Scandinavian style in the interior: the main features

Scandinavian style in the interior: the main features

Scandinavian style in the interior - simple,modern and quite accessible in our realities. In any apartment, even with a very small living space, you can create a cozy bright interior with clean lines, which does not require huge financial costs. The Scandinavian style, so popular today in many countries of the world, appeared in Northern Europe in the middle of the 20th century. Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway are countries with a rather harsh climate, a long winter period and a short daylight hours. Accordingly, the sunlight and heat is not so much as we would like. Therefore, the concept of Scandinavian design is filled with light, air and ease. Despite the variety of possible interiors in the Scandinavian or near-Scandinavian style, there are several main features. This will help you in developing your own Scandinavian apartment design.

Natural lighting in the interior of the Scandinavian style.

So, the basic principle - preservation and strengtheningnatural daylight penetrating through the windows, and therefore no heavy curtains, thick dark fabrics and multi-layered curtains. Any curtains may or may not be present at all, or be made of light air material. During the daytime, even the existing curtains are usually maximally shifted to the sides to skip as many rays of the sun as possible. The preferred base color of walls and other surfaces is white or another very very light. Thus, the room becomes light, spacious and filled with pure light. At the same time, a characteristic feature is the use of different wall decor in the form of panels with bright wallpaper, souvenirs and books on shelves, photographs, posters, paintings within and without them. Scandinavian style in the interior - white interior of the living roomScandinavian style in the interior of a white living room with gray accents

Scandinavian style in the interior with natural materials.

In the interior, mostly, naturalmaterials. The most favorite and common finish material is wood, both painted in light colors, and minimally processed. It is present almost everywhere - floor, ceiling, walls, as well as furniture and various accessories. Living room in Scandinavian style with wooden beamsBright Scandinavian interior of the living room with shelves

Color accents in the Scandinavian interior design.

Another feature of Scandinavian interiorsare bright color accents. After a long, colorless winter, I'd like to at least have memories of a hot sunny summer, full of flavors, smells and flowers. Therefore, a variety of bright and colorful accessories are used, such as carpets, pillows, upholstery of sofas and armchairs, lampshades, book covers, towels, etc. The main thing to remember is that the decor should not be too much, just a few strokes, so as not to overload the space. Bright interior of the living room in Scandinavian style with bright color accentsinterior Scandinavian living room in gray tones

Minimalism of the Scandinavian interior.

Minimalism and laconicism of the interior inScandinavian style suggests a minimum of things and cabinet furniture. Welcome a light table and a couple of thin chairs, several air shelves, a small rug, a cozy sofa and armchairs. The interior should have a sense of spaciousness, even if it is a room of 14 sq.m. The issue of placing and storing numerous things is usually solved simply by allocating a room or a cot under a dressing room. If there is no such possibility, then hidden niches, enclosed cabinets and shelves are installed in the living space, space is effectively mastered not only in breadth, but also upwards.  Workplace in the living room of the Scandinavian styleinterior of the living room in the Scandinavian style with black details

Functionality of the Scandinavian style in the interior.

The last important characteristic of Scandinavianinteriors is their functionality, simplicity and accessibility. The design is perfectly adapted for a comfortable life. Widely used different folding mechanisms, allowing to free space and unload space, for example, folding beds, folding tables, etc. The style is lively, positive and not at all artsy. A perfect choice for modern city apartments! workplace with a view from the window in the living room of the Scandinavian styleScandinavian style in the interior of the living room with a folding bedScandinavian style in the interior of the living room Scandinavian style of interior will be greatlook and in the bedroom, where the main piece of furniture is a bed. A good double wooden bed with orthopedic mattress - a guarantee of a healthy sleep and rest - of the living room in the loft in the Scandinavian style