To teach the ancient technique of origami on the example of making a simple origami tulip from paper

To teach the ancient technique of origami on the example of making a simple origami tulip from paper

Simple origami tulip from paper practicallyeveryone did at least once in his life in the school years, when they made gifts for moms for the holidays. But, even if you do not have experience in creating such crafts, you can easily learn and teach your children. Origami - a kind of needlework, known for a long time and attracting a lot of attention. Such popularity is understandable. After all, having mastered this technique, you can make from an ordinary paper sheet not only a flower or a figure of an animal, a bird, but also whole sculptures. Today we will learn to make a simple hand-crafted article, namely a simple origami paper tulip. The creative process will become very interesting not only to you, but also to your child. Simple origami tulip made of paper. Photo №1 For this we need:

  • One sheet of double-sided colored paper, the shape of which must be square for the bud (color is chosen if desired);
  • One green sheet of double-sided paper, also having, as in the previous case, a square shape, for the stem.

We start with the production of the bud of the future flower. Simple origami tulip made of paper. Photo # 2 Step One We first bend the paper intohorizontal direction - unfold. We bend diagonally - unfold. Again bend from other angles (diagonally) - unfold. After the work done, a center will be visible in the middle of the square, on the sides of which will be seen isosceles triangles (four). Two of them will have a fold in the middle. Two lateral triangles along the folds are joined into a figure that resembles an isosceles triangle. As a result, we will get a stock for the future bud. Step Two Take the resulting blank so that the right angle is at the top. The bottom two edges bend towards the upper, so do the lower corners of the back side. The result was a diamond with corners curved upward. Step Three The corners of the lateral diamonds are connected from two sides. As a result, we get a rhombus identical to the previous, only the sides it will have smooth and smooth. Step Four One of the corners of the diamond is bent towards the center. Step Five All the same we do with the second angle, just insert it into a kind of pocket, which was formed due to the previous manipulation. Similarly we enter with the corners of the reverse side and see the bud in the closed state. Step Six Through a small hole in the bottom of the bud, we inflate it, only very carefully, to avoid deformation of the product. See the photo. Simple origami tulip made of paper. Picture №3 Step Seven Very carefully turn away eachpetal, slightly bending. You can twist them a little with a pencil. The bud of the tulip is ready for us. Now you can start making a stalk with a sheet. Step Eight Take a green sheet of paper and, placing it so that one corner is on top, bend diagonally - unfold. Step Nine The lateral angles we need to bend to the center in such a way that a figure similar to the wrong diamond appears. Step ten The lateral angles of the figure bend towards the center - you will get a diamond with sharp peaks. Step eleven Re-bend the corners of the diamond in the same order. Step Twelve The rhombus bend, connecting the upper corner with the bottom. Step Thirteen The wide part of the resulting detail is turned away and bent. The result is a leaf and a thin stem. Step fourteenth In the opening of the bud insert the stem and get a simple origami paper tulip. Below, see the scheme for making a flower. Simple origami tulip made of paper. Photo №4 If you wish, you can always make a beautiful bouquet of tulips, as, for example, in the photo. Simple origami tulip made of paper. Photo №5