A detailed article on how to sew a leather coverall for a dog with your own hands.

A detailed article on how to sew a leather coverall for a dog with your own hands.

Our beloved four-legged friends needclothes not less than you and me. Clothing for their pets can be bought in the store, sewed or even tied. For this you need patterns and material, from for tailoring your pet. In this article, we'll talk about enough original clothes for dogs from the skin. How to sew a leather coverall for a dog with your own hands. Photo №1 First we will tell you about the advantages of the skinnatural. It is characterized by such qualities as ductility, it is viscous, flexible and at the same time dense, natural leather clothing excels in air and has a significant quality - over-absorption. For sewing clothes for dogs use both natural and artificial skin. Sew of a genuine leather is difficult. But, if you want to dress up your pet stylishly and fashionably, you will have to try. Buying things from genuine leather, you need to know and be able to distinguish it from forgery. In practice, this is not easy to perform, since the leather substitutes do not differ by smell now. But how to distinguish the natural skin from a fake? We offer some tips: 1. study the seams with all attention. If you stick at least one thread, you have a skin analogue. 2. to drip water on the canvas, as a result of which everything will soak into the skin and darken, and the counterfeit remains unchanged. do a check with a cigarette lighter. Bring the fire to the product: nothing will happen to the skin, the analogue will melt. Take in hand and hold: the skin will warm, there will be no kozzhzam.5. Press the finger on the product: the skin will restore its surface evenly and smoothly. bend several times in one place: the color of the skin will not change and the marks of dents will not remain. the inside of the real leather - to the touch, like velvet. the skin stretches like a rubber. We hope that these some recommendations will help when you choose the material for self-made needlework. But from which to make clothes for dogs, it's up to you. The figure shows the overalls of artificial patent leather. Sewing leather coveralls for your dog is easy enough. It is important to correctly remove the measurements. And it is necessary to measure:

  • length of the dog,
  • height on paws
  • girth under the front paws.

Depending on the model of overalls, you need to build a pre-pattern. For example, a jumpsuit with sleeves and a hood is built around a pattern such But an interesting model without sleeves After building a pattern, start sewingleather coverall for your dog. Pattern of paper must be cut and attach to the leather linen, wrap around the allowance for seams. Then carefully cut and stitch. You can choose an effective zipper as a fastener and additionally sew from the same skin the cap of the boot to your pet. It will look very stylish and now you can safely go for a walk!