Knitting with knitting needles: study of knitting technique according to the scheme

Knitting with knitting needles: study of knitting technique according to the scheme


One of the most popular and exciting activitiesKnitting with knitting needles. Therefore, many who do not know how to knit, really want to learn. For experienced and novice knitters, there is a unique option to create knitted masterpieces with a simple knitting - handkerchief.
Knitting has been known since ancient times. With her help, women wore wonderful scarves. Beautiful, soft, durable. Most importantly, the drawing was identical on both sides of the product. This quality and is famous for the canvas cloth. A clear scheme allows you to very quickly knit different products. You do not have to constantly monitor the drawing, count rows and loops, read the description. It is important to start correctly, and then the pattern itself will prompt which loop to knit next.

Knitting with knitting needles, like her description,Is very simple. Its characteristics allow us to call this pattern unique. A remarkable thing can be connected only by this one drawing. Just need to "play" the diameter of the spokes or yarn. A smooth transition from a thinner canvas to a voluminous one will create unique waves. If they are arranged asymmetrically, then no one will even guess in what way it is done. Looks great and the option, which uses a combination of this pattern with others - hosiery, ruffles, relief and jacquard patterns. You can simply add fragments of these matings to the canvas cloth.
What is more attractive garter stitch? With accurate knitting with thin knitting needles and thread, knitters get the effect of a knitted fabric. It is very important to maintain a uniform density of knitting. But the three-dimensional model is knitted with large diameter spokes and the yarn is thicker. With this combination, you can afford to slightly "relax" knitting.
The scheme of the handkerchief is considered one of the mostSimple. All the rows are knitted with knitting needles with one kind of loops - purl or face. Choose those that are more familiar and get more equal. The main condition is not to change the hinges until you finish the product. Beginners knitters will be greatly assisted by a training video with a step-by-step explanation.

For the simplicity of the picture, important qualitative characteristics are hidden, for which the garter stitch is valued. Needles need very much to pattern:

  • Not stretched and not deformed in the process of wearing;
  • Provided the products with volume and texture;
  • Suitable for yarns of any thickness, structure and composition;
  • Had a neat side edge, without twisting and stretching.

Knitting with needles meets all these requirements. In addition, the diagram of the picture and his photos are present in any magazine.
Before knitting a big thing, you need to learnCorrectly and smoothly perform purl and facial loops. What you will learn to knit is not important, in any case, the product will look very harmonious.

We study the circular method of knitting

Knitting some products requires skillWork with the help of knitting needles on the line (rope). Knitting in a circle requires certain conditions. Firstly, it will not turn out to turn the canvas. Therefore, each series is obtained by facial. It is necessary to carefully monitor for which wall the loops are to be fastened so that they turn around, and the knitting is even. Secondly, in a circle it is necessary to knit a handkerchief as a normal pattern, changing in turn in each row the purl and facial loops. One kind does not create the desired pattern.
The seam is not present during the circle, butThe place of transition to the next row in the product is noticeable. Draw it from behind or on your side. To do everything right, look at the video with step-by-step instructions before working.

Recommendations for knitting

Type the starting row with comfortable orFamiliar to you way. The first step is to remove the control sample. The simplicity of the pattern does not relieve an important stage. They recruit from 10 to 20 loops and bind not more than 8-10 rows. Calculate the number of loops in one centimeter. The density is determined from the height and width of the sample. Now you are ready to start knitting. The resulting number of loops (in width) is multiplied by the width of the model and type this number on the spokes.
Note! What loops you are tying the first row, you need to knit the rest. To make a viscous dress-dress look neat in the product, observe some recommendations:

  • Identity of knitting. The description of the garter stitch does not include instructions on how to sew the hinges (behind which wall). Craftsmen choose one that is more comfortable for them. It is important to remember that each subsequent loop is knitted similarly to the first one. Only so the work will look neat and the fabric will not twist;
  • Constant density of knitting. Often at the beginning of the training, young craftsmen try to knit tightly to keep the product in shape. However, a looser mating can give your product an eccentricity. In addition, it will relieve tension from the hands;
  • Competent design of the edge of the product. To do this, you need to remove the first loop of the row without tying (purl - behind the back wall). If everything is done correctly, the lateral edge resembles a pigtail, as in the photo below;
  • When choosing a model, pay attention toDirection of binding. Kneading with knitting needles can equally nicely knit with transverse and longitudinal beds. Use on crocheted scarves and hats a transverse arrangement, and longitudinal - on sweaters and blouses. The combination of two kinds in one product is creatively looked.

If you first work with garter stitch,Take a fluffy thread. Such a simple condition will make knitting a knitting needle more qualitatively. A long pile will hide inaccuracies in work. The pattern scheme for beginners is presented in the article.

Video: Lesson for Beginners