Christmas toys with their own hands: non-standard crafts - master class

Christmas toys with their own hands: non-standard crafts - master class

For many housewives creating a New Year's decoration- this is a special task that falls on the last weeks of preparation for the celebration. In an attempt to somehow refine such an important holiday for the family and create a special atmosphere, we are ready to put some of our own trepidation, soul and warmth into creating a beautiful toy. But, to make toys really interesting and memorable, you need to have special knowledge that will help in the process. Many toys on our tree are traditional glass crafts of balls or angels, stars. But what if we approach the issue of creating a toy with a new, completely unexpected side and recreate the necessary object from a unique material?

Christmas toys with their own hands: non-standard crafts - master class

New-year ideas for unique toys. Photo №1 This article will tell you about the best solutions fortoys with their own hands, which can be done at home, using the usual components of the New Year holiday. Different versions of New Year's toys will look harmoniously on the Christmas tree and make it fabulous in all senses. To begin with, it is necessary to determine what material we will use to build our toy and determine the subsequent scheme of working with it. It is also very important to choose the right tools and fixing materials - they are responsible for the long-term prospects of your toy, namely - how many years it can serve your Christmas tree. Also, some decorative ornaments can be presented as a gift. The history of creating such a unique souvenir and the technique of performing certain elements, we will try to consider. Decorating a simple New Year's toy with home remedies A particularly popular genre of the New Year's toy in modern needlework is a solution made from non-standard materials. For example, ordinary yarn can become a reliable friend in building an interesting and unique decoration for green, snowy joy. What materials might be required to create such an element?

  • Prepare the balloons, they will become our foundation
  • It will take glue for the office
  • We take yarn of different colors, in our case - and white yarn
  • Aerosol paint for decoration
  • Prepare 50 milligrams of PVA glue
  • You will need sugar in the amount of two teaspoons
  • Take the scissors for processing
  • Gloves will be required for one time

New-year ideas for unique toys. Photo # 2 To start, you need to inflate the ball in a smallformat. The size of the ball will determine the subsequent size of the New Year's decoration. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the process of size selection. Toys can be done a lot and they can all be different. But, more interestingly, they will look in proportion, or in the same format. Then, it is necessary with the help of glue and water, sugar to obtain the necessary solution. Mix them in a regular bowl. Then, it is necessary to dip the yarn in this solution so that the material is impregnated with sticky material. Then, the yarn thread is neatly wrapped around the base of the ball, using different directions to make the toy look full. The end of the craft should be secured, for this one of the threads must be passed. The ball is suspended for drying for 6 hours. After that, you need to pierce the balloon in order to get it out of the craft. You can also gently untie the bundle of the ball to blow it off. New-year ideas for unique toys. Picture №3 Using aerosol paint, we paint the balland we wait for that moment when it will dry up. Next, the usual glue is taken and the various decorative elements are placed on the ball. Ribbons, sequins, sequins or brads - perfectly decorate the product. Thus, the ball will look finished and have a special shape. Advice: It is best to use aerosol colors in different colors, so that each ball has a different design, which differs from the previous one. Such a ball can be packaged in ordinary paper packaging and handed to your friends or close people. Such a simple and economical solution for a New Year's toy will appeal to many people. First of all, due to the fact that for its creation it is not required to have special knowledge and skills, only necessary materials and a scheme for work. In addition, a variety of shapes, as well as the size of the product, its color scheme allows you to decorate the apartment in a variety of ways, highlighting and emphasizing those elements that you need. A simple idea of ​​a non-standard toy New-year ideas for unique toys. Photo №4 Also, you can make a New Year's toy fromordinary cones of spruce. To do this, take one of the cones and paint with a white primer. Then, you need to take sequins of silver from gold to cover the product with a new layer of design. Then, using a thread, hang the product. This option will perfectly decorate the interior of the apartment. Decoration in the form of sweetness for the Christmas tree Christmas tree also should be decorated with the help of something sweet. For example, candy on a string or lollipops with special binders is a traditional way to add a few goodies to our New Year's holiday. Let's try to make a bonbonniere form for your yummy.

  • Prepare a thick paper in squares (golden color, or another) with a side of 15 centimeters
  • You will need paper in a different color for the lining
  • Adhesive for processing
  • Tape of velor or velvet by 15 centimeters to form a cone
  • Loop-strap for suspension

To begin with, take the usual squares of paper inthe same size. Using the compasses, we make the shape of the semicircle and cut off the unnecessary material, in relation to the desired lines. Then, gently fold the sheet into the shape of a cone, the edges of each side must be glued. Then, the velvet ribbon is placed on the outer edge of the product, then - the loop is attached so that later the decoration can be hung. Also, inside the product you can put candy, preferably - with a gold or silver wrap. Also, as a suitable treat good fit and cookies of small size. Children's New Year's toy New-year ideas for unique toys. Photo №5 Of course, children also want to participate in the processand therefore, often offer their own, non-standard, but very diverse and unique ideas for new projects. A fascinating activity related to the creation of a toy will help the child develop his creative skills, enhance his fantasy and thinking skills. A child can be connected to a variety of processes. Particularly caring parents shift only a part of the obligations to their child so that he does not have difficult but interesting tasks. For example, by cutting or pasting. You can also try to make with the child a beautiful, New Year's garland. To make such an object of decor will be extremely simple, using the scheme of links for the product. It is necessary to glue together varicoloured variants of strips of paper, each with each other, and then, make experiments on the shape of the future product. Children can do a very important thing - to prepare smooth circles that will be made of cardboard of different colors. These products should be stitched and hung on a string. Get a nice version of the New Year's garlands, which you can decorate the window sill or wall in the house. Garlands can also be different in forms, here the child can also show his creativity and think through various options: houses, triangles, fir-trees, hearts or snowflakes. Also, the child can always be trusted to create New Year snowflakes from paper, especially for windows, or a garland of paper in color. Also, you can form jewelry from natural materials, for example: acorns or nuts, cones. Simple and exciting ideas are quickly absorbed by children. Also, there are many other methods, for example, early origami schemes may be suitable for the formation of the same snowflakes or the so-called "Winter Flowers" New Year's 3D decoration New-year ideas for unique toys. Photo №6 For toys of a textile kind also has a lesson. You can choose any variant of the shape and color for the product, as well as measure future dimensions.

  • Prepare fabric in flaps for different colors
  • tape in a thin form for the loop (loops)
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • A small amount of cotton wool

It is necessary to take a tissue flap and cut abouttwo halves of materials for toys. For example, two forms of the heart. They need to be filled with cotton wool, and then - to distribute it, so that there is free space around the edges. Then, using the second half of the heart, cover our artwork and carefully sew it, using the classic seam on the needle forward. Thick threads of bright color in the technique of a floss are perfect for work. Such a toy can be made with the child and it will turn out to be really interesting. However, you can do with old toys. It is worth noting that any toy that lost its former brilliance, has the right to come alive thanks to new decor techniques. Jewelry allows you to decorate your house and prepare a Christmas tree for the reception of the new year. Moreover, the family tradition to decorate the tree as always well reveals the essence of the holiday and teaches the younger generation to pay attention to the family, and the elder - to maintain trustful and affectionate relations with native people. As a result, the preparation for the New Year's celebration will turn into a real fun before the main holiday, will allow you to learn something new and of course, to arrange your apartment or house in the way that you want to use!