Knitting crochet - double chain

Knitting crochet - double chain

Crochet Ases Crochet Ases arethe basics, then where do we start to knit. Having studied one more way of recruitment of the chain, we will expand the learned elements of crochet. Today we will explore an additional way to recruit a starting chain. And it is not by chance that it is called double, because The dialing method runs in parallel with two loops. What is the difference between the usual, which we consider as the main one and use it when crocheting as the basics from the double offered in this lesson! Firstly, it is much denser and more stable. Secondly, when knitting the first row on an existing double chain, it is not necessary to put the hook into one of the bows or pick stitches, since Before us will be a full loop, as with the usual knitting. We will also look at an example of how to knit in a double chain.

Crochet Tips - Double Chain

The crochet method we have reviewed todaychains will be using a working thread. We will also expand the basics of crochet by studying in the next lesson the option of such a chain, but of increased strength, which can replace the lace and will be knitted with the help of a tail, which we usually just hide. Getting to knitting! ? one. 2. 3. Embed the hook into the first looped air loop. 4. Grab and pull the working thread to yourself. Two loops on the hook 5. Again, grab the working thread and stretch it through two loops on the hook. 6. We put the hook into the loop of the loop, which we formed after putting the hook into the first loop of the air, grab the working thread and pull it towards us, again on the hook two loops 7. Grab the working thread and pull through both loops 8. Again, we put the hook into the second loop of the previous pair and pull out the working thread 9. Grab the working thread and pass through both loops 10. A pigtail is formed from above, counting the number of loops of which we reach the required number. I decided to make the first row with one double crochet, so I make two lifting loops 11. To knit a single crochet post, we put the hook in a pigtail, and, like with ordinary knitting, we skip the loop, from which we lift 12. 13. And do not forget to knit in the last loop 14. It will turn out such a smooth edge. 15. Dense and non-deformable edge. This is the version of the chain we have reviewed today! To be continued!