New Year's heroes of cones - we form the ornament on the Christmas tree according to the instructions of the work

New Year's heroes of cones - we form the ornament on the Christmas tree according to the instructions of the work

Vivid opportunities and unique crafts thatappear in the minds of the most eminent craftsmen are examples of the best works around the world. But, even the coolest master always has to be invented and for this, inspiration is needed. Holidays are the best occasion to invent something new. All possible ways of realization arise when there is a desire and a famous holiday - the best way to find the answer to this question. New Year's holidays are very popular among craftsmen, why? New Year's heroes of cones - we form the ornament on the Christmas tree according to the instructions of the work How to make a cone of fairy beasts - a master class. Photo №1 Because it is a bright, atmospheric holiday, inwhich reigns kindness, love, joy and the brightest, amazing and beautiful features that can be realized with the help of a wide variety of handicrafts. The most important process for the New Year and Christmas is the decoration of the Christmas tree and the process of gift giving. It is on these niches that the craftsmen orient themselves, when they invent their own ideas. A variety of materials appear as a future main component for needlework. There are also unexpected analogues, which we are accustomed to seeing in a natural way, but very rarely think about making of them something special. How to make a cone of fairy beasts - a master class. Photo # 2 Cones are such a material. Gifts of nature and coniferous trees initially look like natural fur-tree toys, illuminating with their beauty a beautiful creature. But, using their own hands and various methods of needlework, diversify and complement the work can be without special difficulties for the process. Consider examples of interesting and unique toys using the main component in the form of a knob for processing. Toy hedgehog in the fog As the first idea, we will try to implement a small hand-made artifact on the Christmas tree in the form of a hedgehog from the animated cartoon "Hedgehog in the fog". It is not difficult to do such a job, only a little material, classical for all crafts and cones, will be required.

  • Large cones
  • Paper reel
  • Disks of cotton wool
  • Adhesive PVA
  • Cardboard of a dense kind
  • Lacing
  • Sword from a tree
  • Paper napkins of a yellow shade
  • Titanium Adhesive
  • Papie-mache in the form of mass
  • Polymer clay
  • Colors gouache or acrylic
  • Brush
  • Sequins and other types of decor

How to make a cone of fairy beasts - a master class. Picture №3 It is necessary to bend inward initiallya small piece of the top edge of a paper reel. Thus, the future hedgehog will have a forehead. Then, it is necessary to form a variant of the rounded vertex, after which the hollow that comes out should be aligned using cotton wool discs. You can also use plain cotton wool as a replacement. Lubricating sticky substance PVA. A wooden skewer is inserted in the center in order to obtain the necessary opening through which the eyelet will be fixed. After, it is necessary to separate the scales from the cones to make our material. The shape of these scales will be a little longer than we need, so the material needs to be cut slightly. After this, it is necessary to glue the reel with material, starting from the bottom and up to the top, making the work in rows. To fix the material will require titanium glue. In case the glue flows from the scales, there is nothing special about this, everything can be painted over and, accordingly, there will be no trace of such manipulations. But, you should work as carefully as possible. After, the trunk of the hedgehog needs to be coated with an element of papier-mache mass, and also to form the spout element. This will require napkins in yellow. How to make a cone of fairy beasts - a master class. Photo №4 Hedgehog designhandles with the help of a dense cardboard material, then - the products are tried on the body and after, are strengthened with the mass of papier-mache material. Then, you need to wait until the hedgehog is dried. For this, a conventional battery can also come up. After the product dries, it is necessary to start painting the product. By means of a paint of a beige shade we form a trunk, and also we decorate the feet. Further, from above it is necessary to pass by means of a dry brush of brown color. On top, we cover the product with a beige coating. Also, you can use a white bloom. Then it will seem like your Hedgehog has just fallen under a snowfall! After, with the help of plastic, it is necessary to form an element of the nose, prepare the eyes, make out the lower legs. Of course, the hedgehog will not be a hedgehog without a mushroom in his hands! In order to make eyes, you need to roll out the balls in small sizes of black. We will attach them to the product with the help of glue. Also, we form the molding of the fungus and the paws. Then, on the inside of the paws, insert the cord on which our product will hang out. We make baked articles, we also use rope. Next, we add the cord with the paws in two parts, we push them through the previously made hole into the inside of the hedgehog, and then reinforce it with a bead fixed on the titanium glue. You can also supplement the product with a bell! How to make a cone of fairy beasts - a master class. Photo №5 Also, you can cover the hedgehog needles, usinga variant of the gel with spangles. We will use a thin layer for this work. The scheme shows a variant of the top view, where you can see how different scales are used on the top of the head. Gifts of nature - a man How to make a cone of fairy beasts - a master class. Photo №6 Using the usual gifts of nature, you can makecrafts of very different caliber. This will require only a few materials that can be collected in the forest! You can make an ordinary person. Moreover, this requires only a set of acorns. One - in large size for the formation of the trunk. The smaller acorn is perfect for shaping the head. Medium acorns are used to make the feet! Take the hand sticks and plant seeds on them from the linden tree. Then, you need to break our acorn into several pieces to make them foot slippers. The head can also be formed using a small acorn. Can also come up with a small walnut. We remove the plush from the acorn and glue it on the head. Hair can be made of wool, mallets or moss. Over the hair, our cup is worn. Cat How to make a cone of fairy beasts - a master class. Photo №7 To form the torso of such a cat, weneed a spruce cone in a curved shape. To the trunk, using a lump, the head should also be made from the second bump. For this it is sufficient to use the spruce cone in the open form. Preliminarily we separate the fine particle of the cone. To form the wide eyes of the cat, it is necessary to make two rings, which can be taken from old wires, or a cambric. Antennae can appear due to several bristles. The tail of the cat is made with a rod of pine cone. Paws for a cat can be made with the help of sticks. The second version of the cat How to make a cone of fairy beasts - a master class. Photo №8 To form a kitty from straw, it is necessaryto make one bundle of straw, which we form as a tail for the cat, and its torso. For this, we take the straw in its pure form for a thickness of 20 millimeters and a length of 20-25 centimeters to bend it in half. Then, using a position 20 mm from the bend, the bundle should be tightened. To do this, you need a strong thread, or a soft wire. In this way, one can distinguish, using a bundle of straw, the head of a cat. Then, a piece of twig is selected for two millimeters in breadth and with a length that is equal to the straw. It must be inserted into one of the ends of the beam, until the moment of bending, or to the head. Select the strand from the bundle of straw in order to leave the element with the wire inside, and cut the straw in the rest of the form to a distance equal to 8-10 centimeters from the neck of the kitty. In order for the cat's figurine not to fall off, it must also be bandaged with a thread, or wire. Then, let's use the fact that inside the cat there is a wire and bend it. A long element of a bundle of straw in the form of a tail must be tied with a thread, right at the base. At the end you need to bend the tail up. In order that the straw figure does not crumble, it must be coated with liquid glue. Paws are also formed, as for a cute kitty. We use peas or insulation for the wire. Whiskers are formed with the help of a knife, bristles are also suitable. Ears form with straws in a flattened form!