Halloween cross-stitch and a selection circuit

Halloween cross-stitch and a selection circuit


Not far off the approach of the old Europeanfestival, which is now widely celebrated in our country - Halloween. It falls on the eve of October 31st. The ancient Celts, who lived in Scotland and Ireland, treat this holiday very honored, because in this day remembered all the saints. This article will focus on thematic cross stitch on the day of Halloween, with examples of schemes.

Schemes monochrome embroidery

For beginners needlewomen recommendeduse monochromatic schemes that cross sewn using one of any color floss. With this technique you will create a recognizable silhouette unmistakably familiar images.

Embroider scheme for the holiday Halloween

To embroider cross any of the thematic schemes for the holiday of Halloween, you need a simple list of materials:

  • matching colored canvas;
  • floss thread of different colors, numbers are provided in a special way;
  • Use the hoop at will. If you are comfortable to embroider without them, then they do not need;
  • embroidery needle;
  • any selected connection;
  • disappearing marker, which can be made so-called markup. Mark the cloth sections, you will be much easier to sew the whole picture without mistakes.

After you prepare all materials,You can start the embroidery technique of the cross. The process itself has been repeatedly described in the articles on our website, so do not do it again. When you have finished most of the work, sew a seam edge of the image "back needle". After that, the contours of your embroidery will become much clearer and will look more intimidating. To make the edges of the drawing volume, we recommend that you use the thread in a few additions.

When'll choose for themselves the rightimage, do not forget the most important symbol of Halloween - a pumpkin, which is used as the main attribute of the holiday. It is also called jack-o'-lantern. Some images may seem daunting, but it is only at first glance. If you look closely, all the witches, skeletons and spiders are quite funny and touching. After embroidery holiday you can decorate the room of a teenager. Colorful embroidery technique in cross appeal not only for children, but adults too.

Concluding the topic Halloween cross-stitch, we wantoffer you a rather original image of a black cat sitting next to a pumpkin. The main ph performed complete sewing black, which further gives the embroidery thematic character. Such work is very easy to repeat, as the number of colors used are not too large. At the request of their friends can organize small Souvenir, such as magnets with embroidered holiday horror stories.

In any case, you have a choice asthe number of schemes on the Internet allows you to choose for original stories for Halloween. And for those who do not want to engage in cross embroidery technique on the eve of Halloween, be sure to buy a pumpkin to carve her frightening face that you want to decorate a candle burning. If you already have to comply with the tradition of this celebration - then do it to the end.