Good-quality table in the loft style by Richard Velloso

Good-quality table in the loft style by Richard Velloso

Furniture made of recyclable materials has a specialcharm and has its own history. The old recycled tree in the newly created objects looks unusually noble, and most importantly, this approach is environmentally friendly and does not threaten the forests with logging. The warm aesthetics of the old oak boards and the smooth presence of the recycled steel make the Walter Desk loft style antique, combined with industrial design and deliberate rudeness. working table made of recycled wood and steel

Loft style table

Designer Richard Velloso describes his creation as a striking fusion of hot and cold, smooth and rough, new and old, rustic and industrial, creative and functional. loft style table The loft-style table has legs of an unusual shape -criss-cross, which gives the whole table a little similarity with hydraulic scissor lifts, like these - But the design does not add up, on the contrary, the legs are very sturdy to support the weight of the steel countertop, drawers and everything that the owner can place on the work surface. Clamped between purely industrial elements, three drawers of different sizes are made from a second used oak. The wood was deliberately left untreated to expose the traces of the old tree life. These subtle signs of history make each loft-style table absolutely unique and unrepeatable. Excellent choice for office, office or interior in Scandinavian style, industrial or loft.