Izon scheme on 8 March for the creation of postcards

Izon scheme on 8 March for the creation of postcards


With the advent of spring, everyone is waiting for the offensiveA beautiful holiday on the eighth of March. On this day, all women are given gifts and flowers, regardless of their age. You do not have to go to the store to buy a souvenir. You can do it yourself. A postcard embroidered in technology will be an unexpected surprise for her mother from her child.
The presented master-class with step-by-step photos will show how to fill a circle and an angle on a piece of paper. For novice technology enthusiasts to isolate, this will be the first visual lesson.

Greeting card for the holiday

Before starting to work, it is necessary to study the patterns of filling the angle and the circle. Then, you need these materials:

  • Cardboard or Whatman;
  • Multicolored thread floss;
  • A needle, scissors;
  • Pencil and ruler.

First of all, it will be necessary to draw a futureA card by the eighth of March on paper. It will consist of three fields. In the center of the scheme will be placed embroidery in the technique of isolate. The left side will cover the pattern, and on the right side you can place congratulatory words. Draw a picture that you would like to design. Since it is a holiday on the eighth of March, respectively, draw the same figure. Mark the points where the punctures will be made. In this master class there is a postcard from which even a child can cope. Using a ruler, mark the frame on the postcard, and draw a circle with two circles, which I will symbolize the number eight.
The first stage of isonity begins with the embroidery of the frame onPostcard. It will consist of four corners. If you are new to the isonite technique, then number the dots from the wrong side. This is done in order not to mix out what hole the needle should exit from. For those markups that you did, start filling the corner. Do this with all corners. For simplicity of the process of creating isoniti, apply the marking, alternating it to each corner of the postcard. Use two strands in the needle. When the thread is finished, make a small knot or fix it with an adhesive tape. It must be remembered that the node should not be too large and noticeable.

After you have embroidered the outline of the framework thatSuitable for a photo frame, you can go to the number eight. It is embroidered by filling a circle in isonite. The photo shows a diagram of the step-by-step instructions for the card by the eighth of March.
When you finish embroidering the circuit in techniqueIsoniti, to give even greater beauty, decorate the eight with lace flowers. Put on the flowers small rhinestones and paste them in the place where you think is necessary. Now the gift for March 8 is ready.

Embroider a tulip in technology is also veryjust. Having a minimal set of materials and schemes, you can embroider a beautiful postcard on colored cardboard. In any case, you will have an unusual and unique work. For beginners, it is recommended to take circuits with simple images without ornate patterns.

Color schemes for gift embroidery

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