A vase of pumpkin with their own hands: a step-by-step master class c photo

A vase of pumpkin with their own hands: a step-by-step master class c photo

A gorgeous pumpkin vase can be made your own.hands only 10-25 minutes. Her juicy orange color decorate any home decor and make it look fancy for autumn. The main thing is that it is all free and with your own hands. If you do not know where to put the unnecessary pumpkin brought from the garden - just turn it into an original vase. And so we read in a step-by-step master class.

The content of the article:


  • Small pumpkin
  • A glass jar or can to put in a pumpkin
  • Flower foam (it can be purchased at any flower shop)
  • Carving knife or regular
  • A spoon
  • Wax or paraffin - on request

Master class vases

Step 1 Put our glass on top of the pumpkin and indent it by 1 centimeter. Outline a circle with a knife and its future diameter for cutting. Just make sure in advance that your glass is less than the height of a pumpkin. Cut a cone with a knife and remove everything with a spoonseeds. Ideally, you need to remove all the seeds, if you want, so that the pumpkin lasts longer. We wash the pumpkin and let it dry. If the diameter of the hole allows, you need to get wet inside with a napkin. To the pumpkin was dry from the inside. TIP: so that such a vase lasts longer - you can heat paraffin wax or an old candle and wax it from the inside. Such a pumpkin will stand quietly until March. Step 2 Fill a glass with floral foam and form a composition of fresh flowers. What to do if there is no foam? Then take a regular glass of water or a simple paralon. We put a glass in the pumpkin and all the vase is ready! Such a vase without paraffin treatment costs 1-2 months, of course, much depends on the humidity in your room, as well as on the pumpkin variety. If, however, process paraffins from the inside, then it will last 3-5 months.

Pumpkin Flower Pot

You can also make not only a vase with liveflowers, but also a pot for indoor plants. The technique of manufacturing is the same, but there is one moment. If you want to insert a pot in a pumpkin - then remember that all the pot has a hole at the bottom. Water will flow and quickly spoil the pumpkin. Therefore, you must first put a sealed pot in the pumpkin, and then insert a pot with flowers into it. See more beautiful photos of vases and flowerpots with pumpkins and get inspired!