Stand for phone from cardboard

Stand for phone from cardboard

Smartphones and phones are firmly in our lives. Without them, nowhere. Have you ever considered how many times a day you take a smartphone in your hand and how much time do you spend on it? Try, the results may surprise! Today we will make using the phone even more convenient, or rather, we will make it always remain in sight. We offer a very simple and easy workshop "Stand for a phone made of cardboard"! stand for a phone from cardboard with your own hands To work, you need almost nothing:

  • cardboard roll from toilet paper;
  • scissors;
  • marker (markers, stickers - optional);
  • 10 minutes of time.

⇒ Step 1. Take a cardboard roll from the toilet paper. If it is not there, do not worry, take a thick cardboard (you can use colored cardboard for children's creativity), cut out the strip, roll it and securely seal the edges. It is important that the glue is good and the roll does not get stuck with time. ⇒ Step 2. Press lightly on the roll and draw a line with the marker as shown in the photos below. Pay attention to two parallel short lines - this will be a cutout for the smartphone. Its width should be slightly larger than the thickness of the smartphone. Scissors carefully cut out the cardboard along the line. stand for a phone from cardboard with your own hands ⇒ Step 3. The stand itself is ready, now you can decorate it, for example, paint it with a black marker, cover with colored paper or funny stickers. stand for a phone from cardboard with your own hands By the same principle, you can make a stand for tablets, only for them you need or two cardboard rolls from toilet paper, or one, but a larger diameter.