New Year's gifts on the technique of felting by their own hands - a master class and instruction

New Year's gifts on the technique of felting by their own hands - a master class and instruction

What is so magical arises in the periodcelebrating the New Year, which makes us think about the process of preparing gifts, decorating the house and feeling the holiday? Of course, the atmosphere and characters that have come so far into our lives. A family round table, which is literally gathered to meet the time from the TV set as a welcome and important holiday for every family. But, most of all people like to give gifts. This period is the most wonderful time to develop one's qualities and at the same time, to make pleasant to loved ones. Let's consider the most popular, interesting and unique variants of gifts, which are worth paying attention to.

New Year's gifts on the technique of felting by their own hands - a master class and instruction

How to make a New Year gift on the felting technique ?. Photo №1 The technique and process of felting is a great waywork with wool, which allows the master to take advantage of the special qualities of wool and make his toy, or other interesting thing. More often, felting is used to create various forms and among the popular objects are various animals. A simple master class that tells about the subtleties of the felting process will not be superfluous for the master and will make a small number of unique, interesting zadumok real. Owl with felting A simple owl toy is suitable for different purposes: it can be piled up as a gift, and used as a Christmas decoration for your Christmas tree. At the same time, the child can also work on the material, because the entire structure of this technique consists of small and simple forms! As before, for the processing of any subject, you will need your list of materials, tools:

  • Wool for felting (colors for selection, in our case - black and white)
  • Special ball for deboning
  • Needle for felting process №38 and №40
  • Felted matt coating
  • Felt orange, white and black

If you work with a child on a craft,As an original version of the material, you can use ordinary balls in order to play. They can be bought in ordinary stores to work on needlework. Such a ball will simplify the work and speed up your workflow, but is not mandatory. In addition, you can prepare many different owls, depending on the size and color of the wool. To make the character individual, you need to take a different color both feathers and wool. First of all we will need to make the ball rolling down with the help of wool, or prepare to roll the mold. Felting the shape of the product For this, it is necessary to make the process of separation from the rowing ribbon a small strand of wool, which must be fluffed, and then rolled into a ball on the palm. It should be borne in mind that wool will probably need more than visually it seems to the master. It is not necessary during the felting to create a smooth surface of the ball product. Form an illusionary version of feathers. After, we form the loop using wire. Then, using the services of scissors, and also sewing, it is necessary to make appropriate holes inside the ball and paste a loop in them. In this way, the upper particle of the owl will form. Then, we select feathers of a pair type in order to decorate a felted owl. Necessity is the undercut of the material to make the desired shape of the product. Make feathers For owls of black color, we form feathers in the form of triangles. White Owl has white and fluffy feathers. Feathers must be glued. Then, you need to cut with the help of felt material, you need eye circles. You need to make black and white circles. Also, we will form a triangle of orange in the form of a beak. The size will be directly proportional to the size of the owl. Then, the white circles are fixed to the feathers. On top of them we catch black circles, this will help to form the direction of sight for our little creature. Now it remains to form the ears. In this case, there are two solutions: First, you have the opportunity to prepare the shapes of triangles from felt, in the corresponding color solution. You can also triangles using wool. Most often, the choice of method of work depends on what color is your main figure of an owl! Penguinchik How to make a New Year gift on the felting technique ?. Photo # 2 Also, you can prepare a penguin shape forChristmas tree. This character lives on the shores of the Antarctic - the winteriest expanse of the planet. Therefore, we set ourselves the goal of making such a character in order to decorate the appearance of the Christmas tree. This will also require separate materials: How to make a New Year gift on the felting technique ?. Picture №3

  • Prepare wool options in two shades of gray, black, white, orange or yellow
  • Needle for felting, No. 38 and No. 40, triangular and stellate type, reverse needle
  • Prepare the felting mat
  • Scissors required
  • Take the beads to decorate the eyes

How to make a New Year gift on the felting technique ?. Photo №4 Prepare light-gray carded so thatto mold the shape of the future torso for the penguin. In shape, the body will resemble the image of a cone. As you can see from the diagram, the penguin's belly will look a little dark, have a more gray color. To do this, you need to take a dark gray color, and seal it on a puziko, highlighting it. In case you did not find such color, you can simply make a mix of wool in the main color variant, and also add it with black color. How to make a New Year gift on the felting technique ?. Photo №5 Needles need to be deeply inserted, thusWe pile down the center of the toy and make the surface friable. Taurus will look more dense, so - make a masochku. Penguinas by their nature in childhood - moult. Their color changes with age. Therefore, we form a small strip to the front of the black color. We round the corners in the right places. Behind the transition between the black and the base color is formed. Wings How to make a New Year gift on the felting technique ?. Photo №6 In order to make wings, we must take twoa piece of wool in the same version. They need to be waved in parallel, making the workpieces put to each other. This is to ensure that they are identical. Then, unswept edges need to be fluffed, and then - to be pinned to the body of the penguin. If necessary, you need to add some more wool to smooth the transition moments. Using a thin needle - we go through the product, add shapes. Particular attention should be paid to the bottom of the toy, so that the chick could stand smoothly. The penguin must turn out to be fluffy and, therefore, we do not have to use special means for grinding the material. How to make a New Year gift on the felting technique ?. Photo №7 Elements of appearance Form the shape of the legs, beakand tail. We use dark gray material in order to pile a small version of the tail. For the legs, take the black wool, and for the beak we select yellow or orange. Also, you can make a black beak, as if we have a real penguin. Yellow can only add emphasis to the right places. Pryavlyat element to the bird. How to make a New Year gift on the felting technique ?. Photo №8 Then, we form the holes for the eye. For this, many times we pierce our product in the same place. At the bottom of the eye socket, a small piece of black hair should be welded. We make sewing, or gluing eyeballs in the form of beads. The nestling is almost complete. The surface needs to be modified to make the toy version as dense as possible. You can not have it squeeze under your fingers. We are polishing the face. Use the back needle to fluff the figurine, and also slightly wind up on the head of the penguin. It turns out a beautiful ball. Cut it and put it under the tree!