Star of beads with your own hands (photo and video)

Star of beads with your own hands (photo and video)


Star of beads - perhaps one of the simplestAnd cute accessories, which can be used as: earrings, keychain and pendants. The lesson is fairly simple and easy. Master class with video classes are designed for beginners.

How to weave a bead star

To work needed:

  • Beads (yellow, red, light green, blue, blue, orange, purple).
  • Connecting ring golden 5 mm - 1 pc.
  • Pendant mount;
  • A cord with a lock;
  • Colorless monofilament;
  • scissors;
  • Needle for beading No. 12.

The scheme for weaving the star is as follows:

  • Dress 5 beads of red color. They are locked in a ring and tied;
  • Continue the weaving: Type one red bead (eighth number). Between each bead do woven in a circle. Attention: when weaving it is important to take into account the size of beads so that the product does not deform (see diagrams). For example: the 1st ring is simulated from beads of the sixth number, in the 2nd row you then weave the bead of the eighth number (see diagrams);

  • Next: go out of the eighth number of beads, wear two orange beads and go through the next bead number 8. So repeat the manipulation of the weaving in a circle;
  • Again, go out of the eighth number of beads and through the orange dress 2 yellow beads. Return through the orange and red beads of the eighth number and so on in a circle;
  • So you have to make a series of beads of light green color, a row of blue beads of the eighth number, and then a row of blue beads of the tenth number;
  • Master class conclusion: add one purple bead;
  • At work it is obligatory to use monofilament, otherwise beads of red color will not sustain the number of passing (about 7 times it will be necessary to pass through these beads);
  • It remains only to put the ring on the last bead and put the pendant on the cord. As a result, get a bright craft.
  • Of course, you can change the color scheme at your discretion.

    As you can see, you can create interesting and unusual crafts with your own hands. Use the video lessons presented at the end of the article to learn more about weaving beaded stars.
    In the next lesson, we propose to make a fairly easy option. As a result, the star will be miniature, but multifunctional - even for beginners masters.

    A simple version of the beadwork of a star

    All that is required for work:

    • Beads of blue color;
    • Fishing line;
    • The needle is thin.

    We begin our master class on manufacturing a star from beads:
    String on the line of ten beads thatActually, and close the ring. To do this, go through the needle in a circle 2 times so that you can fix the base of the figure with your own hands. See the pictures below.

    You can make a ring. Next will be the weaving of the rays.
    String on the needle 5 beads, then spend a needle through the circle, while do not pass the needle 1-y bead. It turns out that the first ray.

    Continue weaving. Similar manipulations are carried out while weaving the remaining five star sprockets (see photo). If you want to get a bigger figure, you should weave more of a circle - the base of the figure. Therefore, using such a beadwork you can get more beautiful rays.

    That's actually the whole process of weaving. It is very important to tie a strong knot at the end and carefully hide the tips of the line. Remember that you can not cut the fishing line under the root - otherwise your star will bloom.
    Finish the beadwork: leave the long ends of the line and stretch them into the nearest beads. Extra line cut the line and get a star from the beads, as in the photo.
    That's the whole lesson. Now you can weave more stars and make yourself a bracelet or pendant.

    Video: How to Weave a Bead Star