Sledkov two spokes seamless: knitting master class (photo)

Sledkov two spokes seamless: knitting master class (photo)


This type of product is characterized by Sledkovextraordinary practicality, since you can use it as a duet with almost any type of footwear. Furthermore, when using strings corresponding to high strength characteristics, they can be worn as slippers. To match the size of the foot size, you can associate yourself Sledkov. With such a thing to cope even novice needlewoman.
This thing often knit on circular needles,but for beginners needlewomen experts recommend to use two conventional needles that will not be confused in the skin, intended for future product without seams.

Methods Sledkov knitting two needles without seam

There are two ways of knitting without podslednikiseam on two spokes: the technique of short series and without a seam on the bottom. Each method is not completely excluding the seam, as will the presence of the joints. Tying technique truncated series will provide a ready form for stapling in a semicircle. It has this technique a significant drawback, which consists in depersonalization Sledkov as the difference between the toe and the heel is not. The point is that knitting scheme makes them equidistant from the center. In addition, on the bottom of podsledniki will attend the joint, which is hard to miss when walking, so a more optimal and convenient to associate it with a solid sole. Let us more detail on this process of knitting.
Below is presented a master class for beginners knitting Sledkov without seam on the sole, which includes incremental to create them instructions:

  • chosen scheme, which intends needlewomanbring it to life. At first glance, it would be completely incomprehensible, but do not be afraid, it is only an appearance. In fact, everything is much easier than it seems. Below is a table that will shed light on the fundamental values ​​of the symbols used in knitting patterns;
  • using two needles №3 3.5 or move tostage set of eyelets. It takes '70 primary color yarn and '30 further, which will be used to create a pattern. It is advisable to use a woolen thread to maximize the creation of warmth and comfort;
  • We recruit 49 loops and provyazyvaem high 5lines garter stitch, alternately doing the work it right, then the left needle. This border will be framed podsledniki ankle. At the discretion of the needlewoman, you can associate rim above, but must adhere to an odd number of bands;

  • the next stage introducing an additional thread. Edge loop provyazyvaem, and the subsequent 24 alternate knit and removed. At the time of removal of the loop should pay attention to the location of the thread, which must be in the rear. Central 25 loop will be the point where the fabric will begin to expand. From it vyvyazyvayut 9 pieces in such a way: face, nakida. The following 24 were binding in the same way, guided by the foregoing description, t. E. Remove and provyazyvaem as facial. Central Loop creates a kind of a fan having an opening;
  • if it introduced in the previous band colorthread, it is necessary to all the loops (hereinafter P) associated warp yarn removed and colored knit facial loops with the introduction of nine new, located in the middle. In the process of knitting you verify with pattern;
  • knitting the next two rows going on a smooth surface;

  • Now repeat with the 1st to the 4th line. New 9 P will now vyvyazyvayut of the 29th. Thus, knit until until the preform reaches foot sizes. It is worth remembering that to finish the binding needed on a number of a multiple of 4, so that pattern will be saved. As a rule, it turns 20-24 band, but this is only the overall figures, which are given as a guide. Upon reaching the desired height make closing P;
  • proceed to step sole binding. Starting her knitting followed with an odd number of P. 1st - central, from her lay off on both sides of not less than 5 P. If the shoe size corresponds to 37, it is sufficient in the side take 8 pieces. Now provyazyvaem outsole garter stitch. The beginning of each new line comes from the edge P top of Sledkov. Thus, there will be bending the upper part and vyvyazyvanie candle with pattern as in the photo. It is necessary to make the rear upper portion of Sledkov.

To the process of knitting two needles homepodsledniki was clear, and carried out according to the description, be sure to watch a master class demonstrated in the video, which can be viewed in this article.
We hope that the recommendations and guidelines have greatly helped in the realization of creative plans of beginners in the field of knitting and experienced handy.

Video: Master Class Knitting Sledkov