New Year's scrapbooking of Christmas cards with own hands - master class

New Year's scrapbooking of Christmas cards with own hands - master class

New Year's holidays are so close and alreadyit seems that the New Year's miracle will happen very soon. But, we also do not waste time and try to diversify this holiday, add a little of its magic to it. It's no secret that many adults and parents from the earliest times are engaged in teaching children good and faith in magic. But, not everyone knows that you can create magic yourself.

New Year's scrapbooking of Christmas cards with own hands - master class

The ways to solve the problem are limitless. You can make gifts yourself, or use the services of various stores to find a unique solution for your friends and family. But, many of us like to receive gifts made with our own hands. So why not please a loved one with the same gift? Of course, it is very nice to receive gifts for the new year from Santa Claus. But, what if you learn how to make these gifts yourself? There are a lot of methods to create such incredible gifts. One of them uses the methods of scrapbooking - decorating paper with various stamps, ornaments and design elements. Before you a full-fledged master class, which will tell you about two popular methods of creating unique and modern postcards. To make them extremely simply, it is enough only to use unique methods of work, which will help us in the process. New Year's scrapbooking of Christmas cards with their own hands - a master class. Photo №1 These tasks will perfectly suit both small andand adults. The motorics of the fingers develop from each of your actions, besides, you have a full opportunity to show your creativity and to supplement the present lessons with your own experience and unique solutions. The first option The initial version of the postcard will be executed due to the incredible possibilities of scrapbooking and the quite popular method of vintage design. Vintage now - again a popular genre and undoubtedly, many of us are addicted to various handicrafts with the effect of "aging" of various materials. We offer you a lesson in which it is very simple to recreate a Christmas tree from small tubes especially to decorate and improve the objects of external design:

  • Take a wrapper paper in different colors
  • Also, we will need a white album sheet
  • Let's take also white paper, but decorative decoration in the form of flowers (Maybe you need a printer)
  • Also, take a ruler, a pencil and, of course, glue.
  • Also, take a variety of sparkles and ribbons, stamps, to decorate the craft.

First of all, we need to work withalbum sheet. It must be bent in half to recreate the much needed foundation for our postcard. Next, we prepare a special version of the rectangle in a smaller size, in order to recreate the background of our background postcard. Afterwards, it is necessary to glue this substrate to a sheet of album type and then, paint each edge with a brown pencil, and also to paint the paint with a piece of paper. Thus, we quickly make a postcard for our product. Then, using different pieces of paper, we must prepare small segments that will become the future components of our Christmas tree. Each strip should be different from the other dimensions. Using a pencil, we wind the paper in the form of tubes to then work the edges with glue. Then, wait for the details to dry out. After the glue fixes the paper elements, we must collect the tubes using a single composition of the herringbone. Instead of the top of the star, we use a knob, which we pre-dip into gold paint, or we treat it with a special aerosol. Also, you can take a regular bow and make it with a ribbon. There are no limits to your imagination, and the idea of ​​crafting itself is implemented with fairly simple and easy actions that you can do yourself. The second option New Year's scrapbooking of Christmas cards with their own hands - a master class. Photo # 2 We also use the geometricthe plane of our herringbone. This is necessary in order to achieve the necessary 3D-effect, with the help of which the herringbone variant will look unique and interesting:

  • We use the usual cardboard leaf
  • Also, take a thin paper of a colored kind (green)
  • Take a pencil, glue and also a knife for the office.

With the help of cardboard, it is necessary to fold it into twoparts and then, again unbend. Thus, we prepared the stock in a traditional way. With the help of the front side, we draw a special version of the template. We do it using the pyramid pattern. New Year's scrapbooking of Christmas cards with their own hands - a master class. Picture №3 For this, it is necessary to make a base with sixtriangles, then, in the upper row, we form five triangles and then, in descending order until we form a pyramid with a vertex per triangle. Next, we carefully, with the help of a knife, trim each triangle and recreate the required shape. But, you do not need to trim these triangles completely, leave a piece to stick out. We leave the lower part of the element, bend it and then glue the green leaf onto the inner substrate of our postcard version. Thus, we get the green version of the triangles. The edge bends to the outside and we get a tree with a 3D solution.