Christmas tree of beads with your own hands (photo)

Christmas tree of beads with your own hands (photo)


As soon as the first snowflakes fly over the city,And in the houses there is a smell of tangerines, I want to put a Christmas tree and start celebrating. But, unfortunately, the Christmas tree can not stand in the apartment all winter. And what if I want to fill every corner of my house with a wonderful mood? There is an exit and it is quite simple. You can weave a Christmas tree from beads. It is also called the tree of happiness. Such an article will decorate the family hearth, and you will be able to show it to your guests. The bead itself looks elegant and harmoniously fit into the Christmas atmosphere. The needlewomen, who are already familiar with beadwork, know how exciting and fascinating this process is. And here is a very large field for experiments. You can give vent to your imagination and get a masterpiece in the end. Those who are still unfamiliar with this direction of handmade can see the photos of the finished works. Of course, they do not convey the beauty of the products. Today we will tell and show how you can make a tree with your own hands, which will fill the atmosphere with a festive Christmas mood.

Tips for choosing beads

Before demonstrating the master classLet's say a few words about the choice of material. Beads, from which the Christmas tree will be made, is the basis of the craft. In stores you can find a wide variety of materials, both in appearance and pricing. It is difficult to evaluate the quality of the goods from the photo. It is not worth saving. As a result, it is from this material that the appearance of the work will depend. Cheap goods have a number of drawbacks:

  • Dim color;
  • Fragility;
  • The presence of defects (chips, cracks);
  • Poor-quality painting.

Before buying, carefully study the contentsPackaging. If the beads have different shapes, then such a pack should immediately be put aside. Pick up a couple of beads and lightly rub them with your hands. If the skin remains a trace of paint, then it means that you have poor-quality material. Best of all, both in the photo and live, the beads made of glass look.
As for the rest of the material, there are some nuances here, however, not so significant. We will tell about them in the course of the lesson.

Master class on weaving Christmas tree

So, let's start creating a festive mood!

For work we need:

  • Beads of blue or white color - about 200 grams (it is better to give preference to Czech beads);
  • Beaded wire - 100 meters;
  • Silk threads of blue color (you can, if desired, use them for the winding of the trunk);
  • scissors;
  • Wooden stick;
  • Potty;
  • Gypsum - 200 grams;
  • PVA glue;
  • Form for the cultivation of gypsum.

Like any other, the Christmas tree consists ofFrom branches and trunk. Before you start working, you can see the photos of the finished Christmas works, which will help you navigate with what shape and color the Christmas creation will have.
Weave branches Christmas tree will beConsist of twigs, on which there are 5 or 7 petals. The number of them depends on the desired splendor of the product. Our New Year tree consists of 81 and 39 branches of 5 and 7 leaves, respectively.
Let's start creating a Christmas miracle with our own hands:

  • We take a pre-prepared bead wire and make the necessary number of blanks of 75 centimeters for branches consisting of five petals and 90 centimeters for twigs, of seven petals;
  • We string on the cut wire 15-17Beads. Their number depends on the personal tastes of the needlewoman and the desired size of the petal. This master class does not limit the master in any way. Everything depends only on the desired size of the craft and splendor. Fold the wire in half so that the beads are in the middle and form a leaf, twisting the loose ends of the wire between them;
  • We form a tourniquet, which will separate the leaves from each other. It is formed by twisting the ends of the wire together. The length of the stems is 1 centimeter;
  • At one end of the wire string the same number of beads, as for the first leaf. We form the loop in such a way that there are 2 centimeters of free wire;
  • Now you need to fix the whole beads around the center of the loop and begin to twist the leaf clockwise in such a way that a tourniquet is formed from the free wire;
  • Similarly, you need to make the rest of the petals;
  • From the bead-free ends of the wire we weave a tourniquet, 2 centimeters long. The blanks that make up the Christmas tree are ready.

  • Christmas tree can be decorated with flowers. Since our craft is quite magnificent in itself, the colors corresponding to the Christmas theme should not be much and their color should differ from the main color of the product. In our case, the white color is perfect. The flowers of a Christmas tree or a tree of happiness will look beautiful on this tree. And to inspire the creation of Christmas colors can ready-made master. On our site there are many similar photos.
    Form the trunk When all the branches and flowers, of which the Christmas tree will be composed, will be ready to begin to create the trunk of our tree of happiness.

