French braiding with beads: flower manufacturing equipment (circuit)

French braiding with beads: flower manufacturing equipment (circuit)


The new, quite interesting and widespreadbeadwork called French or braided arc. French technique of weaving with beads designed to create flower arrangements. With this weaving individual leaves, flower buds obtained so realistic that it is not always possible to distinguish the living from the floral bouquets created from beads.
The essence of the French art is a special arcweaving parallel sections. The uniqueness of this type of bead can create the leaves of various shapes, sizes. This applies flowers and buds, which can be woven of all kinds.
To better understand what the French beading is to study the proposed workshop.

Bead Weaving colors on French technology

Master class on the French weaving is not too much trouble. Members who have just become acquainted with the French direction, will be able to easily overpower the fashionable technique of beading.
Stages of rounded leaves and flower petals

  • It is necessary to take special wires forBeadwork. Measure a piece of up to seventy centimeters. The cross section of the wire depends on the beads. For smaller take the wire thinner is better for large tightly. If petal or leaf will be larger, the wire should be longer;
  • From the edge should be noted fifteen centimeters andwring from it a big loop. This will be the base. After the remainder of the small tip of 5 to string beads. Then he should make a small loop capable of holding strung beads;
  • On a long tail wire strung beads toAs long as there will be a small ponytail. Free can be left only about five centimeters of wire. To make the effect more realistic, and when you create a tab, you can string beads of several colors;
  • For the first arc of the right should dial the seven or eight beads, the beads have a few more than were recruited for the base;

  • To create a flat petal, leafis aligned to the plane of the table. When creating a bend is necessary to use the same amount of beads as in the opposite arc. The left and right side must have the same arc;
  • Around the axis formed of five beads is formed round, which is the basis leaves. Then it already make out the left or right coil turns;
  • After each arc is created around the coil axis and strung beads again required;
  • To form a rounded petal or leafis necessary to create arcs for about six to the right and left sides. When they have formed must be secured by wrapping the wire around the base a couple of times.
  • Remaining after the beading tips you need not twist, but to leave that to create the flower stem to seal it.
    This workshop provides a classicrounded shape size small petals. If you want to reduce or enlarge the created piece of paper, then respectively in the ratio of the number of beads varies based on, arcs.
    Weave leaflets pointed shapeThe master class will help to diversify the composition of the colors, making a bunch of interesting and original. should change the technology to create the vertices to create a pointed leaf.
    Stages of Development

  • The first and second series of petals made by analogyprevious master class. But the difference is that creating a third row, it is necessary to make an angle of forty-five degrees with respect to the first row. In addition, in the first row should dial eight beads;
  • Third row start so that the last bead of the second row was located between the first and second of the third row;
  • To create a leaf to do seven series arc.

  • Beautiful Beaded anemone

    Any master class on creating
    It can be based on several techniques of beading, but this lesson is unique in that it provides only for French braiding.
    Stages of Flower

    • On the selected segment of wire is necessary to make a loop of large size. Hinge tail must have two - one in seven centimeters and another seventy;
    • On six small tail strung beads and a long nine. Little tail is attached to the main method of twisting;
    • Encircle the core wire further so that the angle was set at forty-five degrees. Nine are strung beads and doing a manipulation of the same on the other side. So, setting up a framework of a leaf;
    • Flower species such as anemone has severalpetals varieties - small and larger. Small are the foundation of the six beads and four arcs. Larger base is the same as the arc are seven beads;
    • Must be made for each type six petals.

    The core of the flower bud Ready frame make of circular mesh with holes. She sheathed with golden beads.

    Assembling flower petals obtained fixed. They are placed, alternating large and small, so that the first located on the second.

    Scourge leaves, sepals and form a flower After the flower bud is assembled, begin to weave the leaves and sepals:

  • The new loop has two ends of different length. On shorter strung eight beads. Of the six first upper beads twisted loop, attach it to the base;
  • Six beads gain by securing the wire atbasis, another arc is formed symmetrically with the first one. On the basis of gaining five beads. Then just as when weaving petals make four arcs. The last fifth arc of green interspersed with beads of another color;
  • six sepals should make that tag along, as well as the pitch. But the foundation weave four arcs and three big beads;
  • Manufactured parts are connected by green silk thread, process the stem floral paper.

  • French braiding of beads perfect hobby for creative people. In spite of the patience that provides this weaving technique created masterpieces worth.

    Video: French braiding the leaves of beads