Ring of beads: amazing ornaments with own hands (scheme)

Ring of beads: amazing ornaments with own hands (scheme)


We offer to make an unusual decorationA diverse form that will please you with its beauty and grace all year round - a ring of beads. We get acquainted with different variants of creating an exclusive accessory with our own hands on the example of teaching lessons and video master classes.

Weaving a beaded ring with a large stone

To make such a ring you will need such materials:

  • Beads 10 number golden and 12 number of blue color;
  • Nylon thread;
  • Scissors and needle;
  • A natural piece of leather;
  • Universal adhesive;
  • The basis for the ringlet;
  • A pebble of golden color (9 * 18 it is also called Rivoli).

This master class will be in force for beginner needlewomen. Following the step-by-step lesson, you can easily make unusual decoration yourself. So, let's get started.
We weave a pebble with a mosaic weave: string 10 beads of 10 beads, which we will close in a ringlet. To finish the first row you need to return to the 1st bead row.
Shred 3 rows of mosaic: make it possible using 12 numbers of blue beads. 4 row will be cut through 1 bead. So we get the denticles. We fix the thread.

We dress the stone with the base down and the plait with the facial sprouts.

Take a piece of leather, paint it with acrylic golden paint to get the effect of golden sand. Next, we sew the stone to the leather square.

We put the base in the ring: for this we use the skin, cardboard and the basis for the ringlet.
In the leather square we cut 2 holes for the ring ear.
In the slot we stretch the shackles and carefully pull it down. In order to make the embroidery more dense, paste the cardboard.
We glue embroidery with cardboard to the skin. We are waiting for complete drying. When cutting a leather piece, do not forget to leave allowances of 1 mm.
We process the edges of our craft: let's thread the needle and take it from the wrong side to the front.
We sew the edges of the ring from the beads with the blue color of the beads (see photos). In this case, do not forget to alternate each bead with beads number twelve and one number ten.

As you can see, it turns out a bright ring of beads, which is not a shame to present to your friends or relatives for a gift.

Air rings of beads and bicones

With the help of monastic weaving and glass beads you will learn how to make a ring with an unusual cone shape.

For work we use such materials:

  • Glass beads of conical shape;
  • Thread, line and monofilament;
  • Beads the tenth number.

To weave such an ornament, use the diagrams given below.

  • This ringlet is played with the help of twoWorking ends thread. Initially, it is necessary to make a beaded base from the tenth number. The product will look best when the beads are of the same tone or contrast;
  • For the first link, we sew 4 beads to the string. We place them in the center. One end of the thread is passed through the last bead and tightened. For another link, we put 2 beads on one end of the thread, and on the other end we put on one piece and pass through the second dressed bead to the 1st tip of the thread;

  • Adhering to the scheme, we model a square form of a nine-link fabric;
  • When the beaded base is ready to proceedThe following manipulations: at one end of the thread we put on the biconical bead and 1 ordinary, and at the other end we dress the biconical and pass the thread through the bead on the first tip of the thread;
  • On each edge of the thread we dress along the bead and let them cross in a cross-like manner through the bead of the mesh base;
  • At one end we dress beads biconel and 1Bead, on the other - only biconical beads and let's thread through the beads of the mesh base. In this way, we will fill the entire mesh base with biconical links;
  • End of work: we will finish the work by fixing an additional thread in the center of one of the sides of the square;
  • Shave a chain on 2 working threads in any way for you. At the end, the edge of the chain is fixed on the opposite side of the base.
  • Our master class is completed, as you see such a ring of beads with a great desire can be weaved by their efforts.

    Ring of beads in oriental style

    In this lesson, you will learn how to do bulkRings of beads, similar to bright clouds of candy and sweets. Each individual individual work causes its associations (for simplification use the diagrams below). Perhaps this version of the ring will remind you something different.
    For work we take:

    • Beads the tenth color number brown metallic;
    • Biconical glass beads (violet, light lilac, transparent, with imitation of pearls, pale blue);
    • Line, thread and monofilament;
    • Sewn transparent stone, 5 by 5 mm in size.

    Such a master class is suitable for beginners:

  • The basic scheme of the ring of beads is done on 2Working edges of the thread. For the first link, you need to put a sewn pebble on the thread, 1 bead, purple bicones and 1 bead. Closing such a link is necessary in the sewing rhinestone;
  • On each edge of the thread we dress in the following order: 1 pc. Violet bikonus and the link of the second number is closed;

  • Next step: On the tip of the thread, two bicones of violet color are threaded and the thread is passed through the biconia of the first link. Next, on the same edge, we sew another 2 bicones of violet and pass the second end of the thread through the second dressed bicones. This will close the 3 links;
  • At one end of the thread we dress: 1 light-lilac, 2 violet, one light-violet. The second edge passes through the third link of the biconus and through the light-violet and close the fourth link;
  • Pay attention: to see more clearly, see the diagram, where each link stands under the number;
  • The ninth row is closed with the 1st link under the number "4";
  • By this principle, all subsequent links are plaid;
  • We pass the filaments to the end bicones (see scheme a and b), on each end of the thread we dress 3 beads, then close the link in the first dressed bead (22 link);
  • There is a repeat of the weaving of the links: 23, 24, 25. The ends of the chain are fixed to the central section of the ring (see scheme c and d).

  • As you can see, the presented rings can be of various shapes and colors. Everyone can choose his own style and create with his own hands some unusually ring of beads.

    Video: Master classes on weaving rings from beads