Slavic amulets embroidery scheme of secret signs (photo)

Slavic amulets embroidery scheme of secret signs (photo)


How to cope with evil machinations directedEnemies and envious people to their home? From time immemorial, the keepers of the home were resorting to the help of self-made amulets. Despite the fact that the twenty-first century has reigned for a long time in the yard, Slavic embroidery "amulet" is still relevant.

Required inventory

In order for you to have a beautiful embroidered embroidery, you need to prepare:

  • Thread of a moulin;
  • canvas;
  • Special scissors;
  • The needle;
  • Embroidery frame.

Getting Started

Embroidered embroidery of the Slavs involves working withOrdinary thread, made of wool, cotton or linen. Embroidery "charm" even in times of hoary antiquity was present both on the clothes of the Slavs, and on towels, tablecloths and other items used for home. The main thing in embroidery is the pattern and color. Slavic oberezhnaya embroidery suggests that the color gamut corresponds to the part of the spectrum that needs protection.

Important Tips

Slavic embroidery embroidery is made inAccording to the recommendations of the skilled workers who lived in pagan times. In order for you to get a magnificent embroidery amulet, follow these recommendations:

  • Thread secure without knots (superstitious craftsmen believe that otherwise the Slavic embroidery "guardian" will not have power);
  • If the embroidery amulet will be executed in red-orange tones, she, according to the needlewomen, will protect you from treachery and betrayal;
    Slavic amulet "Kolyadnik"
  • Slavic embroidery for the child should be made in the form of an animal (the scheme will prompt which color of thread should be preferred);
    Children's amulet "Rodinets"
  • If the amulet, embroidered with a cross, is intended to stabilize the financial situation, then the choice should be stopped on green threads;
    Slavic amulet "Cross of the Lady-Lady"
  • If the embroidery is intended to protect against infertility, work should be done with threads of black color;
    Slavic amulet "Valkyrie"
  • If the cross-stitch embroidery is made for protection of health, then the scheme with green spruce is best;
    Slavic Wardcraft "The Tree of Wisdom"
  • When the embroidery of the amulet is meant for the protection of love, the choice should be stopped on threads of a bright red color.
    Family guard guard Small parts of the amulet for the house should be embroidered in one color. Ornament on a towel or a modest pattern on a handkerchief will be an excellent solution.

Let's start embroidering

Great importance for the Slavs from time immemorial hadAmulet designed to protect the hearth. A variety of embroidery schemes today are freely available. In order to make their own hands to protect the house from all sorts of misfortunes, you need to know the correct technology of cross stitching.
The correct stitch The embroidered embroidery of the Slavs,Intended to protect the home, is performed in the technique of "semi-cross." Called also as a painting, it is a 2-sided seam connecting the purl and facial stitches into one continuous line. The "two-way" semicircle is performed as follows:

  • Moving from left to right in accordance with the recommendations of the scheme, lay facial diagonal stitches (you need to orientate by the number of threads);
  • Make sure that on the wrong side of the embroidery of the Slavs were obtained similar, but "mirrored" in the opposite side of the stitches;
  • For the second move you, in accordance withRecommendations of the scheme, it is necessary to move forward in the opposite direction, filling the gaps between the stitches on the front side and gently piercing the fabric in the designated places in the first row.

The cross in the Slavic embroidery embroidery, designed to protect the native house from enemy intentions and actions, is carried out by 2 diagonal stitches, which cross each other.
The drawing will be beautiful if the stitches you are doing in the opposite direction will gently cover those that were embroidered in the first place.
When embroidering a cross vertically, follow these guidelines:

  • In the "bottom-up" technique, perform one stitch;

  • Turn the work to the wrong side, find the upper part of the embroidered element, and, puncture the needle on the side of the figure, make the oblique stitch in the technique of "left-down" as advised by the scheme;
  • On the wrong side, make a straight stitch;
  • Perform the third cross.

Sometimes the pattern of embroidery embroidery, necessary to protect the home, suggest that the cross is performed diagonally.
Small items
Slavic female amulet for healing
Slavs, designed to protect the home, it is necessary to remember the following rules:

  • Stitches should be located in the shape of the motif (from the edge to the middle in the flower petals, closer to the center - in the leaves);
  • It is important to adjust the length of the stitches, placing them in accordance with the recommendations of the scheme (1 long and 1 short);
  • Large stitches do not need to be stitched, and stitches to work in the "edge-center" technique;
  • The middle vein should be made with a stalk suture;
  • For embroidery of twigs and grass, not onlyThe stalk joint, but also the stitches with the eyelets (the latter should be located at the stalk at an even angle, and their ends - converge at one point).

Securing the thread The guard intended forProtection of the house, and playing an important role in the life of the ancient Slavs, will look beautiful and effective, if you learn how to work properly with the thread. Remember when embroidering you need about the following:

  • To fix the ends of the working threads with knots should not be (these actions are advisable during the execution of stitches forming a line);
  • All the existing schemes recommend threading only in two or three final stitches - where the threads intersect;

  • Experienced masters, skilled in makingTalismans of the Slavs are advised to fasten the thread on the wrong side, at the beginning and at the end (to perform this action you will need to stretch them into the connecting stitches);
  • As an alternative method of manufacturing the amulet to protect the home, experienced needlewomen offer to "mix" both techniques of fixing the working thread.

