Isolate for beginners a scheme with the numbers heart for the holiday

Isolate for beginners a scheme with the numbers heart for the holiday


- this is a universal skill in which both adults and children can be involved. Another name isoniti, is referred to as a thread chart,
Or thread design. To create beautiful pictures, any strands fit. Images are embroidered on points that are numbered with numbers. In this case, monochrome threads and threads of different colors are used.
Such classes develop the ability toArtistic and intellectual horizons. The isonite technique develops creative thinking and enhances assiduity. But this all comes with time. And first you need to consider the sample and analyze the correct embroidery plan. Only after this, you can select image schemes and shades of threads.

Materials for embroidery in the isonite technique

Before you start preparing for the creation of beautiful paintings or postcards in technology, you need to prepare a suitable material in this matter. It is desirable to have such a list of tools:

  • For embroidery isoniach use thick cardboard or thick paper. A thin paper sheet may tear during operation;
  • Looks very beautiful drawing made on velvet paper. Experienced needlewomen often use it in creating large images;
  • An integral part of working with schemes isSelection of threads. The threads of the mulina are best suited, they are easier to work with. When you buy them, pay attention to their uniform color and shine. They should be the same thickness. Even for embroidery schemes suitable iris;
  • Needle or awl. These tools are necessary for piercing the holes through which the thread graphics will pass;
  • Thin carnations and a hammer. They are used in the event that
    Will be applied to a wooden stand.

Here, perhaps, the main list of materials and tools that are important in the work for beginners.

Master-class of embroidery in the technique of technology

On the eve of St. Valentine's Day,You can make your own cards in the form of hearts. We suggest repeating the master class for beginners, with which you will learn how to make small hearts.

For work you need some hardware, namely:

  • White and red cardboard paper;
  • Thread of a moulin or iris;
  • scissors;
  • A cut out heart pattern with numbered figures;
  • A simple pencil and an adhesive tape;
  • Decorative material for decoration, in the form of rhinestones and beads.

Make a heart pattern and cut it outScissors with a figured carving on metal. Look at the photo, it shows where you want to make cuts. They are necessary for the thread to cling to the cardboard better and hold on to it. On the wrong side, secure one edge of the thread. If you do not have a pair of scissors with a thread, make incisions throughout the template. They should be an even number with the same distance of 3 mm. Obligatory is the moment that the direction of the incisions should look in one direction. Turn the heart-shaped workpiece face down on yourself with the thread. Begin winding the thread on the heart, as shown in the photo. This material will perfectly hold on to the notches.

On the submitted diagrams, which are numbered by numbers, you can see in which direction the thread will move.

After you finish the process of working in theTechnology isoiniti, turn the heart to the wrong side and fix the edge of the thread with scotch tape. Superfluous cut with scissors. In this case, we can say that the master class is over. Such a heart perfectly fits in the form of a gift for the holiday of all lovers. And most importantly, that it is made by own hands.

Schemes of embroidery of hearts

Video: Ideas for creating hearts from threads