Ideas and tips for creating the most original and fashionable hairstyles for 2016 for the female half of humanity.

Ideas and tips for creating the most original and fashionable hairstyles for 2016 for the female half of humanity.

Do you want to be fashionable in the new year of the Fire monkey? Tips for choosing a new hairstyle and creating original stylings It's probably for every person on our planet the New Year is one of the most wonderful holidays from which people expect changes, always for the better. In addition, the New Year always involves wearing new beautiful clothes, and at the same time changing their own image. But if we do not talk about cardinal changes in the image, then at least our appearance should correspond to the spirit of the holiday. Nevertheless, it is preferable that we also change a little to enter the coming year renewed. In this regard, each new fashion season offers its trends in everything that concerns fashion. In addition to clothing, shoes and accessories, of course, there are new trends about our hairstyles, as they are an indispensable component of the external appearance of man. So the fashionable hairstyles in 2016, which are offered to us by advanced couturiers and stylists, promise to be interesting, and sometimes even completely unexpected. In this publication, we will just tell you about the actual Christmas hairstyles will be relevant to the upcoming holidays. Actual Christmas hairstyles in 2016. Photo №1

Holiday Hairstyles 2016 and Fashionable Paint

First of all, let's talk about newtrends as to what will touch the fashion colors. Many women dye their hair, based on their preferences or needs. However, it is worthwhile to think about what types of paints and specific colors will become relevant in the hairstyles of 2016. Since the coming year will pass under the reign of the Fiery Red Monkey, fashionistas offer stylists the use of all red and red shades in the painting. Naturally, such bright colors are not suitable for everyone, but it should be based on this. Actually, all the bright and unusual colors and their combinations are also in fashion. For example, purple with blue, or red with pink. In this case, the painting can consist of three or even more different colors, which are chosen according to your preferences. Greeting or coloring, painting with locks and so on are welcomed. Actually, this year you can experiment with painting, as you please. As for the natural color of the hair, if you want to change it, then this is also quite logical. Actual Christmas hairstyles in 2016. Photo # 2 In the following images you can see how unusual the painting may be in the coming new year. Actual Christmas hairstyles in 2016. Picture №3 Actual Christmas hairstyles in 2016. Photo №4Actual Christmas hairstyles in 2016. Photo №5

Fashionable styling for the new year and nuances in their creation

If we are talking about New Year's hair in principle,then it is clear that it should be chosen in accordance with your attire. In this case, you need to choose the right manicure, as well as make-up and so on. Do not forget about the accessories that you will use. Everything should be harmonious. As for choosing the type of hairstyle, in the winter of 2016 season, fashionable stylists offer women a variety of options. Among the short haircuts, all kinds of beans, pixies, quads and cascades will be very relevant. The length can be very short, and also elongated. As for the haircuts themselves, they can be made either by straight lines, or beveled, smooth or cut. Under each of these variants of a hairstyle it is possible to add such element as a bang, and it is possible to manage and without it. One of the hits of the new season will be asymmetrical haircuts and shaved whiskey, which can be combined with a long head of hair. But the styling should be discussed separately. Here, fashion brings us new trends. Actual Christmas hairstyles in 2016. Photo №6 Actual Christmas hairstyles in 2016. Photo №7

Current styling in the new year 2016

First of all, forget about the strict and boringhairstyles. The Year of the Fiery Monkey proposes to bring in your image not only brightness and brilliance, but also playfulness. So, the first thing you can do, for example, on a short square or a bean, is light negligence. Natural rastrepannost, ruffles with the addition of a small volume will be as relevant. And, it concerns ladies at any age. Do not tie tight horse's tails or tufts on smooth hair. Leave this venture for later. For the New Year holidays, use the means for styling, for example, gel. Apply a small amount of such a product on the hair and tousle them with your hands, giving a slightly chaotic appearance. On short haircuts such styling will look fresh and fervent. See how you can decorate these types of hairstyle in the following images. Actual Christmas hairstyles in 2016. Photo №8 Actual Christmas hairstyles in 2016. Photo Number 9 Actual Christmas hairstyles in 2016. Picture №10 If you have medium-length hair andrastepannost does not combine with your image, you can make a hairstyle in the style of a la the twenties of the last century. Light waves, gently laid along the face and neck will look natural and romantic. Add to this styling can be a beautiful bandage with a flower or bow. It will be appropriate and special hairpin for hair, which were fashionable in the twenties of last century. The following photos will help you with choosing the right retro style hairstyle. Actual Christmas hairstyles in 2016. Photo Number 11 For owners of long haira huge mass of fashionable styles in the season of winter 2016. Firstly, these are long curled strands that fall on the shoulders. Locks can be picked up with a beautiful barrette or put under a bandage in the manner of popular hairstyles in the Greek style. As for weaving, then all the weaves known to the world remain fashionable, from simple plaits to the incredible tandem of French braids with spikelets or fish tails. In this case weaving can be performed in any order, in any direction and in any part of the head and even use false strands if necessary. Actual Christmas hairstyles in 2016. Photo number 12 In conclusion, we can add that the New YearThe Red Fiery Monkey will be full of play, glitter, brightness and novelty. So if you have decided to create something original and unlike anything else - then this is exactly what you need. Experiment and do not be afraid of change.