Required length
Scheme of amulets for family wellbeingThe guard, which in olden times was used to protect the Slavic house, suggests that the working thread should be as long as possible. This is necessary for the surface of the drawing to have an aesthetically attractive and neat appearance.
If you decide to embroider a cotton thread, then you will need two or three additions. To do this, you should cut the working thread of the desired length and at the same time thread the needles into the eyelet.
If the scheme assumes that the amulet for protection of the home should be embroidered with threads made of silk, then you will first need to measure the necessary length, and only then cut off.
We work on the wrong side.The perfect wrong side. To do this, you need to carefully monitor the location of stitches on the wrong side and the correct execution of diagonal and vertical connecting stitches.
Sewing The fabric will not crumble unless you carefully trim it with a seam before embroidering. To process the edges, you will need to trim the edge with the entire fabric.
We place the picture The ornamental ornament was executedSlavic craftsmen in such a way that a clear association with the World Tree can be traced. And today it is extremely important to place the drawing correctly. Without this, according to many needlewomen, the guard for the hearth will not have enough strength. To properly place a picture, you need to do the following:

  • Find the center of the fabric and fold it in 4-r times;
  • Mark the center lines with offset stitches;
  • Placing an ornament, you need to consider the allowance for the fold.

Which amulet to choose

From the treasure of ancient wisdom we gently take outWe are information relevant for those who sincerely believe in the power of the Slavic wards. When embroidering, you need to know exactly who is sewing the "protector" and for what purpose. It should be remembered that.
To a child whose teeth are cut, you need to embroider(In the center it is necessary to place the Tree of Life, on the sides - symbolic sprouts, the signs of the healing odolen-grass, and on the upper edge of the work place the sign of the kids, Radinets).
A young lady, suffering from hormonal failure,Which led to the appearance of extra pounds, it is important to stop picking Ladinets (first Lada embroidered with Lely and Popel on his hands, then the rays of red and any other colors), which can be decorated with modest roses.
For the girl at the age of three years, the opening abilities and talents of Lelnik will be appropriate (this amulet also gives girls and very young girls a feminine appeal, tenderness and charm).

Slavic amulet "Lelnik" For children of the female, inclined to pulmonary diseases, it is necessary to embroider Odolen-grass.
For a successful gestation of the fetus and a successful delivery, the affectionate Rozhanitsa is embroidered.

Slavic witchcraft "Rozhanitsa" For the treatment of male diseases Fern Color is embroidered.

Slavic amulet "Fern Color" To manage prosperity and attract home well-being, choice should be stopped on Veles (one of the symbols of this deity is the bull).

Slavic amulet "Veles" To protect the familyUnion from the collapse of embroidered Wedding (on the back of the amulet depicts Belobog), decorated with three beads of beads, symbolizing the three worlds, the harmony in which must be respected.

Slavic amulet "Wedding"
Slavic "Belobog" Obereg Often for protectionFamily hearth embroiderers stop picking on Makosha. Being in the house or apartment, he favorably influences both the needlewoman herself, who is also the keeper of the hearth, and all members of her family.

Slavic charm "Makosh" Matushka Makosh is embroidered on a green background. If you have a persistent "allergy" to all shades of green, then follow this color with at least a frame.
Embroidering "with green is necessary because it is considered the color of vegetation and life itself. You can decorate the embroidery with flowers and ears.
It is important to remember that embroidering an amulet for yourselfNot recommended. Buy it "ready-made" also should not. Embroidered embroidery, according to experienced needlewomen, should be made only for a specific person.

Instructions for an embroiderer

To create a protective Slavic ornamentYou need to clearly adhere to the rules worked out even when the "Sun was a god" - many centuries ago. According to experienced needlewomen, who are skilled in making embroidery, it is extremely important to adhere to these rules, since otherwise the guard will not have any power. So, remember that:

  • Seams for the execution of the ancient pattern, must necessarily be countable (for each of the stitches the craftsman must count the yarns of the fabric);
  • You do not need to translate a drawing into a working material (only its size and location can be delicately indicated);
  • Perform the work best with the help of seams "countable smoothness", "set" and "painting";

Slavic amulet "Makosh"

  • If the craftsman embroiders the amulet to protect against spoilage and evil eye, it is best to use the threads of their quality cotton;
  • When the embroidery is made in order to ensure that the person always keeps the clarity of thinking even in the most difficult, non-standard situations, the silk threads must be used;
  • To calm the "ragged" nerves, it is desirable to stop the choice of thread from flax (with their help, trees, the sun, birds and stars are performed);
  • Woolen threads are relevant for those who are already very close to the manifestations of evil (they are worked out silhouettes of their beloved animals, trees or fruits);
  • Embroider a few patterns, the purpose of which varies, on one material is not recommended (otherwise embroidery will be blatant in both aesthetic and energy sense);
  • It is not recommended to use several types of fabrics in the pattern.
  • Slavic embroidery, intended for the protection of life, love or health, should be completely "impeccable".

While working on the amulet for the hearth, you must ensure that the thread does not stop.
Embroidery amulet will be an excellent gift for a loved one. As in pre-Christian times, you can make a matching ornament on a towel or shirt.

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