Domino watches: digital and made by own hands

Domino watches: digital and made by own hands

We live in a troubled world. Alarm clocks, reminders and notifications accompany our days with inexorable accuracy. We are used to seeing the designation of time as Arabic, less often Roman numerals. Alternatively, domino clocks can be used, where the divisions on the dial are determined by the knuckles of the domino board game. Such dominoes are easy to make by themselves, but there are other, designer digital options.

1. Domino watch by own hands.

As a basis for the clock you can usefactory models or do it yourself. If you just want to update the clock - glue the knuckles over the drawn numbers. The second option is to take from the old hours only the clockwork with arrows. The basis is made of wooden plaques, plates, plates, trays - yes anything! Attach the clockwork and glue the dominoes. Done! By the way, such dominoes will be a wonderful gift to fans of this game. domino watches Dominoes from the plate clock with dominoes clock with dominoes domino watches Variations are possible if you really want to make such a watch. but there are no knuckles or you actively play them. Just draw them on the dial! Or make knuckles with your own hands, for example, from pebbles.

2. Watch dominoes digital studio Carbon.

original domino wall clock The concept is very simple. Three enlarged dominoes are equipped with "eyes" that "blink" black and white, thus indicating the right time. The clock can hang on the wall or stand on the surface without any wires. All three parts are connected by wireless principle. digital clock as dominoes From the first time it's even hard to understand, which is now the hour - so we are used to a completely different time sign. digital clock as dominoes It's always nice to see how everyday things can be combined into one, becoming something completely new and original.