Fruit from beads in teaching master classes (diagrams and video)

Fruit from beads in teaching master classes (diagrams and video)


Here is spring, and not far off is already summer, which is soPromptly pleases us with its warmth and bright colors. With the arrival of warm colors you want even more. So why not charge yourself with a positive and a mood right now, but our master class on making bright, cheerful bead products will help you in this.
Fruit from beads will please everyone: adults and children.
Fruits and berries from beads are woven in the technique of volumetric parallel weaving. In creating their compositions, in addition to beads of standard size, you can use large beads.
Finished products can be used and as aDecorations, adding them with schwenzes or a chain to wear, like a pendant. They will become great accessories for a mobile phone and just a stylish thing.
We suggest you make a few summer products. So for convenient weaving schemes and video lessons, you can choose a lot of variations of compositions of fruits and berries from beads, but these two examples are the most original and especially summer ones.
In our master class we will tell you howMake currants of beads, strawberries or strawberries. For clarity, use our lesson, with which you will make fruit from beads. Available schemes of weaving with interesting master classes with photo and video examples will help you make juicy fruits.

Master class on weaving currant from beads

The currant can be made in two versions: red and black.

Red currant from beads
So to perform such a bead of beads you will need:

  • Beads: red, brown, green, dark color;
  • Beads of large size: red and green colors;
  • Small beads: pink and white.
  • pin
  • Well, and of course thread and needle.

According to the scheme of beadwork of currant (Fig. 2), it is necessary to begin with fixing the needle at the end of the auxiliary bead. Add a large green bead, which is fixed on the ears of the pin and guide the needle through the bead.
Then, just following the pattern, dial 7 greenBeads and one red and dark. Beads move to the pin. Needle thread already in the opposite direction: starting from a large bead and leaving in three green beads. In the same way, add five red beads and one pink color. Then take another 7 green beads, a pink bead and a dark bead, again thread the needle in the opposite direction (from the bead to the green beads). So you already have a central branch of the currant. Repeat the process several more times and cut the thread.
Black currant
In order to make a dark berries, take:

  • Just like for red, green beads;
  • Large green beads in the form of a leaf;
  • Several large dark beads.

Similarly, as for the first option,Fix the bead on the end of the thread, after add the bead in the form of a sheet and pass in the opposite direction (through the leaf to the bead). The product is pressed against the pin.
Further, the beadworking scheme is completely repeated,As for the red berry, only with changes for the color scale. Complete the composition with a set of 11 green beads, a small bead, which you will pass through a bead of dark color. At the end, place a bead in the form of a leaf - this is the center of the composition.
Currant made from beads is ready.
In addition to the currant, other berries, such as cherry, raspberry and strawberry, will also look spectacular.

Strawberries from beads with their own hands

The material for creating this berry is:

  • Beads of red, black, white, yellow and green colors;
  • Long beads (felling) green;
  • Any material to create a bulk berry;
  • wire.

This scheme of weaving, very simple and perfect for beginners.
So, we begin the master class. The strawberry of beads consists of four rhombuses of red color, which weave in parallel weaving technique, the times can be weaved black beads in random order. When all rhombuses are ready to connect them with a wire.
In order for the berry to be voluminous, at the end of the weaving fill it with material.

Guided by his imagination and the idea ofFinished form of your model, you can independently change its size (cut at the same time or increase the size of fragments). And also complement the flowering and leaves.
To make a flower is very simple, all you need is to twist the loops into which white beads thread. Just make a green felling leaves and a cup for a flower.

Bright red strawberries from beads ready.
Works made with their own hands are always a pleasure to give, and the process itself is unusually gripping.
Get more ideas for inspiration from the videos that the skillful craftsmen gladly offer you, as well as learn fruit from beads, the patterns of weaving are presented in our article.
At this master class beading of beads from beads is over, good luck in your endeavors and pleasant work!

Schemes of weaving fruits and berries from beads

Video: Plait strawberries from beads