Spider bead: step-by-step weaving with your own hands (photo)

Spider bead: step-by-step weaving with your own hands (photo)


Of course, not everyone will like this unusualDecoration as a spider of beads, but many consider this representative of the family of arachnids an excellent talisman. In some countries, spiders symbolize prosperity, it is believed that they bring good luck and guarantee success in all endeavors.

A beautiful two-colored spider with its own hands

Before starting our master class for beginners, let's prepare all the necessary materials for work:

  • Wire (diameter 0.2 mm);
  • About 50 cm of fishing line;
  • 5 gr each. Red and black beads № 11.

Let's get to work:
First, we need to take a piece of wire and thread on it 3 red beads, which should be located directly in the center of our working "thread".
Next you will need to hold the tip of the wire through the first and second beads.
After you carefully tighten the resulting loop, you will see a mustache:

Now at the end of the wire, which turned out a little longer, you need to thread 4 beads of red color.
Having done this, you will need to skip the tipWorking "thread" through two central beads. At this stage of our master class you can already see that the scheme used to create the charming spider is quite simple, and it is ideal for beginner needlewomen.
Tighten the wire and slightly bend the resulting row of beads. Do you get this kind of antennae:

Next we will use the technique of parallel weaving. With her help we will need to make a head.
First we will need to dial 3 beads on one of the tips of the wire.
Pass through them the other end of the working "thread" while moving in the opposite direction.
Having done this, you will need to carefully tighten the wire.

At this stage our spider will "get" eyes. In order to make them you will also need a scheme of parallel weaving. However, now you will have to put on the wire first black, and then red and at the end one more black bead.

Since our spider should turn out to be a three-dimensionalNow we will place one row of beads over the other. In order to do this, we will need to bend it a little while pulling the loop out of the wire and then arrange the bead string so that it is on top.

After that, we need to make the bottom row, consisting of 4 beads of red color.
We need to place it below:

Next we will have to make paws. For their weaving, we will need to dial on one end of the wire 5 beads of black color, 2 - red, 2 - black, again 2 red and at the end again 5 pieces. Black.
For weaving the legs, we will use the needle technique: letting 1 bead pass, draw the tip of the wire through the remaining 15pcs.
Further, using the same scheme of weaving, you will need to create a second foot.

Perform another upper row, consisting of 5 red beads.
Now again weave the bottom row of 4 beads.

After that, we need to make the next pair of paws.

Make the top row of 5 and the bottom of 4 beads.

Now be careful. We will make another pair of paws for the spider, which should be shorter than the previous ones:

After finishing the weaving of the feet, you will have to make the top row, consisting of 7 red beads and the bottom row - from 5-black ones.

Next, we will need to make another, last pair of paws:

25. After this, we will weave the next upper row, consisting of 9 beads of black color and the bottom one - of 6.

Then we make another upper and lower row:

And two more largest series: the top will consist of 12, and the bottom of 8 beads of black color.

Now ryadochki will gradually narrow:

The top row - 9 beads of black color, the bottom - 4. Next, string the next top row of the row as follows: 3 beads of red color, 1 black and 3 red. For the bottom row: 2 beads of black color:

And the last, the final weaving row, the field of which our spider will be almost ready to be located in the middle and consist of 3 beads of black color.

Now we only need to fix the ends of the wire and cut them:

On this our master class can be considered almost complete, see what a wonderful spider of beads we got:

In order for the spider to keep the shape well, we still need to sew together its rows with a fishing line. We will start to connect them from the last bottom row, and after that we will pass to the top ryadochkam.
Try to tighten the line so that it always passes right in the middle.
After you finish the connection of the rows you will have such an unusual and interesting spider:

Also, in order to learn how to make cute spiders from beads, you can view a small training video for beginners.
Most likely spiders found in everydayLife does not cause you special affection. But a cute, charming spider from beads, definitely will not leave you indifferent and maybe even become for you a kind of talisman, bringing good luck.

Video: Master classes on weaving spiders from beads