  • Group all the resulting ChristmasBlanks for 3 pieces. Group it in such a way that in each "heap" there are branches with the same number of petals. If you decide to decorate the work with Christmas flowers, then they need to be distributed in such a way that only one flower is present in the "pile";
  • We take 3 blanks consisting of 5 petals, andAdd them together. Now you need to connect them. To make the connection beautiful you need to spread the loose ends in each blank in each blank and form a bundle of 6 wires (3 + 3). The length of the harness is 4-5 centimeters;
  • Similarly, you need to make the connection of allOther "triples" of Christmas preparations. When joining the branches carefully, make sure that the branches with Christmas colors are distributed evenly and approximately at the same distance from each other;
  • The resulting elements are divided into 3 pieces again. We connect them in exactly the same way as the previous triples. Now the tourniquet is formed from 18 pieces of wire (9 + 9);
  • Repeat this process until all the ChristmasBranches will not be connected. Those branches, which consist of seven petals, should be at the very bottom of the tree. And, respectively, and connect them you need in the last place;
  • It remains only to form a beautiful crownChristmas miracle. It is quite easy to do this. To do this, all the branches must be separated from each other, unfolded in different directions, branches with a lot of petals slightly down. Much at this stage depends on the imagination of the needlewoman.

  • In principle, according to a similar scheme, we can also weave an autumn tree of beads. Just need to work in a different color scheme.
    Decorating work
    It remains to decorate the Christmas tree,Made by themselves and "planted" it. The trunk of the Christmas tree can be left as it is, if you like the combination of wire and bead color. If not, then the thread will come gently blue. They can be a little lighter than beads, but by no means darker! Silk threads will look best. They will add sophistication and brilliance to the work. We take a string in several additions and gently wrap the entire trunk, except for the tops of Christmas twigs with leaves.
    In order to "plant" a Christmas tree you need to prepare:

    • gypsum;
    • Form for the cultivation of gypsum;
    • Pot.

    Choose a pot for a tree of happiness you need toBecome the work itself. The color palette should not be too different from the color of the beads, however, and the tone should not match with it, too. But, unlike the thread, the pot is better to take a more saturated shade. Shiny options will do. However, one should not dwell on a too bright and colorful version. Otherwise, all attention to yourself will be taken away by the pot, not a Christmas tree created by yourself.
    In a pre-prepared form, we cultivate gypsum withWater. The shape should be flat and wide. This is easy if you use a wooden stick. The consistency of the solution should resemble liquid sour cream. Pour the solution into the pot and put the Christmas tree until the solution is frozen. Our New Year's miracle must be held in this position until the gypsum is frozen. Now you can not worry that the Christmas tree falls out of the pot.

    This is a master class on the creation of ChristmasThe tree can be finished. But such a Christmas tree will look unfinished. The final touch is the foundation of the Christmas tree. New Year and Christmas is associated primarily with gifts. Therefore, the Christmas tree can be decorated with "gifts", and then the New Year and Christmas mood in the house is guaranteed. If the Christmas tree itself is decorated with flowers, then they will be superfluous at the base. However, do not abuse these elements of decor. It will be enough to place 3 "gifts", which are contrasted in color not only with the Christmas tree, but also with each other, and 1 flower, the size of which is slightly larger than the analogues located on the Christmas tree. As an option, the New Year tree can be decorated simply with beads. To do this, gypsum base is smeared with PVA glue and covered with beads. It must be ensured that no voids are formed. Winter tree of beads is ready! Such craftsmanship can brag to the most exquisite guests. Yes, and this Christmas tree will always please the eye, and cheer up.

    We showed a master class on creatingChristmas tree. If you take a different color beads, then you can get a summer or autumn tree from beads. Decorate any apartment collection of 4 trees belonging to different seasons. The very structure of the tree and branches is absolutely the same, but the colors and decor elements are different. Taking the green beads and decorating the foot with daisies, we get a summer tree. And the spring tree is made of a material of gentle green color. Along with the leaves on the branches, you need to place buds or slightly blossoming white-pink flowers. Such a collection will help to make the atmosphere in the house truly fabulous. Browse through the options for finished works, photos of which can inspire the master. But it should be remembered that they do not convey the beauty of beads. This master class can be taken as the basis for creating any of the 4 trees.

    Video: Shaving a winter tree of beads