Decembrist from beads technology of weaving cactus (video)

Decembrist from beads technology of weaving cactus (video)


Decembrist - by its nature refers to theThe kind of cacti that need watering. It does not contain thorns, but it is ready to boast a delightful bloom. At the tips of its shoots, closer to December, different flowers start to appear: from saturated bright red to muted pink shades. Such a beautiful flowering plant can be made by hand from beads. This cactus is created mainly with the help of French weaving techniques. A more laborious process, is to use the technique of parallel weaving.

Flowering cactus, the Decembrist own hands

To make a Decembrist from beads you will need such materials:

  • Beads of a rich pink hue;
  • Beads of soft pink color;
  • green beads;
  • Wire for beadwork 0.4 mm in diameter;
  • Wire rod (about twenty centimeters in length);
  • Green thread;
  • glue;
  • Pot (or other container for planting Decembrist);
  • Alabaster or gypsum;
  • Decor.

The petals of the flower are made by the French technique of weaving or by the "dipping" of beads of pink color.
In this way, the tat:

  • Fourteen petals, the main axis of which consists of three centimeters of strung pink beads and 3 pairs of arcs about this axis;
  • Five lobes: the main axis is six centimeters of pink beads and seven pairs of arcs about the axis.

Shoots of the Decembrist in the form of green leaves doFrom beads of green color, using the same technique of weaving. In total for a Decembrist of beads, twenty-six leaves of the same shape and size must be made. The axis of each leaf is three centimeters, five pairs of arcs are formed along it.
Make petals and leaves better by usingPre-dial wire for a large number of beads. In this case, the wire from the coil can not be cut off. If in the process of work you will not have enough strung beads, you can always string additional beads.
The main stage in the creation of the Decembrist isProcess of its assembly. To do this, first, you need to connect five small petals from a pink bead by twisting the tips of the wires together. Then, wrap the wire base with threads of green color, moving one centimeter to the bottom. Now you need to attach the next five petals from the pink beads, placing them in the gaps between them first, also wrapping the base with threads. We continue this process by attaching all the woven blanks up to the largest ones. After the end of joining the last petals, we continue winding with green threads a certain distance, so we will form a small "neck".
We proceed to form the shoots of the Decembrist fromBeads according to the scheme. To begin with, we need to combine the blanks of the leaves with each other (Figure "a"). Then the ends of the wires of each of the pairs must be twisted together (figure "b"). Now the obtained twisted rod of one of the pairs of leaves must be hidden inside the second pair and connected to each other using a copper wire (Figure "c").

At the next stage, to a strong wireThe rod must be firmly attached to the flower. The tip of such a rod is hidden inside the stem, which we have formed their pairwise beaded leaves. Areas where the leaves are connected to each other should be thoroughly wrapped with wire. Free sections of the wire can be hidden by stripping additional beads of green color (Figure "d").

Decembrist of beads is ready. Take the prepared container, place a flowering cactus in it and fill the base with gypsum solution. You can decorate the base with beads, stones, artificial vegetation.

Video: Decembrist bead plaid