To embroider the new year of the scheme for embroidering threads on cardboard

To embroider the new year of the scheme for embroidering threads on cardboard


- very easy and fascinating kind of needlework. The art of creating such products affects a variety of life spheres. Especially it concerns holidays. New Year, Christmas, Easter and other themed cards, made in the technique of thread graphics, are original and unusual.
Festive postcard - the soul of the New Year's gift. A symbol of such a celebration is, of course, a Christmas tree. We offer a small master class on making a New Year's card. The work is not difficult. Such an occupation will help to create a holiday mood not only for adults but also for children.

Festive Herringbone

Traditionally, for the new year, they give cards withImages of forest trees. It is not difficult to embroider a festive herringbone in technology. Such an image is predominantly created by the method of filling the angle. The thread graphics are based more on their own ideas. But there are several rules that should be used in embroidery.

  • The shape of the image. Normally, the herringbone patterns are made up of triangles. It is not necessary that they are isosceles or regular in shape. Such geometric figures can be drawn both inclined and in several rows;
  • Colour. The stereotype that the New Year tree is depicted green, in this case does not work. Very beautiful looks embroidery, made of silver, golden, blue, orange, yellow and even white thread;
  • Decoration. Traditionally, the tops of festive trees are decorated with an asterisk or a tip. For this purpose shiny rhinestones, sequins or a similar tinsel will do. From the same elements can be made and fur-tree toys;
  • Embroidery Techniques. Depending on the desired elements, in addition to sewing the angle by the method of isoin, the pattern is created by the method of filling a circle, a spiral or an arc. Depending on the created scheme, these methods can be combined.

  • For work you will need:

    • cardboard;
    • Metal threads;
    • knife;
    • line;
    • scissors;
    • pencil;
    • needle;
    • glue.

    Creating a postcard

    Material selection
    Any work begins with the selection of material. In our case, it is better to think things over in advance. For example, a thread can be taken not metal, but a regular lurex. This is in case if you want embroidery to shine. Although it is completely replaceable with a string of mulina green or other color. How to tell a fantasy. It is also possible to use iris, silk or not thick wool. But in these materials is not a very large color palette. Therefore, if you make a herringbone with shades, the best choice is a mulina. New Year's - a magical holiday, then you can experiment with the most creative ideas.
    The same applies to the color of cardboard. There are no restrictions. Organic combination of shades - perhaps, the only thing that can be identified in this issue. In addition to cardboard, it is allowed to use velvet paper in the technique. But on such a material it is much more difficult to embroider, since it does not have plasticity. Because of this feature, if the spurt or uncontrolled tension is accidentally torn, the base can tear. Some artists prefer to use watercolor paper. It is quite high density and unusual texture. On this basis, you can even embroider with thick woolen threads.
    The size of the postcard is either possible. But for beginner masters, do not use too large schemes. Hone skills are better in small images.
    As for the needle for embroidery in technologyThen in this case everything depends on the density of the paper. The thinner the base, the smaller the needle will have to use. You should also use a thimble. He not only protects his fingers from stinging while embroidering, but also helps if punctures on the cardboard will be done with a needle.
    Manufacturing process First you need to create a sketch. It's better to draw on thin white paper. Our Christmas tree will consist of triangles.
    On the material we draw geometric figures in the desired order.
    The lines of each triangle must be divided into equal segments. For this process, a pencil and ruler are useful.
    In the case when you do this kind of work for the first time, it's better if there is a corresponding numerical value near each point. This will not allow you to get confused in the thread pull order.

    The finished scheme lies on the cardboard sheet andIs fixed. To do this, you can use the usual clerical metal clips. But there is one significant drawback in these holders. During use, there is a significant deformation of any paper. After removing the paper clips, the cardboard is no longer aligned, there will be noticeable dents. Therefore, it is better to use special paper clips.
    Then a thick needle should be pierced byMarked points of the picture. The workpiece with holes has turned out, in them we will stretch the threads. At the top of the corner, a hole is not made. In addition to the needle for this purpose, it is permissible to use a thin silk, or a sewing pin (depending on the thickness of the thread used). You can make a hole in the canopy, but it's much more convenient to do this on the table, putting a porous material under the workpiece. An unnecessary piece of linoleum or styrofoam is quite suitable.

    At the next stage of embroidery in technology,Insert the thread into the needle and get to work. In the process of making a picture, make sure that the thread does not get tangled. If this has happened, pull it back, dissolve it. No need to continue embroidery. This will not only complicate the work, but also make the drawing ugly. If the thread is over, do not tie the knot. The end is simply fixed with glue from the wrong side and continue embroidering with new material. It is not necessary to very tighten the thread in the process of work. The fir-tree is embroidered on paper, therefore there is a fear that the product simply deforms. But too loose, too, should not be embroidered. In this case, the pattern will be poorly visible.
    Embroider in technology to isolate the methodFilling the angle. It's better to start embroidery from the bottom. On the back of the cardboard we pass the needle into the first hole. Carefully follow the end of the thread so that it does not slip.

    On the face thrust into the second hole and return to the wrong side. We are again in the third hole.
    We embroider all elements of the scheme in this way. Each time the thread is fixed with glue.
    A piece of cardboard or any other paper of the appropriate size should be glued to the finished product from the back.

    If want to make a postcard double. It is necessary to fold the cardboard sheet in half before starting work. In this case, note the paper size. Since for a double product the sheet must be taken twice as much. Holes should be made in this case only on one half of the workpiece.

    One template in the technology can be madeDifferent New Year cards. The web of threads is rather original when creating shreds. The simplest technique of filling a corner will allow you to create an elegant and amazing work of art. Well, fantasy will help to embody the most creative and unusual ideas. New Year is an unusual, fantastic holiday. The same are obtained cards in the technique of thread graphics.

    Schemes for New Year's embroidery isonium