Christmas embroidery cross schemes: holiday theme

Christmas embroidery cross schemes: holiday theme


New Year - a special holiday. Almost 2 weeks people live in expectation of a miracle, give each other lovely gifts and wish happiness. Needlework, and did try to make small crafts with their hands to give them to as many friends and acquaintances. This is why Christmas cross-stitch is especially popular. Among all the motives may be noted image decorated spruce Christmas toys, boot with gifts and, of course, Santa Claus. The choice is almost unlimited.

Small picture

Most often prefer to do in needlewomangift small embroidered pictures. Their size is usually not more than 9 to 13 cm or 10 x 15 cm. This is very convenient. On the one hand, to work with experienced embroiderers will leave no more than one hour. That is, they can only make a night of 2-3 pieces. And if you deal with this issue in advance, the small picture can be embroidered for all family members, friends and colleagues.

On the other hand, made their own handsChristmas embroidery will be a nice gift, if only because that has put the soul. Especially that such thumbnails can be easily placed on a desk or dresser. They can decorate according to the selected pattern bedroom, living room and kitchen. In any case, manual work is always appreciated and in great demand.
It remains only to decide which Christmasmotifs form the basis. For pictures of a present is better to choose those that resemble postcards and easily sewn. It is worth paying attention to their scheme depicting Santa Claus, Christmas tree, winter landscapes, Christmas wreaths and the like. Criteria for selecting a bit. The main thing is that the finished embroidery was small. For its implementation required no more than 10-12 flowers. The less there are, the faster will embroider a thumbnail image.
To make it easier to choose, here are some New Year's scheme for embroidery.

Embroidered toys on the Christmas tree

In addition to paintings, you can still make your ownEmbroidered Christmas toys. See, they are even more original. In addition, they are suitable for the decoration of the main characters of the holiday - the Christmas tree. It can be taken as a basis, any scheme and produce, for example, small bags or balloons. To understand how to implement a similar idea in life Below is a detailed master-class on making embroidered gingerbread men on the tree.
They will need the following materials:

  • №28 linen canvas or cream or beige;
  • floss thread of different colors according to the attached chart;
  • black beads for eyes;
  • various buttons;
  • thick fabric for the back side;
  • any filler;
  • shoelaces;
  • sewing thread.

All embroidery is done according to the attached diagrams below. As usual, in the first place, embroidered cross, and then half-cross stitch "back needle". At the end of sewn beaded eyes and buttons.

For each man must take a segmentlinen. But first you need to do embroidery miniatures and then cut the excess, leaving 2-3 cm on the allowances. Since the outline strongly crumbles, it is desirable to neaten the edges. it is not required for linen.
Now it's time to do the opposite direction. Take the length of any fabric with a beautiful pattern. In the middle of the cut to make the crease of 1.5 cm and press them well. Inside it make a small slit, which later come in handy. Fold both sides of the mini-man, and stitch. Remove the left through the hole there and fill any filler (eg, cotton). Sew up the slot, attach the top strap, and original Christmas embroidery ready to cross.

The original boot for gifts

Embroidered boot for gifts - this is anotheroriginal idea to decorate the house. For him, any suitable Christmas embroidery. However, for its implementation need some more time, because usually these boots - rather large than small. As a basis we can take any scheme which, according to the needlewoman, good fit. It can be any Christmas image Scandinavian motifs. Do not forget about the Christmas tree. Not to be mistaken with the size, it is desirable to draw a schematic first boot on paper and then transferred to the canvas.
For beginners needlewomen (and not only) are shown below the original scheme for their embroidery. They depict various Christmas miniatures on the implementation of which will leave a little more time.

After the front side will be ready,you need to connect it to the wrong side. For it is better to choose the same color linen or cotton. This is absolutely necessary to leave a small allowance on each side. And, of course, seal the top, such as tape. It is also required for a small loop on which to hang the boot.
Of course, ideas for Christmas embroidery notlimited master classes narrated above. Sapozhok, Christmas toys, mini-picture may be only a starting point. Inspired by them, you can create decorations using Christmas motifs. Mini pendants and earrings with embroidered images are very popular among lovers of ethnic style in clothing. Also, thumbnails are used to decorate boxes, bags and purses. Why should they not also be a New Year's gifts.

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