Izon lamb scheme, and a master class with photos

Izon lamb scheme, and a master class with photos


Textile schedule is a creation ofpaintings with thread on a hard basis. This can be cardboard, wooden board or CD drive. Technique izoniti very easy to use. Such handicrafts are taught even in junior and children's art circles. Having studied the technology izoniti and circuits you can do with your hands interesting crafts and decorating their own home.
Do not forget that the ability to useizonityu develops in children fine motor skills of fingers and perseverance in preschoolers. Most children will be happy to engage in such crafts, especially if you want to embroider any animal.

Making lamb in izoniti Technology

The master class will be equipped with photos and diagrams,which you can sew accurately on paper white lamb izoniti way. This lamb is a symbol of the year. To work need a small list of materials:

  • sheet of cardboard;
  • pencil;
  • Threads viscose;
  • needle and awl.

Pick up the board, which is suitable for color andsize. Consider the side paper supplies that will be needed when you make a picture in a frame. On the wrong side of a pencil outline the scheme outline lamb. The trunk should be round with large curls. The same will curl in the form of grass and on the head of sheep. Work through the flower and the remaining strokes.

Take an awl and pierce them to the marked point on the paper. The holes should not be too large. This work is carried out on the reverse side.

Threads insert the needle and take the first stitch. The edge of the thread is attached to the underside with white glue or adhesive tape segment. To avoid confusion, in what direction do the stitches, number the figures all the holes in the cardboard. Now it is possible to stretch the base material in the correct sequence. The first step is embroidered round the trunk of lamb. Curls are performed in the technique of Izon as filling spiral occurs. This method izoniti can be found on the Internet. Hair sheep, too, is done in the form of a curl.

Rose Flower embroidered two shades. Spiral embroidered and grass green. The method of filling in the circle is made of lamb's head and eye, as well as hooves rose and meadow. Master-class of creating a circle in Izon technology, can be viewed on our website. Stalked seam embroidered flower stalk and lamb legs. Do this work with stitches, which tightly pressed against each other. The next stitch will begin with a midway of the past.

Picture-in-picture technology with Izonfunny lamb is ready. To hide all the flaws from the inside, cover it in the same size cardboard segment. We can only arrange it in a frame. It can be wood or plastic. Make attachment and can be hung on a wall picture lamb.
Master-class dedicated thread chart is completed. Do not be afraid to learn new techniques in needlework and develop creative horizons.

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