flowers and other objects. But, in any case, it's best to try out the variants with simple forms. Prepare a template on paper or cardboard, then cut out your object from this template. We have this heart and circle. Two hearts and a circle with a diameter of 15 centimeters (the circle itself will be half as much). We collect the mold We make a New Year's toy felting technique. Photo Number 9 It is necessary to attach a circle using the outer edge,At the same time, the end of the thread should be left free, in the state of sticking out, without nodules. The bag, which we will receive, must be filled with the help of a holofiber, as well as the cut of the sintepon. Next, you need to tighten firmly, tie both ends, using two or three nodules, to make the product sturdy. Then, the endings of the threads need to be cut off. After that, we work on the details of the heart, which need to be sewn between each other and then, to fill, after - to tie with the endings of the thread. After, it is necessary to pull out the wool strands, which we will straighten and later lay down using the technique of stacking in different directions at the base. It is necessary to evenly distribute the wool and apply it tightly to each form so that during the washing process no tear spots are formed on the object. We make a New Year's toy felting technique. Picture №10 Then, using a felting needle, you needfix the strands of the wool so that they do not move. Then, using kapron stocking, you need to send each toy to a full cycle of washing using detergent. We choose the temperature by 50 degrees. But, you can choose the optimum temperature yourself. Consider that the wool has a shedding property. Therefore, if you have doubts, divide the colors when washing. After that, you need to get the toys that you wove from the washing and then dry it on the battery. Another feature of the synthon material is the rapid drying of toys due to the properties of the material. Finishing work We make a New Year's toy felting technique. Photo Number 11 In case, after a wet felting process, yyou have small defects, you can hide them with patches. It must be privatized. Then, the shape of the heart after it dries, you can correct it with a fine needle felting technique. Forms of blanks are ready for us! Now, having a fantasy and own taste, they can be decorated by their own decisions. We will use the embellishments of felt, beads and wool, and also we will outline with the help of thread the mulina. Then, for the toys, you need to sew a loop. Some toys can be used as a separate decoration for Christmas trees, from others - to make a small Christmas garland.